Putin: A well planned immigration crisis

The immigration crisis in Europe ” is first of all, the policy of our American partners.”

Vladimir Putin put the responsibility for the European immigration crisis where it belongs.
Vladimir Putin put the responsibility for the European immigration crisis where it belongs.

These are the words of Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Putin, speaking to the Russian news agency TASS, said he warned the West about the possible consequences of its Mideast and Africa policy several years ago.

“What is this policy about? This is imposing its standards without taking into consideration historic, religious, national and cultural specifics of these regions,” Putin told the Russian news agency TASS at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok. “This is first of all, the policy of our American partners.”

“I am looking with surprise at certain American mass media now criticizing Europe for an excessively tough, as they believe, treatment of migrants,” Putin added.

Europe is “blindly following U.S. instructions” and suffering greatly,” he said.

Source: CNN.com

My commet:

There is a lot to say about Vladimir Putin.  But in the case of Syrian refugees he is absolutely correct.

The Syrians are not fleeing Syria because of Basher al-Assad. The people trying to escape the barbaric acts of Radical Muslims, first and foremost ISIL. If it had not been for stiff opposition from the Russian leader, ISIL would have reigned in Damascus today. With the military help of Obama and NATO.  It was Putin who stopped Obama from bombing the military bases of the Syrian regime.

Putin saw this crisis coming, after NATO put Islamic Jihad in charge of Tripoli in Libya.

When warnings have been issued and ignored, it is also correct to talk about a planned immigration crisis. All who support Radical islam do not mind seeing Europe being flushed with Muslims.  More than 100.000 of them have tried to cross from the Balkans into Hungary. If only one per cent of them are supporters of Jihad, Europe is soon going to have a major security crisis at their hands. The terror of Libya and Syria is about to splll over into Hungary and Germany.

May Jesus the Messiah embolden truth tellers, and bless all who continue to share the gospel. Amen.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Putin: A well planned immigration crisis

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    1. Dear Eivind

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for blessing me.

      In this age there will be false prophets everywere, claiming to know the heart and mind of God, since God have “spoken to them”.

      Regardless of what people might claim. It is surley not the will of God, that hundred of thousands of Muslims shall enter apostate and post-Christian Europe. It is rather the will of Jesus, that Europeans must repent from their betrayal of Israel and the gospel. We have been blessed. Now we are facing the age of judgment.

      It is also the will of Jesus, that the Muslims shall renounce the false prophet Muhammad. Only by doing so, they will recieve the Holy Spirit. No secular or humanist leader in Europe will demand that the gospel shall be preached to Muslim immigrants, and explain to them that God has an eternally begotten Son.

  1. shalom brother ivar. it is evident from a brief look at u.s. immigration policy that this is surely planned. make no mistake about it, these people know EXACTLY what they are doing.
    the open door policy of the u.s. to muslims and anyone from south of texas has certainly changed the demographic of this country. even here in kentucky, one cannot go to buy petrol without paying a muslim for it as they own all of the gas stations. cash businesses are all owned by muslims. i suppose it is so that they can launder money and support jihad. this is certainly planned as it is in europe to dilute the population in order to change the culture enough for antichrist to take over.

  2. I know most of America is full up of Islam, where they smile at faces and curse us in their heart, they are proud to say that as well. most of the true chruch is silent or given themselves over to apostasy, as it is written. the one world harlot church is growing as the people want to have their ears tickled, mockers are everywhere. PC IS the way calling evil good and good evil. the end Islam will destroy all their followers like Hitler did ..our L-rd has overcome the world, I thank HIM for all in all and pray the people wake up as Islam prays on people as the see babies and young refugees hungry etc. but they need to realize the jihad is in them too…When G-d destroyed Sodom, HE killed all but Lot and family..remembe to HE said..I hate Esaw but I love Jacob. HE will be their for us and HIS Chosen , no matter who doesn’t see that..they blame Israel fo rnot seeing the Messiah, but remembr G-d blinded them for US HEATHEN so we could have the power to become sons of G-d and HE had promised at the appointed time that all Israel will be saved as they have received double for sins. HE said when I stand on the Mt of Olive I will take away their sin and give them a new pure heart. HIS word is truthand He reminds us of Romans 11..life from the dead for Jews. oh yes. He set Israel aside but will and is taking the vail away, a revival is going on int Israel, praise G-d

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