1470 pilgrims killed in “holy Mecca”

At least 1.470 people were killed — 701 more than official Saudi tally — in Mecca stampede last month, according to AP count.

They faced a horrific death as they came to worship 'god" in Mecca.
They faced a horrific death as they came to worship ‘god” in Mecca.

DUBAI: (AP) — One survivor of last month’s crush and stampede at the hajj in Saudi Arabia recalled seeing so many bodies that he couldn’t tell how many there were.

The Associated Press sought to answer that question, arriving at a death toll of at least 1,470. That made the Sept. 24 disaster the deadliest accident ever at the annual pilgrimage. And hundreds remain missing.

The AP count is 701 higher than Saudi Arabia’s official tally of 769 killed and 934 injured in the Sept. 24 disaster in Mina, a few miles from the holy city of Mecca.

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

Since Christians and Jews are not permitted in Mecca, it is not possible to get a neutral witness to confirm the death toll. But regardless of how many people who perished, the legacy of this claimed “holy city” has been tainted.

Since Saudi Arabia is a totalitarian regime, you need to pay attention.

Why are Christians and Jews banned from entering Mecca?

If the state of Israel had the same attitudes towards people with different faiths, not a single Muslim should be permitted to enter Jerusalem.

But while the “holiest city” within Islam promote totalitarianism in the name of “god”, the capital of Israel shines as a light in an ocean of darkness. Still the Muslims are called to capture this city, and enforce the same totalitarianism as in Mecca.

Why do the people on the Earth support this Islamic demand?

Simply because they live in darkness.

This is the verdict: light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

Jesus the Messiah is the light of the World. When you have surrendered before Him, He will also enlighten you. You will say as doubting Thomas” My Lord and my God”. Amen,

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  1. Peace to you Ivar.

    It is a sad fact that the world will never know the actual number of people who perished on that day.

    However, you taught that you believed that we were in ‘the great tribulation’ in recent posts you have said you believed the world was ‘entering’ the time of the great tribulation.

    If that is so, then your description of Jerusalem ‘the capital of Israel shines as a light in an ocean of darkness’ does not describe it in the same manner as the Bible.

    Revelation 11
    8 And their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

    Remember, Jesus gave Revelation to John and asked him to write it all down for our generation.

    Jesus is the light the world rejected.

    The city of Jerusalem of the end time is a city of sexual perversion and idolatry. That does not mean that every soul who lives there is involved in this type of lifestyle, but nonetheless it does not shine ‘as a light in an ocean of darkness’.

    What do we know?

    We live in an evil world, we are to learn to live ‘in this world, but apart from it’.

    And, at the end of the age, the Lord Jesus will come to wage war and establish His Kingdom, and there will be a New Jerusalem, that one, will be a shining light and people will gladly go up to it to worship God.

    Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done. As it is in heaven.


    1. Dear Allistar

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      My comparasing of Mecca and Jerusalem is clearly related to totalitarism. That is my point in my article. As usual, you seems to be interested in leading the readers into another debate, not related to the topic raised in my articles.

    2. Hi Ivar.

      If you read the post from ‘websie’ try clicking on ‘website’. It is a link to site promoting spectre the new bond movie.

      1. Dear Alistar

        It is a spam message that made its way through the spam filter. I will remove it.

  2. I am sorry if you think I am trying to lead your readers into another debate.

    Of course your article is related to totalitarianism.

    In Mecca, parades celebrating homosexuality would not be tolerated.
    In Jerusalem such parades are tolerated.

    My point was and is, that the current city of Jerusalem is not a shining light in an ocean of darkness.

    Western governments have attempted regime change where totalitarianism maintained a state of order.

    Look at Iraq and Libya and you see that when totalitarian dictators are removed the result is not democracy and respect for the rule of law. What you get is tribal factions and civil war.

    There have been democratic elections in Afghanistan but this has not removed the Taliban or cured that nations problems.

    My point was not made in an attempt to draw anyone into another debate, but to simply point out that in one respect, Mecca is better that Jerusalem in that it would not tolerate the celebration of abomination in it’s streets in the form of sexual perversion.

    That does not make totalitarianism good, it just demonstrates a paradox, because the city that is considered to be holy, Jerusalem, is liberal in it’s acceptance of such behaviour, and therefore, is not a shining light in an ocean of darkness.

    1. Dear Alistair

      Shalom and love in Jesus.

      When I read your message, I fully understand why Isralies at large do not trust Christians. Whatever your message will be, they will not listen to people like you.

      In stead of speaking tenderly to Jerusalem, and return to her the blessings we have recived, some “Christians” feel a need to defame the capital of Israel.

      Jerusalem is a liberated city, not a religious consentration camp for self proclaimed righteous people. There are two million Muslims in Israel, who have Israeli citizenship. Most of them will understand my message, and agree that Jerusalem is a light in an ocean of Arabian darkness. Muslims can worship in mosques all over Jerusalem, as long as they do not attack Jews. There is freedom, liberty and justice.

      There are are also some gays in Jerusalem, who would be hanged if they had lived in Mecca or Teheran.

      Yes, Jerusalem will fall from grace, and embrace the last an final antichrist. But the Messiah will return, and spoil the party of the wicked. Jerusalem is His city.

  3. They are not a shinning light because most do not see JESUS as the saviour of man the spirit and enduring flame of salvation,maybe when every knee bows the place will be lit up like a christmas tree LOL.and in truth i dont believe Jerusalem of earth has ever been holy

  4. The great city Sodom and Egypt where they crucified our Lord ie:
    Jerusalem was perverted and wicked in the generation that existed when Jesus was there.

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