Venice mayor ban school books promoting perversion

Venice’s new mayor has been heavily criticised for his decision to ban books dealing with homosexuality from the city’s schools.

The mayor of Venice standing firm against the pro-gay lobby as he ban their books.
The mayor Luigi Brugnaro of Venice standing firm against the pro-gay lobby as he ban their books introduced in schools.

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro has banned a total of 49 books covering homosexuality and discrimination from schools, fulfilling one of his campaign promises.

Books banned include a French book titled ‘Jean Has Two Mums’, a story of a wolf family where the cub has two mothers.

Brugnaro has defended himself, saying he will “not be intimidated” by the criticism, which has taken the form of groups organising public readings of the banned books, and public libraries actively encouraging visitors to read them.

He added: “Parents need to educate their children on these things, not schools.”

Source: The Independent, UK.

My comment:

The battle for our youth is on. It is a battle for the Christian civilization of Europe, not be lead down the path of perversions and destruction. Thousand years of Christian moral code and Christian inspired laws must not be made null and void by the pagans.

You do not have to be a Christian to reject sodomy. Pure common sense can be applied, that rectum was created to get unwanted stuff and toxic out of our body. Nothing else.  Those who use an ass for sexual pleasures, must be rebuked and called to repentance. If not they will perish.

God of the Bible created us male and female for a purpose. He desire godly offspring, and a husband and wife building a strong family.

Men who have sex with men is portrayed in the Bible as perverts. Before Jesus the Messiah died on the cross, such men were supposed to be stoned to death.  Luckily for us all, we now live in the age of grace. The Messiah paid the death penalty we all deserve. Therefore one shall be stoned to death as a penalty of their sins and perversion.

In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.

But there will be an end to the present age of grace. The Bible explains that man shall face judgment.  Being saved, do not grant us permission to do whatever we like. We have to hate sin, and let the Holy Spirit lead us into a life of holiness and submission to truth. Those who do not repent from adulatory and sexual perversions, will not inherit the kingdom of Heaven. Regardless if they say they love Jesus or not.

We have to support the major of Venice. His has used his popular votum to ban books that promotes homosexuality in our schools. A civilized society use the school to educate children, bot to misguide and lead them into perverisons.  Outside of school, all adults are free to chose and read whatever trash they desire to fill their mind with.

Let the democratic forces in this Italian city prevail.

Written by Ivar

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  1. God Bless Mayor Luigi Brugnaro of Venice for standing up for what is right. I wish that our majors in the United States would do the same. What a good example for the rest of the world, primarily those cities that called themselves “Christians”. The allowance of sodomy in our society will be punished by our Lord. Unfortunately, the world is going on reverse to what the Word of God says in the Bible. Matthew 24:13 “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved”.

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