42.000 people were shot dead in Brazil in 2012, a former Fascist dictatorship with the Pope as their “Holy Father”.

Brazil is still a brutal Roman  Catholic nation, with a horrible Fascist past.
Brazil is still a brutal Roman Catholic nation, with a horrible Fascist past. The root of the problem is idolatry and paganizem.

A report on violence in Brazil says around 42,000 people were shot dead in 2012 – the highest figures for gun crime in 35 years.

The study, by the UN and the government on the most recent available data, said almost all the deaths were murders.

More than half of those killed were young men under the age of 30 – two-thirds were described as black.
The Brazilian Congress is debating a controversial bill that would limit access to firearms.
Gun crime murders have been dropping in the states of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo but rising in the north and northeast of the country.

The northern state of Alagoas is the most violent, with fifty-five gun deaths per hundred thousand inhabitants.

The report says a slow justice system and flawed police investigations as well as the widespread availability of firearms are to blame.

It says Brazil has become a society which tolerates guns to resolve “all sorts of disputes, in most cases for very banal and circumstantial reasons.”

A law to ban the carrying of guns in public and control illegal ownership came into effect in 2004.
It tightened rules on gun permits and create a national firearms register, with strict penalties for owning an unregistered gun.

Source: The BBC.

It is astonishing that 1 in 4000 Brazilians are killed by firearms  every year.

These tragic deaths are not covered by the Western media.

When 42.000 people are killed every year, it can be equalized with the mass murders in many Muslims nations in Arabia and North Africa.

The Muslims fight each others. We can see a similar kind of civil war in Roman Catholic Mexico. The idolatry among the pagans leads them into sin and death. In book of Revelation explains that when people face terrible pains, they would rather curse God than to repent from their idolatry.

Only inside the reformed Christian nations, there is still some kind of civilized order.  It has been like this since they embrace Jesus, alone, as the mediator between God and men.

While all Roman Catholic nations fell into the totalitarian forces of Fascism, the reformed Christian world stood its ground during World War II.  The nations in Latin America got a double doze of the Catholic evils. Portugal was fascist up to 1968, and Spain had fascist dictator Franco as their leader till 1974. The  last Fascists military dictatorships in Latin America fell in the 1990-ties.  Still the Roman Catholic Church is the largest landowner, and the oppressor of the people.  It is very difficult to get rid of Fascism and oppression.

Let us expose the idoltry of the Pope, and the curses he has placed on Brazil:

  Exodus 23:24
Do not bow down before their gods or worship them or follow their practices. You must demolish them and break their sacred stones to pieces.

When we see these pagans, do we recognize them?

The Pope kisses the
The Pope kisses the “Holy lady of Brazil”, a piece of stone. Paganizem exposed in the name of “Christ”.
The “Hail Mary” or the Lady of Aparecida of  Brazil is an old pagan witch, a sacred stone. The mother of Jesus is being defamed in the most horrible way.

Let us pray that the people in Latin America will stop listening to the Catholic clergy, who have cursed them. That all Brazilians will open their Bible, believe in what is written, and be set free by Jesus the Messiah. Amen.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar