Pope claim blood of martyrs for unity

Pope urges Christian unity: ‘When they kill a Christian they don’t ask, Are you Catholic?’

The claimed
The claimed “blood” of the Eucharist is an offense to God of the Bible, based on a religious ritual that brings judgment on Roman Catholic priests.

Pope Francis has appealed to faithful to put divisions aside amid persecution and slaying of Christians in parts of the world.

Francis told some 30,000 people in St. Peter’s Square Friday: “The blood of today’s martyrs makes us one.”

He cited the slaying of 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians by Islamic militants in Libya in February and said “those who hate Jesus Christ ….kill without asking” if the person is Catholic or belongs to another Christian church.

Francis asked: “If the enemy unites us in death, who are we to divide ourselves in life?”

He urged Christians to seek “unity in diversity of expression” through common prayer and charity. Orthodox patriarchs, Anglican and Lutheran bishops and Evangelical pastors attended the spiritual renewal gathering.

Source: Fox News.

My comment:

The Pope claims to be the head of all Christians on the face in the Earth. In a bid to achieve a global surrender to His claimed authority, Jihad groups seems to be the perfect tool.  With one hand he recognized Islamic terror groups like Hamas, and their Gaza-rule as part of “Palestine”. Next he gives lip service as an “honor” to those who have been slain by the sons of Muhammad.

The Pope use his immoral hypocrisy to proclaim a non scriptural “unity” among Christians.  Like to be slain by a Jihadist is something that is noble, and even can make a man a follower of Jesus.

This is the core lie of the Pope’s statement:
“The blood of today’s martyrs makes us one.”

Wrong, deadly wrong. The truth is:
“Faith in the blood Jesus shed on the cross, makes us one”.

The shedding of blood of mortal men and animals is powerless, and any elevation of such blood leads us into idolatry.

The Pope treats the blood of Jesus with contempt, in particular in the Roman Catholic eucharist.  The doctrine of the Eucharist is nothing but an endless blasphemy and mocking of the scriptures.

The Pope claims the literal blood from Calvary Hill is present in the ritual at the alter. And that it must be consumed as a security of a persons salvation.

Strangely enough,this “blood” is only to be consumed by the priests. If the Catholic priests were correct, they deny salvation to all their parishioners. If they are worng, that the mass is nothing but an abomination based on lawlessnes.

When the bishops and priests of the RCC drink the blood of  their “Christ”, there seems to be no change. This consumption do not produce repentance, nor any sign of eternal redemption.  Like a group of exclusive Satanists, they have to continue to drink the blood of their “christ” during every mass.

Regardless of what the Pope might claim: The “blood” at the altar of the mass, is not the blood that Jesus shed at the cross at Calvary Hill in Jerusalem. When the priests tell their parishioners they have the power to transform wine at the table, into the literal blood of Jesus, it is a gross damnable lie, that brings judgment on all who surrender to this human made theology.

When true Christians partake in the passover cup, we do no longer remember the great miracles of God during passover in Egypt. We remember the blood that Jesus shed at the cross in Jerusalem. We proclaim victory in the blood at Calvary, and will do so till the return of our Master.  And we will never participate in the wickedness and blasphemies of the papacy. Never.

We regret any death of Catholics, also by the hands of the sons of Muhammad. But being slain by these bastards, will never make a Catholic a Christian.  They will have to hear the gospel, and surrneder to truth.

Written by Ivar

22 thoughts on “Pope claim blood of martyrs for unity

  1. Amen dear brother Ivar. I thank God for you and all true Christian brethren who tirelessly proclaim the Truth of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Be blessed in Him,

    1. Dear Scarlett

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for blessing me. I am called to be a watchman on both the walls of Jerusalem, and the inner rooms of the Vatican. To expose the evils of the Pope, is important. All men who desire to be saved, must resist this man of lawlessness. Using my gift of discernment, I keep on working with Jesus for the sake of the deceived souls.

      Let them be Roman Catholics, or protestant. May they repent, and receive the power of the Holy Spirit to stand up for truth.

      May Jesus the Messiah grant us all mercy and grace, and keep us safe through all kinds of tribulations. Amen.

      1. Peace to you Ivar.

        Can you really believe that the Lord would call you to be a watchman in both areas at once.

        The Vatican is Rome, and Jerusalem – Israel.

        That means the Lord is asking you to keep an eye on the West and the East at the same time.

        You do bring to attention much truth and are able to reveal the errant teaching of Catholicism, fearlessly broadcasting your insights so that those who are being called out of Catholicism can see how they have been deceived.

        However, watchmen are placed around the wall looking out.

        I live near an ancient walled town, it has lookout posts all round. In past times locals worked the land on the outside of the town, the watchmen were positioned so that if an enemy or a potential dangerous situation was developing in the direction they were monitoring, they could sound the alarm for those outside to run to safety within the walls.

        Your description of what you believe you are called to do, or be seems confusing. The Lord loves His Children, He would ensure the watchmen are stationed in a way that they would monitor a specific area not two.

        Could you clarlify?

