Slovakia rejects Muslim immigration

Slovakia says it will only accept Christians when it takes in Syrian refugees under a EU relocation scheme.

Muslims are loyal to the false prophet Muhammad, and rejects basisc human rights.
Muslims in Europe remains loyal to the false prophet Muhammad, and rejects basisc human rights.  They created a culture that promotes violence in the name of ‘god”.

The country is due to receive 200 people from camps in Turkey, Italy and Greece under the EU plan to resettle 40,000 new arrivals.

Interior ministry spokesman Ivan Metik said Muslims would not be accepted because they would not feel at home.

Do you want your tax money to be used to support Jihad?
Do you want your tax money to be used to support Jihad?

The UN’s refugee agency (UNHCR) called on countries to take an “inclusive approach” to relocation. The number of migrants at the EU’s borders has surged in recent months, reaching a record high of 107,500 in July. Most are Syrians, Afghans, and sub-Saharan Africans, fleeing instability or poverty.

We could take 800 Muslims but we don’t have any mosques in Slovakia so how can Muslims be integrated if they are not going to like it here?”

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

We have to praise Slovakia’s bid to survive as an Independent nation.  But like in the example of Greece, the EU might use its totalitarian powers. Not only to force a nation to sink into debts, but also force nations that desire to remain Christian, to accept sharia.

Where the Muslim’s get access to property and social security funds in Europe, there will be mosques. And where there are mosques, the Islamic forces will get a base for the promotion of Jihad.

The number of Muslims has reached the boiling point in cites like Malmo in Sweden. They have breached the critical point of accounting for 25 per cent of the population. Almost daily a bomb explosion is heard in the city.

This is the verdict: light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

From history we know that when the number of Muslim in a population reach a certain level, there will be cilvil war. Not because all Muslims are bad people, but because they as a community have failed to enforce human rights and live in peace.

The secular humanist leaders of Europe lack knowledge, or live in denial to this historical fact. Also apostate Christians, who have been deceived by their false teachers to believe that Islam is a religion of “peace”.

Behold: The Post-Christian continent of Europe is today the spearhead of Satan, seeing the rise of Islamic influence and nazi-inspired antisemitism. Both Muslims and secular humanist’s will be hailing the coming man of lawlessness, who pay no regards to God of the Hebrews. Their nexus are the base of a false “peace movement”. They will all face stern judgment the day the Messiah returns as the Lion of Judah.

Jesus is the Messiah and God. We can expect no one else to return and save all who are eagerly waiting for Him. Amen.

Peter said it on the day of pentecost, and I will copy him today:

“Save your self from this corrupt generation”.  Do not participate in the evils of the pagans.

Written by Ivar

7 thoughts on “Slovakia rejects Muslim immigration

    1. Dear Maria.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for blessing me. The truth about the consequences of continuing to accept Muslims to migrate into Europe must be told. When they have messed it up at home, they will also mess it up in our cities and villages. If we deny this, we will eventually see the destruction of our own culture and civilization.

  1. shalom and blessings in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. this situation is sad if you think the leaders of the EU and the U.S. are misguided. i, however, think they know exactly what they are doing which makes it diabolical. they are recruiting the henchman to put Christians to death whe AC comes to power.

    1. Dear John.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      It is an interesting question, if people are misguided by Satan, or rather openly accept him as Lord and do his will.

      I would like to opine, that all who accept Satan, do have to belive in the final destiny of his followers. I find it difficult to comprehend that people do desire to spend eternity in the fire of Hell.

      Most of the people who do the will of Satan, do not belive he exist. Like all the seuclar humanists among us. Than there are dozens of copy-cat version of Satan, created by religious people. Like in Hinduism. During one feast in India, the Hindus are told to burn Satan. They believe they can do so.

      There are also many copy-cat versions of Hell. It is by some claimed Satanists portrayed as a quit plesant place to be…

  2. Ivan Metik said that the country only had a small Muslim community, and there were concerns about whether immigrants would want to settle in the country long-term. That’s the reason we want to mostly choose people, who really want to start a new life in Slovakia,” he told CNN.

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