“Gays are welcome to attend, worship, and participate as a congregation member within the Hillsong community”.

Pastor Brian Huston accepts gays as members of Hillsong community.
Pastor Brian Huston accepts gays as members of Hillsong community.

These are the words of Pastor Brian Houston. He is founder and pastor of Hillsong Church in Australia.

The Christian Post recently reported that Hillsong’s Brian Houston allows unrepentent gays to be church members.

Houston said that all “are welcome to attend, worship, and participate as a congregation member with the assurance that they are personally included and accepted within the Hillsong community — but cannot take active leadership roles.”

Although I appreciate Brian’s heart — we must love and help everyone — if we tell people that they can be members and participate in all aspects of church life even while embracing the homosexual lifestyle, we are sending the wrong message.

Source: Christian Post


My comment:

Would it have solved the issue, if the men of Sodom had been taken into the house of Lot?

What if the cousin of Abraham had offered them to worship the Lord in his living room?

Would God have changed His mind, and not burned the city with hellfire?

Was it their lack of “praise and worship” that made Jesus of the Bible angry? Or was it their sexual perversion?

When Pastor Brian Houston seek praise and worship with Jesus in union with gays, he is no longer a leader of a Christian community. But rather a leading priest of a religious club in Sydney, Australia.

Why is there so much confusion around claimed to be Christian leaders, when the Bible is crystal clear about the eternal destiny of homosexuals?  If Jesus are not willing to change gays, It is beause their rejection of His call for holiness. The Messiah seems not willing to save a lot of gays. Neither did He save the perverts of Sodom. Christians are not called to disobey their Master by staying put where God will bring destruction.

In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire.

Where there is no preaching of sin and repentance, no follower of Jesus would like to participate. But unclean spirits would love to partake in such rituals. All kinds of religious people will flock to such arenas, to be a part of this “god love us all” environment.

In fellowships where the gospel of sin and repentance is preached, no one who continue to disobey Jesus, would like to remain. And absolutely not join as a member.

I have earlier, but doubtful, encouraged our youth to go for events arranged by Hillsong. From now on I will give them a stern warning. Stay away from these kind of charismatic religious clubs.  We are all called to resist the evils of sodomists, and rather worship Jesus the Messiah in spirit and in truth.

Written by Ivar