  2. I have met plenty of Muslims, in certain places in this country, and they donot ‘ set a difference ‘ in their own minds between catholic and christian.

    I have tried to explain this to them, and they really do not listen.

    Mr Bergoglio,
    [ the Jesuit ], is obviously making a feeble attempt to use these murders committed by Muslims, to force unwary Christians, into adopting ‘ Ecumenism ‘ as the natural way forward.

    I will never be a Brother to a Papist, and wll never accept catholicism as being Christian, no matter how many people the ISIS/Islam boffins murder!!

    That man in the Vatican is a Jesuit, and cannot be trusted.

    1. Dear SpookChristian

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      There is a usefull clear cut definition of what a Christian is:

      A man who belive in the atoning blood of Jesus, shed on the cross at Calvary, and who obey His commands.

      1 John 5:2
      By this we know that we love the children of God, when we love God and keep His commandments.

      By default, the Roman Catholics have to be excluded. As long as they pray in all kind of names of mortal men and madonnas, and as they continue to attend satanic inspired masses.

      Such decieved souls are a part of a spiritual disaster of apocalyptic propotions. A billion souls on their way to the everlasting fire of Hell.

      What do they need to be saved?

      They must repent. They must renounce the evils of the papacy, and stop obeying the Pope’s not Biblical doctrines, which are proclaimed in the name of “Christ”. Next they must ask God of the Bible for mercy, and surrender to Jesus of the Bible.

      1. I absolutely agree with you Ivarfjeld..
        They are brainwashed with it from birth, etc..
        And seem to have/take a lot of pride in their own practices, not seeing the stupidity/unbiblical aspect of it.

        They do not love the truth, and so are blind.
        Jhn 3

  3. Yeshua is the only way, the TRUTH and the LiFE..HE IS MY HEAD , not the POPE…..HOW sick that Catholic pray for forgiveness to the POPE instead of to G-d thru Yeshua Jesus..IT is a sad day and so many have fallen off the narrow road and fallen into the ditch on the other side and became twice the sons of hell. …most don’t read the bible and when they do they skip over some of the words. take them out of context and have only pretext which is a lie.. we were all warned and yet in the last days before HE COMES, they refuse the truth and so G-d sent the lie and said they would believe it.. now with same ses marriage , the last thing just about to let us all know the end is very near..as G-d Wrath hit Noah’s day and Sodoms day very quickly, HIS Wrath will be on America and the world… I know some don’t see the rapture, but for me it is clear..our blessed hope..as G-d said, count yourselves Worthy to escape the things coming down on the earth..and also how HE saved the ones who loved HIM in Noah’s day and Sodoms day, HE also will do it again in these last days. there is a difference between a trump in a twinkling of the eye and how the dead will raise first as us alive will follow and it says, meet HIM in the air..but at the second coming it will be when HE stands on the Mt of Olive and brings up the dead and that every knee will bow and tongue will confess HE IS G-d… keep in the word, pray without ceasing and stay in the Word…in the tribulations we do not see or hear from the church, why, we are at the marriage supper of the Lamb….as the HS to teach of truth, so many lies of churches thruout the ages..shalom HE said, I am coming for those who are watching for My appearance..so look up,,our Redemption draws near and is at the door..

    1. we do not ask the pope for forgiveness,nor prey to him,If we ask,its in jesus name amen.Your’e concept of our practices is wrong in this aspect

  4. Ivar, i look forward to your messages! As always you hit the nail on the head! i feel so sorry for the Catholics that are led astray, and now we have people like Rick Warren and others that are in cahoots with the pope and his goons and islam. But i suppose this is all part of the fall away of believers in YESHUA?

    1. Dear Belinda Erasmus Elliott

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for blessing me. Return to sender. Love and grace.

  5. my belief, since the article is about catholicism seeking unity, is that they will gather the world under the banner of sunday worship. Christ keeps Sabbath, Christians should too-to ‘keep it Holy’.

    in Daniel, a seemingly simple, ‘harmless’ violation of Gods law was the offense in Ch 3 and Ch 6. in Ch 11, the offending of the Holy Covenant mentioned is the same covenant in Ex 20:8 (Holy is used in this Commandment only) and in Ex 31:16 (perpetual covenant), that is mentioned in 11:28,30,32 (just like the 3 times in Genesis 2:2-3 it is mentioned=) ).

    i know Ivar, like Christ (Luke 4:16), is a Sabbath keeper. i am just praying to spread the importance of the Sabbath truth to all with ears!

    in a few hours is the Day of the Lord! Happy Sabbath my brothers and sisters!

    1. Dear Visitir to Earth.

      Sabbath Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      I know Ivar, like Christ (Luke 4:16), is a Sabbath keeper. i am just praying to spread the importance of the Sabbath truth to all with ears!

      My reply:

      You do not know Ivar, neither do you know Christ. I am not a keeper of the SDA Sabbath. I do not teach that Sabbath observance is a requirement for salvation. The SDA is a cult, who condemn all who do not rest on Saturdays to the fire of Hell. This is a gross error, a doctrine that only serve the interest of Satan.

