Majority of American Catholics OK with children being raised by gay parents, survey finds ahead of historic papal visit.

Vice President Joe Biden is a devoted Roman Catholic. In 2013 Biden and his wife meet the Pope.
Vice President Joe Biden is a devoted Roman Catholic. In 2013 Biden and his wife met the Pope.

This is according to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center for Religion & Public Life.

84 percent of respondents considered children being raised by unmarried parents acceptable and 64 percent of respondents considered children being raised by same-sex couples to be acceptable.

“Catholics also condone a variety of adult living arrangements that the church traditionally has frowned upon,” continued Pew.

“A sizable majority (85 percent) think it’s acceptable for a man and woman to live together as a couple outside of marriage, including more than half (55 percent) who say cohabitation is as good as any other living arrangement for adults. And seven-in-10 Catholics say married couples who opt not to have children have chosen a lifestyle that is as good as any other.”

Source: Christian Post

My comment:

Many evangelical Christians have accepted Roman Catholics as Christians, based on the RCC support of Christian “family values” and the Vaticans anti-abortion stand.

I have always argued that to use such terms to accept someone as a Christian is based on a short circuit. Because you do not have to be a Christian to have conservative views on family matters. In India, sodomy is still a punishable crime.  And sex before marriage is among the large majority of Hindu’s, totally unacceptable.

To be a Christian you should pray in the name of Jesus, only. If you do not, you are a pagan who misuse His name.

That almost two thirds of the Roman Catholics in the US accept sodomy, do not surprise me at all. The majority of the judges in the US Supreme Court are Roman Catholics. They recently used their majority to destroy the Biblical marriage between a man and a woman. Now the first Christian government official in Kentucky has been sent to prison because of this Roman Catholic betrayal. This follower of Jesus refused to issu a marriage centificate to gays.

The Pope and his flock have been deceived to follow a false “Christ”. They have no regards for God of the Bible and the true Messiah, but rather worship the son of the pagan goddess “the Queen of heaven” also called ‘Catholic Mary”. RCC is not only a religious community who has mixed paganizm into their faith. This cult now also stand morally bankrupt. If you what to burn for eternity in Hell, just continue to whitewash these crimes of Roman Catholicism.

Written by Ivar