Abbas: Islamic State operating in Gaza

Hamas previously denied jihadist group’s presence in the Strip; Israel has accused the two of cooperating. Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday that Islamic State extremists have established a presence in the Gaza Strip, Army Radio reported. At a meeting with Jordanian parliament members, Abbas also reportedly spoke of stalled peace talks and said… Read More Abbas: Islamic State operating in Gaza

They worship skulls and the spirit of death

Romanian nuns celebrate Easter among the skulls of their dead sisters as Orthodox Christians pack churches around the world. More than 85 per cent of Romanians are Orthodox Christian. They celebrate the resurrection of Christ on the evening before Easter Sunday, when a holy flame originating in Jerusalem is passed between churches. Worshippers visit their… Read More They worship skulls and the spirit of death

The PLO glorifies Islamic terror

Israeli teachers expose the educational work of the PLO as “terror glorification.” An Israeli teachers’ association will present a comprehensive report about anti-Semitic and anti-Zionist education in Palestinian Authority schools, at a global education conference that opened on Tuesday. The Association of Secondary School Teachers in Israel, in partnership with the group Palestinian Media Watch… Read More The PLO glorifies Islamic terror

Israel reject indulgences offered by Obama

“If this deal is supposed to make Israel and its Arab neighbors safer, why should we need to be compensated with anything?” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday urged US lawmakers to combat Iranian aggression by rejecting the nuclear deal and dismissed talk of military compensation to Israel as futile and ineffective. The deal “endangers… Read More Israel reject indulgences offered by Obama

Obama part of existential danger to Israel

Michael Oren: Iran deal an existential danger unknown for a generation. Former Ambassador to US Michael Oren says Israel will lobby Congress to ‘defend ourselves and the future of our children.’ Former Israeli Ambassador to the US MK Michael Oren (Kulanu), who is a member of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, responded sharply to the… Read More Obama part of existential danger to Israel

Obama will grant Iran the terror bomb

Netanyahu:  “Iran’s ongoing incitement shows US will sign deal ‘at any price”. Facing criticism from lawmakers for failing to thwart agreement, Netanyahu says nuclear deal seems ‘unavoidable. With indications that a final nuclear deal with Iran is imminent, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday accused world leaders of pursuing an agreement no matter what the… Read More Obama will grant Iran the terror bomb

Pope Francis: I’m sorry Bolivia

Pope begs forgiveness for sins and ‘offenses’ of church against indigenous of America. Pope Francis apologized Thursday for the sins and “offenses” committed by the Catholic Church against indigenous peoples during the colonial-era conquest of the Americas History’s first Latin American pope “humbly” begged forgiveness during an encounter in Bolivia with indigenous groups and other… Read More Pope Francis: I’m sorry Bolivia

UN: Israel endanger “Muslim” Jerusalem

Israel has slammed the UN’s educational and cultural agency, saying it ignores Jewish and Christian ties to the biblical city Jerusalem. Arab states Algeria, Lebanon and Qatar submitted a resolution this week to UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee that excoriates Israel for “the persistence of the illegal excavations and works conducted by the Israeli occupation authorities… Read More UN: Israel endanger “Muslim” Jerusalem

Islamic state at the borders of Israel

Israel closes crossings with Egypt, Gaza, following ISIL Sinai terror attacks. Islamic State’s Egypt affiliate, Sinai Province, claimed responsibility for the attacks killing 30; Israel closed border crossings as precaution. Israel closed the Niztana and Kerem Shalom border crossings Wednesday following militant attacks in Egypt’s North Sinai that killed at least 50 in one of… Read More Islamic state at the borders of Israel