“This Pope doesn’t ‘do’ doctrine. His particular vocation as Supreme Pontiff may not be established for many years”.

The Pope is not able t commuicate with director Lombadi of communication in the Vatican.
The Pope is not able to commuicate with Lombardi who is the director of communication in the Vatican.

The Jesuit Pope face subordination in the Vatican.  The Catholic Herald in the UK write about a Pontiff who is “confused”.

If you are puzzled, even disoriented by the Holy Father’s conduct of his pontificate (and I stress at the outset that what follows is not intended as an attack on it) you may be reassured by an article in this month’s National Geographic magazine, which contains some possibly indiscreet remarks by the Pope’s spokesman, Fr Federico Lombardi, which indicate that you are not alone.

This editor is as confused as the Pope, thiniking his church will save him.
This editor is as confused as the Pope, thiniking his church will save him.

This is from an account of a conversation between the Pope’s spokesman when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Federico Wals, and Fr Lombardi. “So, Father,” the Argentine asked, “how do you feel about my former boss?” Managing a smile, Fr Lombardi replied: “Confused.” He described the contrast between the way Pope Benedict would give an account of a conversation with some world leader and the way Pope Francis does it.

In the Vatican, there is widespread confusion over the Pope’s apparent unpredictability. “Totally spontaneous,” Fr Lombardi says of Francis’s much commented-on actions during his recent visit to the Middle East – notably his embrace of an imam, Omar Abboud, a rabbi, and his Argentinian friend Abraham Skorka, after praying with them at the Western Wall. But in fact, Skorka says, “I discussed it with him before we left for the Holy Land – I told him, ‘This is my dream, to embrace beside the wall you and Omar.’”

SourceL The Catholic Herald, UK.

My comment:

It is interesting that a leading Catholic newspaper quoting the director of communication in the Vatican, calling Francis “confused”. There seems to be some “holy confusion” in the camp of the Roman Catholics.

I can only add that a anyone who pray at the Western wall of Jerusalem together with an Imam, is not only confused. He is completely spiritual blindfolded.

First: The Western wall is the holiest site of Judaism. The Muslims occupy the Temple Mount on top, and occasionally throw stones down on the Jewish worshippers. While the Pope and the Imam are permitted to pray together at the Western wall, Jews who tries to pray on top quickly gets arrested.

Second:  A Christian shall not pray in any other name than Jesus. In what name did the Pope pray together with the Imam?  We have seen Francis praying towards Mecca inside a mosque in Istanbul. I will not be surprised if the Pope and the Imam prayed together to “allah”.

If they prayed in two different names, why at all pray together? 

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all who have been deceived by the papacy. Amen.

Written by Ivar