The PLO wants the Vatican to join a bid to get both their flags to be hoisted at the U.N. headquarters — just in time for Pope Francis’ visit next month.

The Pope and the PLO leader are in agreement, bidding to remove Jews from the mountain of Zion.
The Pope and the PLO leader are in agreement, bidding to remove the Zionists from the mountains of Zion.

Supporters of the idea hope the U.N. General Assembly will adopt a resolution on the flag-raising shortly before the pope arrives. They’re betting that the United States or other allies of Israel will not block the plan and risk offending the Holy See on Francis’ first U.S. visit.

The Palestinians’ proposal has been tabled, and a draft of the resolution set to be made public Wednesday has been seen by The Associated Press. It would allow non-member observer states — there are only two — to display their flags with the 193 member states.

The Vatican quickly recognized the PLO, after its formation in 1964.
The Vatican quickly recognized the PLO, after its formation in 1964.
The PLO banner named the “Palestine flag” is already hoisted in the Vatican.

In May, the Vatican officially recognized the state of Palestine in their first formal, bilateral treaty. Israel’s foreign ministry said it was “disappointed.” During Francis’ 2014 visit to the Holy Land, the Vatican’s official program referred to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as the president of the “state of Palestine.”

Source: AP and Yahoo news.

My comment:

The lastes news in that the Vatican have declined the offer of the PLO.

Still, let there be no doubts: The members of the United Nations (UN) will surrender to the will of the Pope. They all stand united behind the claimed authority of the “Holy see”.

The Vatican flag are not only hoisted at the UN headquarter in New York City. It is also honored by the state of Israel, like a landmark over Roman Catholic properties inside the old city of Jerusalem. Any Israeli complaint against the Vatican flag being hoisted in New York, will amount to hypocrisy.

The Pope is a smart fellow. He now use his global acceptance to rally support for the claimed “Palestinian state”. Either the PLO will succed in getting its flag hoisted at the UN headquarter or not.

The problems related to this hybrid state are multiple.

First of all:

Do the PLO represent this claimed state?  

When was the last election, and where are the PLO rule in Gaza?

Will the Pope permit the Hamas flag to be hoisted in the Vatican, and the Hamas being permitted to have an ambassador in his court?

This will be the logical consequence of a recognition of the “Palestine statehood”, since Gaza is included in the so-called two state solution.

What we see is that the PLO is a puppet in the hand of the Pope. The PLO has been a tool in a bid to evict the Jews from the Mountains of Zion, and take the control of the “holy basin” in East Jerusalem away from the Zionists.

We can not expect secular humanists to discern the falsehood of the Pope, not being granted the helper, the Holy Spirit. But that claimed to be Christians accept the Pope as a “brother”, is  an example of the age of apostasy and falling away.

Ephesians 5:11
Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

Do not participate in the evils of the Pope, but rather expose them.

Written by Ivar