FIFA crippled by corruption and Jewhate

Former FIFA vice President Jack Warner has earlier blamed Zionist Israel for a bribery scandal. He accepted bribes from Qatar.

Former FIFA Vice President jack Warner took bribes from Quatar, and blamed Zionism.
Former FIFA Vice President jack Warner took bribes from Quatar, and blamed Zionism.

Ex vice president of world soccer body Jack Warner, arrested as part of massive raid Wednesday, previously pointed finger at Israel after bribery scandal with Qatari official

Warner, was arrested in Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday on bribery charges as part of a massive bust of top soccer official.s Warned blamed “Zionism” for a bribery scandal which saw him forced from the world soccer body in 2011.

“I will talk about the racism that is within FIFA. I will talk about the levels of religious discrimination which I sought to correct. I will talk about the Zionism, which probably is the most important reason why this acrid attack on Bin Hammam and me was mounted,” Warner wrote at the time in a 1,400 word letter to the Trinidad Guardian.

Source: The Time of Israel

My comment:

I have earlier written articles about football becoming a new age religion. The global media use Biblical language when they cover matches. Some of the players are Messiah’s, others are devils.  When their hero’s score a goal, he takes his fans to the Heavens. A lost game is portrayed as a living hell.

Football has been turned into the most spectacular idolatry of our generation. Not only are the leaders corrupt. The money involved is the mother of all immorality.  A football player can earn more money by kicking a ball in 90 minutes, than a citizen can earn in a lifetime.

That Jew-hate in a fruit of this wickedness, can be understood by all.  The Muslim nations in the Gulf are the largest sponsors of football majors like Real Madrid and Arsenal. They will pay a hefty amount in US dollars to all FIFA-leaders who are willing get Israel suspended from FIFA. So the forces of Islam can get Israeli flags off their stadiums and TV-screens.

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

I pray that Jesus the Messiah, the Lion of Judah is willing to open the eyes of our youth. So they can understand that they have been royally deceived by the their parents, lovers of the World and lovers of money. Those who love the World are the enemies of God of the Bible.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Suddenly, New Age nonsense is showing up everywhere. It is just another preparation for the coming Antichrist. Satan wants humans to be “religious” but without following the Truth (he is the “father of lies” and he HATES the truth). Just as he deceived Eve, he will be the instrument of a Great Deception to fall over all humans who do not belong to our Messiah Jesus. But there are some, like Adam at the Fall, who know full well what is happening on the earth. They are cooperating fully with the implementation of Antichrist’s rule. They worship Satan as “Lucifer.” Many in the halls of power throughout the earth are his slaves. It is reported that the Vatican is full of such people and that it has been so for many years. But all areas of life are currently being invaded by his minions–government, business, mainline Protestant and evangelical churches and, of course, the entertainment industry in particular. Sport is just another form of entertainment and it has been targeted for a long time. They must find Christian athletes annoying.

  2. All sports are riddled with the corruption of the antichrist taint. James Haskell a rugby player is a supporter of the lgbt mafia. His girlfriend Chloe madely is an immodest harlot who flaunts her body every chance she gets. Haskells friend Paul doran jones was suspended from college for fornicating with another harlot and filmed it too! But getting back to football you have a convicted and unrepentant rapist Ched Evans allowed to walk the streets after serving a jail term that was too small in my opinion. And on top of that you have an alleged peadophile Adam Johnson who has been charged with having inappropriate relations with A 15 YEAR OLD GIRL!!! There are precious few genuine christian sportsmen and women and if one said they were christian you can bet your life savings they would be shunned by there heretic God denying peers! We truly are living in the endtimes were people are marrying and giving into marriage worshipping mammon commiting fornication and worshipping idols amongst other things. Only Jesus the Messiah and his testimony can save this corrupt and sinfull world.

    As ever shalom brothers and sisters.

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