Vatican: Israel has to accept defeat in 67 war

The Pope calls for a two-state solution “as soon as possible” based on Israel and Palestine’s 1967 borders.

The Pope and Abu Mazen do work for the same 'lord'. Surley not God of the Bible.
The Pope and Abu Mazen do work for the same ‘lord’. Surley not God of the Bible.

The Vatican has signed a historic statement with the state of Palestine calling for a two-state solution in the Middle East.

Archbishop Paul Gallagher, the Holy See’s Secretary for Relations with States, said he hoped the agreement with Palestine would be a “stimulus” for a “definitive end” to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The statement calls for a two-state solution “as soon as possible” based on Israel and Palestine’s 1967 borders.

It also refers to the “special status” of Palestine as a “birthplace of Christianity” and “cradle of monotheistic religions”.

The Catholic Herald, UK.

My comment:

The Pope and Islam are in agreement. They serve the same “lord’, who demand an Islamic re-occupation of liberated Jerusalem.

The Pope can simply not accept that Israel won the 1967 war. And the 1973 war also. According to the papacy, the Zionists must be evicted from Jerusalem.  Only if so, the Pontiff can be elevated in the city as the “price of peace”.

The winner of the 1967 war must be forced to revoke the victory, and declare defeat.

When did this kind of revocation ever take place in World history? Where is the logic?

Israel was constantly under attack before 1967. The Syrians kept on firing down from the Golan, into kibitzes around the sea of Galilee.

Why do the Pope want Muslims from Syria to be permitted to set up rocket batteries on liberated Golan?

And what Islamic group within Syria, do the Pope desire to return to the Golan Heights?

The second issues is the Pope’s branding of “Palestine” as the “birthplace of Christianity” and “cradle of monotheistic religions”. This is a blunt bid to falsify history.  The word “Palestine” is not mentioned in the Bible, not even once. “Palestine” is the word used by the pagan Romans, who destroyed the Temple in Jerusalem in 70 A.D, and probably massacred a million Jews.

The Pope is a liar, and an antichrist in the flesh.

To claim that “Palestine” was the birthplace of Judaism, is the mother of all baloney statements.  It is not possible to phantom how a man can proclaim this, without being totally demonized.  Any child will be able to read in an encyclopedia, that Judaism was birthed inside the ancient Jewish kingdom of Israel.  King David and king Solomon was surely not two “Palestinian kings”.

While “Palestine” is not there, the name “Israel” is mentioned 2430 times in the New International translation of the Bible.  And 2393 times in the New King James translation.

What about Islam. Was this religion also birthed in “Palestine”, as claimed by the Pope?

Islam was birthed almost 600 years after the temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the evil forces of Rome.  This religion was formed in Mecca and Medina, inside todays Saudi Arabia.

You have to resist and reject this rubbish from the head of the Vatican. He is surely not the successor of any Christian, but of the evil pagan emperor of Rome.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “Vatican: Israel has to accept defeat in 67 war

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  1. The last two things to happen just happened. trying to split Israel and and excepting sodomy in the all we will see all over the world is the WRATH of Almighty G-d…

    1. Verse by Verse, … Not a coma or a period has been misplaced into the WORD of GOD…. God’s WORD didn’t, doesn’t, or will ever lie…the Truth is Holy and IT is happening right now…..”The PROPHECIES in 3D; Watch them live, in a world near you”.
      I am SO thankful to THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, I worship YOU O Lord !!!

  2. Like John 14:29…. “We’ve been told” Now we see it happening……Amazing how true is The WORD of GOD

  3. Israel is being duped and they already fell for it. When does the takeover happen? I believe the Vatican will wind up in Jerusalem.

    1. Dear Sueliz 1

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Sister, welcome back. After a long time.

      The deceptive and blapshemous talk of the Pope and his supporters is reaching its Zenit. Still both the World and tens of thousands of Christian leaders hail the Pope, Roman Catholic cardinals, bishops, priests and order brothers.

      To all who hail the Pope as a Christian leader:

      Where is your basic knowledge of history?

      What happened to your common sense?

      Why are you not able to discern the anti-Zionist message of the Pope, and the evil behind his falsification of the origin of Judaism?

      Is it because your take pleasure in the sins of the Pope, your sins, because you love this kind of darkness?

      We know that darkness will come, and that no one will be able to work. And when the power of the Holy people is completely broken, the Messiah will return. Will He find faith on the face of the Earth?

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