Computer criminals cripples US citizens

Hackers broke into U.S. government computers, possibly compromising the personal data of 4 million current and former federal employees.

Barack Hussein Obama is the head of a Government that poses an ID-threat to its own citizens.
Barack Hussein Obama is the head of a Government that poses an ID-threat to its own citizens.

On Thursday investigators were probing whether the culprits were based in China, U.S. officials said.

Cyber investigators linked the breach to earlier thefts of healthcare records from Anthem Inc, the second largest U.S. health insurer, and Premera Blue Cross, a healthcare services provider.

In the latest in a string of intrusions into U.S. agencies’ high-tech systems, the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) suffered what appeared to be one of the largest breaches of information ever on government workers. The office handles employee records and security clearances.

A U.S. law enforcement source told Reuters a “foreign entity or government” was believed to be behind the cyber attack. Authorities were looking into a possible Chinese connection, a source close to the matter said.
A Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said such accusations had been frequent of late and were irresponsible. Hacking attacks were often cross-border and hard to trace, he said.

The FBI said it was investigating and aimed to bring to account those responsible.

Source: Reuters

My comment:

Do not blame these kinds of security lapses on China. The culprits are the US Technology majors and the US Government. These authorities as pushing people to become puppets of their commercial interests.

The fastest growing crime is electronic ID theft. If the Government had not made people slaves of online registration and communications, there would not be any such theft.

Today the so-called smartphone’s are not only making human beings addicted to robots. If the phone stops working, or is stolen, their whole life is crashing. Most people have been turned completely incompetent and helpless. They have forgotten how to count. They can not spell a word correctly.  They can not remember a single telephone number, nor any address.  The pre-programed robots of the technology majors is quickly replacing the need for human workers.

When all personal data are stolen, a persons identity is copied and misused. A man who is at the hands of the these kind of electronic terrorists have made him self null and void. He can no longer present a single proof of who he is. No analog documents are available.

Welcome to the age that paves the way for the last and final antichrist. He will basically see that you will do what the robots tells you to do. You have become a puppet, and a tool at the hands of Satan.

Do not conform your self to the standards of this wicked and corrupt generation. All who are friends with the World, have been made enemies of God.

Praise Jesus the Messiah.

Written by Ivar

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  1. If they don’t know and blame it on China it was probably an inside job, since it buries the investigation. How are they supposed to investigate China, etc. It must be that group Woodrow Wilson spoke of.

    Since I entered politics, I have chiefly had men’s views confided to me privately. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.

    1. And people say to believe such an organization as the NWO is conspiracy minded. It is the tool of the devil to try to depose God from His Kingdom. But he will lose in the end.

      1. Yes, it does play along well with the “Lawless one”, “The man of sin” to be revealed someday.

        2 Thessalonians 2:8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

  2. And undoubtedly the credit cards that are supposedly hacked in to are actually the victims of the bankers themselves.

  3. “Creative chaos” strikes again. It has all the marks of the NWO Satanic elites and, of course, “blame it on the Chinese”. Why would this information be useful to the Chinese or any other nation? The next question is, why is this information useful to the NWO people?

    They believe they have won. Won’t they be surprised to find that the Lord God of the universe will intervene once these tools of Satan are cowering in their underground bunkers?

  4. Hmmm–the security breach seems to have been “focusing on what appears to be data that would identify people with security clearances.” China or any other foreign power would be smart enough to figure out that those people would be asked to immediately verify their identity. The attempt of any foreign power to replace those federal workers with their own agents would be bound to fail. But what if the plan was to cause the U.S. government to fail? Meets the criteria of “creative chaos” doesn’t it?

    1. Maybe it’s pension fraud, and people with top-secret security clearances are harder to investigate, therefore less likely the average joe government worker would find out and turn whistleblower. Who knows, or maybe it was the Chinese. Can’t tell if they’re lying or telling the truth since the truth is top secret.

  5. It seems like people forget how the one world gov will happen and become one as ten will lead. I think they wishper on the side, like when obama wishpered to Putin how he could do more when re-elected. It also amazes me how churches believe and teach how Israel will have all nations go against HER and will be destroyed, but G-d said He was bringing the Jews home to comfort them and that they had received double punishment is the nations when their feet hit HIS LAND that will be destroyed. In the meantime it is clear the last days are here and the beginning of sorrows which will get worse. and seeing Luke 21 as G-d tries to get the world to notice and take heed. for those who do not understand the clubs of the world working to gether could go to newswithveews and read devvy kids artilcle on who is ruling for years as they take US down as they have done to the world. and our Dept of Justice and the Bilderbergs have been working on it for satanic as bible prophecy is being fulfilled..not to mention the one world religion under the satanic pope and vatican..

    1. Most of my Jewish brethren accept everything in the Tanakh, except Yeshua.
      Love and support for the Jew does not automatically graft one into Israel as many Jews are cut-off from Israel due to unbelief in Yeshua. Practicing Judaism makes one a Jew regardless of genealogy. So all Israel shall be saved, including the believing Jew. I believe that was the gist of Paul’s message.

      1. Dear Kalev Efrayim

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        Practicing Judaism makes one a Jew regardless of genealogy.

        My reply:

        Salvation has never been exclusive, a gift of grace available only to the house of Jacob. On the day of Pentecoast, there were Jews and proselytes from all nations gathered. A proselyte is not from the house of Jacob. But a gentile who has accepted God of Israel as his God. On the day of Pentecost all these non-members of the house of Jacob, accepted Jesus as their saviour and was baptized. Truely the first Church was a gathering of members of the house of Jacob, and saved gentiles.

        So to claim that salvation = support of the house of Jacob, is a false doctrine. Salvation is only for those who have been washed by the blood of the lamb of God. Only He can take their sins away, and save them.

        Salvation = Lordship of the Messiah.

        Among those who reject this Lordship, there are both Jews and gentiles.

  6. I believe you misunderstood the point I was making. The house of Jacob is all Israel, not just Judah (Jews) as many Rabbi’s and Jewish leaders insist. There are many Christians that I know that accept Jesus as Messiah but live lives that reject His Lordship, which includes rejection of Torah, i.e. “Law done away with”. This does reject His Lordship as He came in the Father’s name to teach us the deeper, more meaningful, aspects of the Father’s Law for life and righteous living, and to one day write His Law on our hearts in lieu of tablets of stone, as men’s hearts are as hard as tablets of stone. Yeshua IS King of kings and Lord of lords. Amein!

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