800 Islamic terrorists placed inside Europe

Around 800 potential terrorists “prepared to do anything” have returned to Europe after fighting or training with Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

What are these men doing in Holand? Why are they being feed by suppoosed to be civilized people?
What are these men doing in Holand? Why are they being feed by supposed to be civilized people?

This warning comes from Spanish security experts.

Those returning are believed to have been trained in terrorist camps in Syria and Iraq, Spanish anti-terrorism forces told their European colleagues following the attack on the Amsterdam-Paris train on Friday by Ayoub El-Khazzani.

The potential terrorists “are not especially well trained”, but “they are prepared to do anything and once they have been indoctrinated, they receive minimal training in the use of weapons”, the radio station Cadena Ser quoted security experts saying.

Meanwhile on Tuesday Francois Hollande warned France must brace for further attacks. “We are still exposed,” Mr Hollande told diplomats gathered in Paris.

“The aggression that took place on Friday… which could have degenerated into a monstrous carnage… is fresh proof that we must prepare for other attacks and therefore protect ourselves,” said Mr Hollande.

Source: Telegraph, uk

My comment:

I am puzzled by how they counted 800 of them?

If they know who they are, why are they not arrested and deported?

By this kind of reports, the European Union expose its self to be completely incompetent in handling the threat of Islamic terrorism. Not only are the threat of the enemy identified.  The barbarians are even known, and the European social security services continue to feed them.

Since 20 million Muslims have settled in Europe, my best guess it that the Central European government has no clue about what they are up against.  The radicalization of Muslims is not an act of logic and reason. It is a matter of a horrible spirt of Satan coming upon people, who surrender to Koran based Islam.

The only civilized way to deal with this evil, is to arrest and deport these deceived souls. When a Muslim has triggered his suicide belt, it is to late to act. But be sure: There will be a lot of crocodile tears displayed on our TV sets, and words of “sympaty with all who have lost their loved once”.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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