While the international community try to divide and destroy Israel, they have already managed to create a mess inside Syria.

These are the fruits of the
These are the fruits of the “peace plan” made for the republic of Syria.

Israel being the only functional democracy in the Middle East, seems to hardly matter.

Israel being the only free and redeemed state in the Middle East, seems to be of no importance.

Israel being the only safe place to live for both Muslims and Christians, is completely ignored.  By all who try to destroy the Jewish state.

While the the Pope, the EU, the USA, Russia, United Nations and China tries to enforce a dysfunctional two-state-solution on Israel, they have already proven what they are capable of inside Syria. The former great Assyrian kingdom has been divided into a five-state-solution. There is no end of the barbarism done by the sons of Muhammad, suppose to represent the “religion of peace”.

The only solution is to let Israel handle its own safety and security. History has proven that non-Jewish arrangements, have never been able to secure the future for the Jewish people. Let them be Messianic Jews, who believe Yeshua is the Mesisah. Secular Israelis, or Orthodox Jews who still are waiting for their king and redeemer.

Written by Ivar