Israel strikes Assad after Iranian proxy attack

IDF responds by attack 14 Syrian military posts, after Islamic Jihad fires four rocket into Israel from the Syrian side of Golan.

An Israeli tank fires towards Syria, in a military drill on the Golan in 2008.
An Israeli tank fires towards Syria, in a military drill on the Golan in 2008.  Yesterday, the IDF filred artillery on 14 Syrian military posts, after Islamic Jihad fired 4 missiles into Israel.

A commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards orchestrated Thursday’s rocket fire on northern Israel from Syria, military sources said late Thursday night, prompting an unusually strong response from the Israel Defense Forces.

Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon warned the rocket fire was merely a “coming attraction” for future Iranian-funded attacks on Israel. With sanctions relief as part of the Iran nuclear deal, Tehran will increase support for its Middle East proxies, he maintained.

“What we have seen tonight is just a coming attraction for a richer and more murderous Iran,” Ya’alon said in a statement. “This is the intention of the bloody regime from Tehran, and the Western world cannot just sweep that fact under the rug,” he added.

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

Even the Ayatollah must have been surprised by the gifts offer by Obama in the Iranian nuclear deal. The release of 100 billion USD of frozen Iranian assets, is a mind-blowing mistake.

For Iranian terror proxies, the money is more than welcomed.  Hizb”Allah has taken a huge blow inside Syria, fighting for the survival of the Assad regime.

The only way Hizb”Allah can get back to its rocket launchers in South-Lebanon, is by an American permission to let Iranian forces set up their position inside Syria.  Like Turkish forces  now being used to fight ISIL inside Syria, also Iranian forces will be used. And Obama and the Pope will both hail these Islamic forcers as a “peace movement”.

For Israel, the first Islamic rocket from Syria was a strategic bid to draw the IDF into a battle with Hisb”Allah.  There is a reason why Israel did not respond hitting back on the Governmental forces. Israel still holds Assad accountable for any flying Syrian object that lands on the Golan.

The Jewish people can now see the perfect storm approaching. If there is no God in Israel, the Jewish people will face the second holocaust.

Unfortunately for all who hates Him, He is alive. And He will draw His enemies into Zion from the east and the north. And since this is the will of the Messiah, there is absolutely nothing than can stop the final battle to take place.

Any wise man will open his Bible. There he can read that all these forces of anti-Zionism will face an iron first.  They will be grilled and slaughtered, and their souls will be spend eternity in the everlasting fire of Hell.
Surrender to the Messiah today. This is the only way to escape the wrath of God and the coming judgment.

Written by Ivar

3 thoughts on “Israel strikes Assad after Iranian proxy attack

  1. Anti-Semitic hatred did not start with Hitler. it came from Satan the dragon who wanted to stop the birth of Yeshua. Gen 3..lines up with Rev 12..HE satan lost it all ,, and all must read G-d’s word and find out the truth before it is too late…those who love G-d and His Word will love HIM and suport Israel in every way…they will be cursed of G-d if they don’t see and obey the truth.

  2. One step closer to Tribulation times. Repeating What Ivar wrote near the end of the article, surrender to Messiah today, right now if you haven’t already. Shalom aleikhem.

  3. I also read how Germany is giving the migrants all empty homes and apt to them against the owners wishes.. the invasion of Islam is world wide and heads of nations bow. the pope for global warming lie, Gen 8 is the truth, same will be in America as we already trillions of dollars for free everything for them . obama brought in over 400,00 on the gov handouts. soon hunger will be worse than the world has ever known. and a civil war like never was or will be G-d said. black against black, white agaisnt white and black agaisnt white and black against white and ethnic agaisnt any color . G-d said HE would send the evil ones to those of disobedience. they are here and more to come.

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