The Pope lobby for nuclear deal with Iran

The Roman Catholics on the hill lobby for the nuclear bill with Iran. The Pope will address the Congress on 24th of September.

The Pope and Obama both work for the deal that will gift 100 billion USD to the Ayatollah regime.
The Pope and Obama both work for the deal that will gift 100 billion USD to the Ayatollah regime.

This is reported by the political magazine “Politico”, and given further news cover by Israel National News.

Congress is giving the left-leaning Pope a platform ahead of a critical vote on the Iran nuclear deal. A number of Catholic organizations have been trying to ramp up support for the Iran nuclear deal, aiming to win over Catholic lawmakers in particular. These include senators Bob Casey (D-Pa.) and Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), who are still undecided on the agreement.

Netanyahu will likely raise his objections to the agreement during his speech to the General Assembly. But as the website notes, “he’ll have to contend then with Francis’ speech, as well as Obama’s.”

Source: Politico and Israel National News.

My comment:

The Pope is not just a leader of the second largest world religion. He is also the “holy see”, who put his fingers into world affairs of different kinds.  As the head of state, Francis gathers in his court ambassadors from more than 140 nations

The Iranian envoy are one of the diplomats who wine and dine with the papacy.  The relationship between the Ayatollah of Iran and the Pontiff seems to be excellent.  The Pope has hailed the nuclear deal done between the totalitarian Islamic republic and the veto powers in the United Nations.

That the Pope and American Roman Catholics are pro-Iranian lobbyists in Washington D.C, should be of grave concern for all sane Americans.  Not only the Zionist state of Israel are put on the altar of betrayal. Also the values of the Western civilization is about to the placed in the trash bin.  Even after the nuclear deal was done, the “peace makers” in Teheran continued to shout “Death to America”.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all who have been deceived by the papacy and all who do his will. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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