The claimed hand of God, Utøya and 22nd of July

Somme claim that Anders Breivik Berhring’s mass killings on Utøya in Norway was a punishment from God. Also people who call them selves Christians.

This book present the same image of God as the Norwegian massmuder had.
This book present the same image of God as the Norwegian massmuder did.

The book “22nd of July prophecy” has sparked debate and strong reactions in Norway Thats good. I have heard  Christians argue: “Since God did not Stopp Behring Breivik, this must be understood as a punishment from God against AP (Labor party) and AUF” (The labor party youth).

When you present such thoughts as truth, you just made Satan your Lord and God. if you take such religious thought to its logical conclusion, you will have to honor God for letting Hitler bring disaster over Europe. It’s like claiming that God used Hitler to punish 60 million people, by simply not stopping the Nazi-leader.

Many Fascists will entertain such viewpoints. To search for numbers, as the number 77, to prove that God had a hand on the guns of Breivik, fits well into Breivik’s fascist-inspired religious ideology. When the clock struck 78, the mass was over.  The author of this book claim that since Breivik used 77 minutes to murder 77 people, we see the divine fingerprint of “god”.

If you are using such religious thoughts to explain traffic deaths, core madness is clearly seen ahead. The argument that God could have stopped the truck that plowed into the nursery, is basically correct. God could. But God gave humans both domain and authority over His creation. Therefore man alone is responsible for his actions. Both murders and other misdoings. What a disgrace, if a man appers in the Supreme Court, demanding to be a aquitted for murder: “God did not Stopp me”.

God can and has intervened in World history. But He do not have to intervene. And He is certainly not responsible for the evils done by humans, choosing to do what is wrong. This responsibility we will have to carry ourselves. Till the age of grace is over.

God does not need to repeat what he has done before. As for example, demanding that Joshua should kill all the people in Caanaan. It is something the state of Israel have not, nor desire to repeat. After Jesus died on the cross the idea that God was behind the mass killings on Utøya has nothing to do with the Christian message, but rather a blunt misuse of God’s name.

As the author of the book “The Terror Island” i gave an account of how AP and the AUF used Utøya to support Israel’s Arab enemies. This an example of rebellion against both common sense and the Bible. I warned that people who support groups that use violence and terror to achieve political goals, are likely to become a victim of violence and terror. It was precisely this that happened on 22nd of July.

I will warn against anyone who believes that Behring Breivik was a tool used by Jesus. I also issued a warning in my book. To claim such is to bring shame on Jesus the Messiah and the Gospel. The Messiah actually took the punishment we all deserve. Both deceased members of the AUF and those who continue throwing dirt on the legacy of these murdered youth.

Written by Ivar

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