US deflation might lead to complete crash

The GDP of the USA was shrinking at a 0.7 percent annual rate in the first quarter of 2015.

The Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama might end in economical chaos.
The Presidency of Barack Hussein Obama might end in economical chaos.

The U.S. economy contracted in the first quarter as it buckled under the weight of unusually heavy snowfalls, a resurgent dollar and disruptions at West Coast ports, but activity already has rebounded modestly.

The government on Friday slashed its gross domestic product estimate to show GDP shrinking at a 0.7 percent annual rate instead of the 0.2 percent growth pace it estimated last month.

A larger trade deficit and a smaller accumulation of inventories by businesses than previously thought accounted for much of the downward revision. There was also a modest downward revision to consumer spending.


My comment:

The US economy is hit by deflation for the first time since the finical crisis in 2009. This increase the risk of a double dip, and possible a complete crash of the economy.

There are three main behind the present deflation:

The american workforce is shrinking. The robots take over the jobs. There is less money and purchasing power among the consumers.

The US consumers are less confident in the American economy.

Larger parts of the US capital has been shifted off-shore. The industrial production has been moved to communist China.

The USA can no longer secure new markets, by military expansions. We are witnessing the end of Pax Americana.

The weakening of the USA economy will bring an end to the Americans playing the infallible global sheriff.  The world is no longer governed by a single super power. But will quickly fall into turbulence and chaos.

Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

Jesus the Messiah promised us global distress just before his second coming. Even people in the civilized world will panic. Inside the distress of the days ahed, only the true believers in the Messiah will experience peace. They have found peace with God, the only true peace there is.

Surrender to His lordship today. And be a part of the only true global peace movement there is.

Written by Ivar

8 thoughts on “US deflation might lead to complete crash

  1. It won’t crash until they’re ready for it to crash. They can print money out of thin air forever, or cut off credit whenever. Where did 15 trillion dollars come from in the first place?

    1. Dear Ed Jones.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      It won’t crash until they’re ready for it to crash.

      My reply:

      The crash of the American ecconomy is linked to the failure of the US military doctrines. The modern day US ecconomy is built on the effort to fuel the wars overseas, by sitting on all sides of the table. And to feed the users of Americans weapons with the products of Coca Cola and Mac Donalds.

      The US mantra do not work anymore. The bubble is about to burst.

      1. The US economy runs on credit. US military doctrines aren’t intended to help the United states, the intent is for foreign powers to surreptitiously use the US military. Perhaps when they are done using the US military they will collapse our economy by cutting off credit leaving us broke and in chaos. Then bring in the UN troops to “restore order” and we fall more under the power of global government.

        How does any of the military actions benefit the United States? None of the oil was used to pay off our debt, or the opium. The US economy is a credit card with no limit, good until someone says there is a limit.

      2. Dear Ed Jones.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You asked:

        How does any of the military actions benefit the United States?

        My reply:

        Learn from the Romans. The Roman Empire was expanded through the adoption of trade, in the areas won by the Roman Army. The USA has exported weapons to all nations under its domain. And in the pipleine behind military supremacy, follows US products. The Sovjet union did the same.

        The most sucessful US doctine post World Wat II, is the doctrine of keeping the wars overseas. The best way to secure the American homeland. This ideology has lead to the practice of playing on all side the table. Let the enemy fight each other with Ameircan weapons. And while they weaken each other, the US earn money.

        When one of the parties eventuelly win, thet are offered an “aid and support packeage” from Washington. That includes American military bases and fresh supplies of Coke and burgers.

        The Iran-Contras scandal of the Reagan area is the best exposure. It displayed the dublicity of American foreign policy. Reagan sold weapons to Iran is exhange of hostages. Next, he used profit to supply the anti-socialists gerialias in Latin America.

        The Iranian regime got American wepons, to fight the US backed Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq. Who also used American weapons.

        The US conveniantly played on both sides, and earned money.

  2. Right, Iran Contra. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. If America can play that game, picking the winners and losers by who they fund and supply, suppose they are playing the same game on America America doesn’t own the dollar. Our government takes loans and pays interest on its debt. “The debtor is slave to the lender”. So there must be a bigger fish in the water.

  3. mony is war, and war is money. this time around we will fall as obama and suportors are muslim, and want to rule the world, they will use food and water as they gather millions of muslims on our soil. in the end when they take us down..the nations will say, who will buy our wares..the chruch so called reads the bible backwards..becasue G-d said HE was not going to punish Israel any more and they will win all the last wars and G-d is calling them home to protect them..that is where the churches are wrong, using fake teachers who think they are right..they do not have the faith of the G-d of Abraham..and do not listen to Moses…in the end G-d tells us He will destroy Islam but we still have the nazi and the ten nations who will lead for just awhile..the only peace is to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, suport them, love them and stay in the the JEWS to get home. and follow Yeshua..we are not to fear but remember HE will fulfill prophecy and tells us not to worry about who can kill the body but who can kill the body and the soul. when all this really comes to pass and soon, this is no time to not heed HIS voice but to follow our L0rd in every way, it is the only way to escape the wrath coming down on the world, REV 3…. the chruch has forgotten that when we tell them of the gospel, do so three times and if they reject ti , from such turn away. and we see the churches mixing all religions together , dark with light in the name of unity, the one world church..instead of the Gospel of our L-rd which is the only power Shalom

  4. Hi Ed,

    You said: “ ‘The debtor is slave to the lender’. So there must be a bigger fish in the water.”

    There is. The international banking elites own the only non-bankrupt bank (World Bank Group) in the world–by design of the globalists who were left in control, after WWII. The U.S. has always had the largest portion of the voting shares and the U.S. President appoints the president of the World Bank Group, (who is always a U.S. citizen) for a five-year term. The term of the current president, Jim Yong Kim will expire in 2017–he may or may not be appointed again. Since the most recent reshuffling of voting shares (2010) the U.S. has 15.85% of the voting shares in the bank, followed by, Japan (6.84%), China (4.42%), Germany (4.00%), France (3.75%) and the United Kingdom (3.75%). This represents changes made in 2010. Under the 2010 changes, other countries that saw big gains included Brazil, India, South Korea and Mexico. The Russian voting shares remained the same. In theory, the rest of the world could “gang up” on the U.S. and out-vote it but highly unlikely as the U.S. government has veto power for stopping the World Bank from doing anything the U.S. does not like.

    The American Federal Reserve Bank is essentially bankrupt–(look at their balance sheet) as are most central banks in the world (even though, technically, they cannot go bankrupt). Since the current American banking system is in the process of “crashing,” the U.S. will be forced to go, hat in hand, for a bail-out from the World Bank Group, which is essentially, the only solvent bank left in the world from which nations can borrow. The globalists are happy about this turn of events because it means a less sovereign U.S. There is an old saying that, “In this world, the only ‘Golden Rule’ that has every operated long-term is that ‘Those who have the gold, rule’.”

    This loss of U.S. sovereignty will pave the way for a tighter confederation of nations under regional governors. There will, of course, be a desertion of the U.S. dollar in favor of a new international currency. Right now, there is something called “special drawing rights” which operate somewhat like an international currency. Ultimately, this system will be under the dominance of the Antichrist.

    But it will not operate for long as all the plans of evil men under their totally evil ruler, Antichrist, will be dashed when our Lord Jesus comes to rule and reign.

  5. I believe that America is the daughter of Babylon. Find the proof athat is well advised in the book “The End of America”. With the end of the shmitah coming and the harbingers that have been witnessed and last but not least, he final blood moon coming. Time willl tell what happens. God Bless!

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