The anti-immigration party in Sweden gets 25 per cent in a poll, and emerge as the largest political party.

Jimmi Akeson upholds democracy in Sweden, as he continues to demands a curb on immiragtion.
Jimmi Akeson upholds democracy in Sweden, as he continues to demands a curb on immiragtion.

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats are the country’s largest party with 25 percent support, an opinion poll from YouGov showed on Thursday.

In last year’s election, the Sweden Democrats more than doubled their support and won 13 percent of the vote, becoming the third largest party, on an agenda to cut the number of asylum seekers coming to Sweden by 90 percent.

Anti-immigrant sentiment has been on the rise in Sweden, a country which has seen the number of asylum seekers increase to record levels and accepted the highest number of asylum immigrants per capita in the European Union last year.

Racially motivated hate crimes have also been rising and there have been several attacks on asylum centres after an Eritrean man whose asylum application had recently been rejected killed two in a knife attack at an IKEA store on Aug. 10

Source: Channel News Asia.

My comment:

It must be recalled that the Swedish Conservative party set a side the result of the last election and their own ideology, and formed a government with the marxists.  The conservative did this is a bid to keep the anti-immigration party from being a part of a center right government.

The people of Sweden has see the marxist opening their borders for mass scale islamic immigration. In the soothers city of Malmø, the Muslims now accounts for more than 25 per cent of the population.

There is still voters in Sweden who love freedom and democracy, and they flock to the party that have promised them to stop 90 per cent of the present inflow of immigrants.

In the Messianic perspective, there are still pockets of non-violent resistance in Europe. Every true Christian must renounce violence, but continue to warn of the consequences of continuting down the path of destruction. Because in the corridors of powers in the European Union (EU), the anti-democratic forces reign.  If the Islamic immigration is not contained by the politicians, we can expect a violent uprising to take place. Not all Europeans will sit silent and watch their elite betraying their own continent.

 Matthew 24:21New King James Version (NKJV)

For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be.

Jesus the Messiah has warned us all about the coming of the age of chaos on panic. Just before His second coming there will take place apocalyptic events, never seen before sine the creation.

Please repent, and be baptized.  And in this way escape the coming wrath of God, followed by the age of judgment.

Written by Ivar