      I do honor the Jewish Sabbath, the Biblical call for a day of rest. As an Evangelical Christian. I rest from sunset on Friday evening. I am permitted to do good on the Sabbath, and do not surrender to legalism, and calls to submission to any human made Sabbath laws and regulations. But I do rest from my work.

      I can not be saved by my work, nor by my working restrictions. I can only be saved by the finished work of Jesus the Messiah on the cross. He is my only righteoussnes. I do not have any.

      Ps. If I have to work on Friday evening, I find an other day to rest from my work. For many practical reasons, to rest on a Sunday is a good alternative. Jesus the Messiah is a very pragmatic God and Master. He is the Lord of the Sabbath.

      1. i apologize, i thought mr ivar kept the Sabbath of the Lord. i neither keep the ‘jewish sabbath’. and you may want to check your understanding of what a ‘cult’ is, the Church i attend is not such.

        as for you saying that we ‘condemn’ all who do not keep it, you do not know me either! and you need to open a Bible and see just who the Book of Revelation (and many more parts in the Bible!) tells the tree of life is going to be granted to. i guess the difference between you and a Christians is the fact that, as Christ says in John 14:15, a Christian keeps His Holy Sabbath, not to be saved, but because we are saved. but you, you go ahead and do it your way, just like those in the book of Daniel did (not Daniel and the 3 slaves).

        Hebrews 4 is very specific about God blessing a certain day. but you, you go ahead and follow the day of the pope. i find it comically sad that a man who has a site exposing the falacies of catholicism refuses to keep HOLY the Sabbath of God (same One that will be kept in Heaven BTW-Isaiah 66:23), and he keeps the day of the pope! enjoy your sun (not Son) day keeping Ivar, it is surely a mark you will have when the sunday law is in effect.

        and for Sabbath questions, i suggest you do a lot more research and either ask or read. thus far the truth has eluded you pathetically.

      2. according to the Bible, those that keep the Commandments know Christ. it is painfully obvious that you do not know him.
        keep your pope day ivar, it is your choice.

    2. Correction! mr ivar sometimes keeps the Sabbath of the Lord, which IS a very certain Day (Hebrews 4). if it were not, why did God specify that this Specific Day was set apart?

      Mr Ivar is further confused, the Sabbath is the Sabbath of God, it cant be of the jews, since it was established in Genesis 2:2-3, 1-2K yrs BEFORE the jews!
      also, the Bible says there ‘is no difference between jews and gentiles’ and ‘if ye believe on Christ, ye ARE of Abrahams seed’.

      i have been very thorough and now will probably be blocked from this site since i obviously understand the Bible better (in this part at least) than mr ivar does.
      again, to Christians: 8 or 9 Commandments of God never cause a stir, keep the Holy Sabbath. find a Sabbath keeping Church. it does NOT have to be SDA, there are also 7th Day Baptist and many many more Commandment keeping Churches.

      mr ivar, if you want to ‘prove me wrong’, use the Holy Word. i am very good at that. my guess is that you will not because you can not.

      just remember: Psalm 119:165 ‘great joy have those who love your Law…’
      my guess is that this probably means to also ‘keep’ them. this is extremely thorough in the Bible. only he who is a ‘LIAR’ says otherwise. read 1 John 2, this text is thoroughly calling you, ivar, you a ‘LIAR’.
      then again, the choice is your.


  6. since you label me as part of a ‘cult’, surely you can do better than to block me. surely you can prove me wrong with Scripture! if you are able, i kindly challenge you to a debate. judging by your labeling me, i doubt your are capable. all i need is the Bible.
    hope you can handle it Sir! will be waiting. if i do not reply, it is because i have been blocked. Commandments are said to last FOREVER, that is just what God Almighty means too. i can prove this, undoubtedly, with Scripture. man up ivar, bring the Word! though i doubt you are capable =)

    1. Dear Visitor to Earth

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      After a year or so on this site, you seem to understand nothing but legalizm related to the Sabbath. I will not spam you, just tell you to gracefully leave this site. Please do as I have requested you, and go back to the SDA forum of your choice.

  7. Ivar, this link is for you. it is not SDA. but hopefully you can learn from it because it is filled with Scripture. while you have the true Sabbath of the Lord confused with what some refer to as the ‘jewish sabbath’, it is evident that you do not understand His Sabbath and confuse it with what God has said and Jesus Christ has done, does and will do. good luck to you!
    http://www.go…..Censored. External links not permitted on this site. Editor. ….ruth.com/Sabba………Church.pdf

    this is from the catholic church. even some of them understand the truth about the seal of the Lord.

    1. Peace to you Visitor to Earth.

      I have read your comments and would like to ask just one question.

      why did Jesus speak in parables?

  8. Peace to all who read this blog.

    I received the unedited version of Visitor to Earths post.

    He made some valid points, but he has respected Ivars request.

    I pray that the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob watches over his steps, I ask it in the name of His beloved Son the Lord Jesus Christ Amen.

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