The Islamic war on Jerusalem

al-Fatah (PLO) indoctrinate Arab children to brand Jews as liars, since they claim two Jewish temples was standing in Jerusalem.

Supportes of Islam wants to reoccupy East Jerusalem, and make the city the capital of
Supportes of Islam wants to reoccupy East Jerusalem, and make the city the capital of “Palestine”.

The Jewish Temples on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem never existed, official Palestinian Authority (PA) television stated in August – and are instead “myths” being touted for political reasons.

“The story of the Temple is nothing but a collection of legends and myths for political reasons,” the PA broadcasted on August 1, Palestinian Media Watch revealed Wednesday. “They [Jews] have set Palestine and Jerusalem as their goal, and have used the myths in the service of their declared goals of occupation and imperialism.”

“In the spirit of the delusions and legends, they try to get rid of the Al-Aqsa [Mosque] and establish their so-called ‘Temple’ – the greatest crime and forgery in history.”
PMW links the message to a speech by PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas in January 2014, in which he made similar claims.

“The occupation authorities are continuing their efforts to achieve their final goal of Judaizing Jerusalem, acting in several ways,” Abbas stated at the time. “They imagine that by this brute force they can invent a [Jewish] history, establish claims and erase solid religious and historical facts.”

Source: Israel National News

My comment:

The Bible says Jesus the Messiah will return to the Mount of Olives. From there He will enter the place where the antichrist is being hailed, and kill this last man of lawlessness with the splendor of His coming.

Since the last man of lawlessness will set him self up in God’s temple, most Evangelical Christians believe this to the the Temple Mount. Simply because both the ancient Temples in Jerusalem was located here.

Jesus will also return to face His won people, the house of Jacob. In 1967, the city of Jerusalem was liberated from Islamic occupation. The Jews was back inside their ancient quarters.

If the sons of Muhammad is able to evict the Jewish people from the city of David, they have been able to prove that the Messiah is nor consider the Jews to be His brethren. But rather the Muslims. A lot is at stake. The war on Jerusalem is a mater of life or death. Either you obey the truth, or you support the camp of the liars.

Be wise. Believe what is written in the Bible. And reject Islam. The Imam’s are distributors of deception.

Written by Ivar

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