Norwegian pastor Sten Sørensen wants to remove israel flag and Israeli songs from Christian meetings and assemblies.

Pastor Stian Sørensen  wants to remove everthing Israeli from churches in Norway.
Pastor Stian Sørensen wants to remove everthing Israeli from churches in Norway.

– There are better ways to communicate with young people, he says.

On May the 10th pastor Sten Sørensen lead 1,500 Norwegians in a support marking for Israel outside parliament in Oslo with hundreds of waving Israeli flags.

Now he warns against the use of Israeli flag and Israeli songs at Christian meetings.
– Remove all israel flag Norwegian meetings and assemblies. And one more thing: Drop israel songs, says Sørensen in a “firebrand” the magazine “Korsets Seier”.

– Her er det viktigere ting på spill. Vi gjør oss selv en bjørnetjeneste. Vi skaper en merkelig nestenjødisk kultur. Noen begynner faktisk å feire sabbaten og andre jødiske høytider. Vi er ikke jøder. Vi skal heller ikke prøve å være noen reservejøder. Menighetene må ikke bli halvsynagoger. Vi er nordmenn, og det var det Gud hadde tenkt. Vi skaper unødvendig avstand til unge kristne, muslimer og andre nordmenn.

– Important issues is at large. We are coming mistakes, and creates an sub-Jewish culture. Some even starts to celebrate the sabbath and other Jewish feats.  We are not Jews. And we must not try to become replacement-Jews.  The Church must not come a half-synagogue. We are Norwegians, and that is what God intended us to be. We are creating a not wanted distance to young Christians, Muslims and other Norwegians.

Source: The weekly of the Pentecostal Church of Norway.

My comment:

I wonder if Stian Sørensen include Messianic Jews as followers of the Messiah?

Do he desire to see them removing Israeli flags, and stop singing Israeli songs?

I wonder if pastor Stian Sørensen is aware that the Bible is a Jewish book?  That every line in this book is written for Jews by Jews?

When Pastors like Sørensen wants to please Muslims and not-Christian Norwegians, they should not only remove Israeli flags. They should also remove the Bible. Because all who hate Israeli flags, also hate the word of God.

To preach the gospel is to honor God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. The Son of God is a Jew. He is the restorer of the state of Israel. What took place in 1948, 1952, 1967 and 1973 are the best proof in our generation that there is a living God.  Jesus the Messiah defeated the ungodly Arabs. He is the rock of Israel, the king of the Jews.

So Pilate asked Jesus, “Are you the king of the Jews?” “You have said so,” Jesus replied.

An Arab Zionist pastor from Israel had the following message to all anti-Zionists who claim to know the Messiah.

“Replacement theology is not from God of the Bible”.

The copy-cat “Jesus” who demands the removal of Israeli flags, serves the kingdom of darkness. It is a disgrace that this man was presented as a Friend of Israel at a pro-Israel rally in Oslo. With friends like this, Israelis do not need enemies.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar