The European Commission chief, Jean-Claude Juncker, has said he feels “betrayed” by the “egotism” shown by Greece in failed debt talks.

Some time back Junker hugged Alexis Tsipras. Now he calls the Greek leader a traitor of the European Union.
Some time back Junker hugged Alexis Tsipras. Now he calls the Greek leader a traitor of the European Union.

He told a news conference that Greek proposals were “delayed” or “deliberately altered” and the Greek people “should be told the truth”, but the door was still open to talks.

Greece called a surprise referendum and Greek banks are closed for a week. European stock markets saw big falls on Monday after the weekend’s events.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

If the turbo-capitalists wants to rob you of your property, they simply lure you to borrow more money than you can pay back. They take your house, and you are left on the street.

That is exactly what the Investment bankers were about to do in Hellas.

But the new leaders in Hellas might have outsmarted the turbo-Capitalists.   Now they will have to invade and occupy Greece, to be able to steel the properties of the Greek people.

These is a saying that if you own the bank a million, you have a problem. If you own the bank a billion, the bank has a problem.

The Greek people have been betrayed to borrow 242 billion Euro, equal to 271 billion USD.  This would not have happened, if Hellas never had become a member of the European Union, and forced to scrap its own currency drachma.

When we listen to Junker, it is almost like all nations outside of the EU are doomed. That no nation can survive, without following the instrcutions from Brussels.

The EU by its self is governed like a totalitarian syndicate, that tries to abolish the national states in Europe.  Democracy has been replaced by theocracy. The European population is led into financial slavery. They are forced to borrow to keep this system of organized incompetence in place.

What is the solution?

There is no solution. There will be established 10 such criminal totalitarian syndicates on the face of the Earth. One of the post-Christian nations that seems to already have fallen into this kind of gutters, is the United State of America.

From these 10 syndicates there will arise a supreme leader. He is the last and final antichrist.

Since the Pope is the head of one of these syndicates, the Vatican state, he is the perfect candidate for the top slot. He claim to be the “Holy Father”. That is the title Jesus the Messiah exclusively used for his Father God in Heaven.  The Pope has diplomatic immunity, is considered to be infallible related to all moral issues, and are already in control of 1,2 billion souls.

Lets pray for the people of Greece. That they will be able to regain their national freedom, and financial independence.  And that as many of them as possible, will surrender to Jesus and be saved. Amen.

Written by Ivar