Worshipping the corpse of the Bishop of Milan

Roman Catholic bishops and priests worship the skeleton of ‪ St. Ambrose of Milan‬. Aurelius Ambrosius, better known in English as Saint Ambrose (/ˈæmbroʊz/; c. 340 – 4 April 397), was a bishop of Milan who became one of the most influential ecclesiastical figures of the 4th century. He was consular prefect of Liguria and Emilia,… Read More Worshipping the corpse of the Bishop of Milan

Putin: America supply Islamic terrorists

Russian President claims that Syrian rebels supported by the United States end up joining ISIS. Russian President Vladimir Putin on Sunday claimed that United States support for rebel forces in Syria is “illegal and ineffective”, Reuters reported. Speaking in an interview with U.S. networks recorded ahead of a meeting with President Barack Obama, Putin claimed… Read More Putin: America supply Islamic terrorists