Pope Francis has been speaking his mind again. This time in front of small children, taking aim at the power of the arms industry.

Please keep your children away from the Pope, so he can not misguide them.
Please keep your children away from the Pope, so he can not misguide them.

The head of the Catholic Church lambasted the weapons trade as “the industry of death” in response to a question from a child about war.

“People who manufacture weapons or invest in weapons industries are hypocrites if they call themselves Christian, Pope Francis said on Sunday”.  # Jerusalem Post

The Pope told the children that some people make money by producing and selling weapons.

“And this is why so many people do not want peace,” he said. “They make more money with the war!”
The USD 400 billion global arms industry has seen trade soften slightly in recent years, though sales in Russia and Saudi Arabia are on the rise.

American companies account for more than half the world’s arms trade. The U.K. is the next largest weapons producer, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, and Russia is another major global seller.

Russia has begun investing heavily to upgrade its capabilities. Local defense companies boosted sales by more than 20 per cent last year, driven by demand from the country’s military.

Source: The CNN, money

My comment:

The Pope him self was gifted the Vatican statehood from a producer, seller and user of arms. Fascist leader Benito Mussolini. So if there is someone who needs to take a deep look in the mirror, it is the Pope him self.

The issue of the weapons industry is not a black and white issue. The first producer of a weapon, was likely the fiesta man Adam. He needed a weapons to be able to kill an animal and get him self some food.

God never told Gideon not to fight with weapons. He told Gideon to fight the war with so few men, that they would not take the credit for the victory. But leave the victory to God alone.

There would not have been a nation of Israel, if King David was not permitted to make and use weapons.

Jesus the Messiah told his disciples to carry two swords. Someone must have produced them, and sold them to the students of the Messiah. Most likely the swords was carried by the followers of God of Israel, for their own protection.

There is nothing wrong by the concept of a knife. But a knife can be used to slice bread, and it can be used to kill a small child.  Likewise the producers of weapons, can be tempted to make profits from unjust wars and violent oppressions.

The Pope is again off track, and are not able to discern right from wrong. If he was representing God of the Bible, he should at least give the audiences a biblical message.

What about quoting from the Bible, or giving Biblical references related to use of weapons?

Since the Pope do not represent God the almighty, his speeches will be full of human wisdom and errors.
Do not put your trust in the Pope, but in Jesus the Messiah, alone.

Written by Ivar