Pope urges Christian unity: ‘When they kill a Christian they don’t ask, Are you Catholic?’

The claimed
The claimed “blood” of the Eucharist is an offense to God of the Bible, based on a religious ritual that brings judgment on Roman Catholic priests.

Pope Francis has appealed to faithful to put divisions aside amid persecution and slaying of Christians in parts of the world.

Francis told some 30,000 people in St. Peter’s Square Friday: “The blood of today’s martyrs makes us one.”

He cited the slaying of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians by Islamic militants in Libya in February and said “those who hate Jesus Christ ….kill without asking” if the person is Catholic or belongs to another Christian church.

Francis asked: “If the enemy unites us in death, who are we to divide ourselves in life?”

He urged Christians to seek “unity in diversity of expression” through common prayer and charity. Orthodox patriarchs, Anglican and Lutheran bishops and Evangelical pastors attended the spiritual renewal gathering.

Source: Fox News.

My comment:

The Pope claims to be the head of all Christians on the face in the Earth. In a bid to achieve a global surrender to His claimed authority, Jihad groups seems to be the perfect tool.  With one hand he recognized Islamic terror groups like Hamas, and their Gaza-rule as part of “Palestine”. Next he gives lip service as an “honor” to those who have been slain by the sons of Muhammad.

The Pope use his immoral hypocrisy to proclaim a non scriptural “unity” among Christians.  Like to be slain by a Jihadist is something that is noble, and even can make a man a follower of Jesus.

This is the core lie of the Pope’s statement:
“The blood of today’s martyrs makes us one.”

Wrong, deadly wrong. The truth is:
“Faith in the blood Jesus shed on the cross, makes us one”.

The shedding of blood of mortal men and animals is powerless, and any elevation of such blood leads us into idolatry.

The Pope treats the blood of Jesus with contempt, in particular in the Roman Catholic eucharist.  The doctrine of the Eucharist is nothing but an endless blasphemy and mocking of the scriptures.

The Pope claims the literal blood from Calvary Hill is present in the ritual at the alter. And that it must be consumed as a security of a persons salvation.

Strangely enough,this “blood” is only to be consumed by the priests. If the Catholic priests were correct, they deny salvation to all their parishioners. If they are worng, that the mass is nothing but an abomination based on lawlessnes.

When the bishops and priests of the RCC drink the blood of  their “Christ”, there seems to be no change. This consumption do not produce repentance, nor any sign of eternal redemption.  Like a group of exclusive Satanists, they have to continue to drink the blood of their “christ” during every mass.

Regardless of what the Pope might claim: The “blood” at the altar of the mass, is not the blood that Jesus shed at the cross at Calvary Hill in Jerusalem. When the priests tell their parishioners they have the power to transform wine at the table, into the literal blood of Jesus, it is a gross damnable lie, that brings judgment on all who surrender to this human made theology.

When true Christians partake in the passover cup, we do no longer remember the great miracles of God during passover in Egypt. We remember the blood that Jesus shed at the cross in Jerusalem. We proclaim victory in the blood at Calvary, and will do so till the return of our Master.  And we will never participate in the wickedness and blasphemies of the papacy. Never.

We regret any death of Catholics, also by the hands of the sons of Muhammad. But being slain by these bastards, will never make a Catholic a Christian.  They will have to hear the gospel, and surrneder to truth.

Written by Ivar