The Catholic Church today doesn’t come from God’s word. It comes from that cult-like, pagan religion.

No Pope will be permitted to preach in First Baptist Church in Dallas as long as Pastor Jeff is the shepered.
No servant of the Pope will be permitted to preach in First Baptist Church in Dallas as long as Pastor Robert Jeffress  is the shepered.

These are the words of Pastor Robert Jeffress at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas. In 2011 Jeffress preached that Catholicism is a product of a “Babylonian mystery religion” that corrupted early Christianity.

The early church was corrupted by this Babylonian mystery religion and today the Roman Catholic Church is the result of that corruption.

Much of what you see in the Catholic Church today doesn’t come from God’s word. It comes from that cult-like, pagan religion …

Isn’t that the genius of Satan?

If you want to counterfeit a dollar bill, you don’t do it with purple paper and red ink. You’re not going to fool anybody with that. But if you want to counterfeit money, what you do is make it look closely related to the real thing as possible.

And that’s what Satan does with counterfeit religion. He uses, he steals, he appropriates all of the symbols of true biblical Christianity and he changes it just enough in order to cause people to miss eternal life.

The Dallas pastor has gone after religions other than Mormonism. On Sunday, he described Islam and Hinduism and Buddhism as “false religions.” In 2011 Jeffress for calling Mormonism a cult and saying that Mitt Romney is not a Christian.


My comment:

Not all leaders of mega churches are false Christians, and preachers of the counterfeit prosperity gospel. There are also leaders of large churches who still warn against the Pope as an antichrist in the flesh. Baptist leader Robert Jeffress is one of them.

 Psalm 119: 88-93

In your unfailing love preserve my life,
 that I may obey the statutes of your mouth. Your word, Lord, is eternal. it stands firm in the heavens.
 Your faithfulness continues through all generations. You established the earth, and it endures.
 Your laws endure to this day,
 for all things serve you.
If your law had not been my delight,
 I would have perished in my affliction.
 I will never forget your precepts,
 for by them you have preserved my life.

All true evangelical Christians will claim that the Bible alone is the highest authority in all matters related to the Christian faith. The Pope demands that all Christians shall accept the Roman Catholic dogmas as an equally valid source of authority.  Where there is a slight disagreement about matters of true faith, the Pope are elevated as the highest authority. The Pontiff simply claims to be infallible in his understanding of the scriptures.

The Pope has cancelled and set a side important parts of the word of God. Like God alone being “The Holy Father”. The Holy Spirit alone being the replacement of Jesus, the “Vicar of Christ”. The Pope rejects that no created being can be branded as sinless. The Bishop of Rome also demand that people shall pray to departed souls a grave sin according to the Bible.

Surely the Pope is the man of lawlessness and sin, found in several books of the Bible. Like the book of Daniel, the letters of the apostle Paul and the book of Revelation.

If you cant accept this truth, you are spiritual blindfolded. If you accept the Pope as a Christian leader,  you have listened to false teachers, and have been royally deceived. Repent, and flee from such servants of Satan.  Serve Jesus of the Bible alone. Obey, trust and rely on him, only. Amen.

Written by Ivar