” Anglo-Saxons’ would rip Europe apart after a Grexit”, says Juncker.

Jean-Claude Juncker see England and Greece as the ememies of the good old "Catholic Socialists workers" dream.
Jean-Claude Juncker see England and Greece as the ememies of the good old “Catholic Socialists workers” dream.

Commission president says Grexit exposes the euro to huge danger as capitalist forces would try to dismantle the EU “piece by piece”

The president of the European Commission has risked angering Britain after comments warning that the “Anglo-Saxon world” would seek to dismantle the European project if Greece was ever allowed to leave the single currency.

Speaking to an audience at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium, Jean-Claude Juncker said a “Grexit” would leave the euro prey to forces who “would do everything to try to decompose” what remained of the monetary union.

“Grexit is not an option,” said Mr Juncker.
“If we were to accept, if Greece were to accept, if others were to accept that Greece could leave the area of solidarity and prosperity that is the eurozone, we would put ourselves at risk because some, notably in the Anglo Saxon world, would try everything to deconstruct the euro area piece by piece, little by little.”

Source: The Telegraph. uk.

My comment:
Junker was an German aircraft manufacturer that was taken over by the Nazis in 1933.  Junkers aircraft were used to bomb London during the blitz in 1940.  In particular the Junker JU 87 Stuka dive bombers created havoc and terror over the sky’s of Britain.

The first bombers of the Junker's that managed to bomb London. A stuka.
The first bombers of the Junker’s that managed to bomb London. A stuka.

Another Junker is now the heads of the European Union.  The Catholic Junker from Luxembourg Socialist Workers party replaced a Roman Catholic from Spain as the head of the European Union.

Like in the days of the Nazi’s, both Greece and London are portrayed as the enemy.  Many Greeks have for a long time argued that the good old Nazis are back in power in Berlin and Brussels. Now the Britt’s have got a very challenging conformation.

Not all that have come out of London have been good. But in the days of Fascism in Europe, The United Kingdom was a place of refuge for all lovers of freedom and liberty. As we see the Fascists back in the corridors of power in Europe, we can only hope and pray that London again will refuse to participate and sit at the round tables of the evil doers.

Unfortunately, London will be among the 10 kingdoms, that will elevate the last and final antichrist to power.  The super king of lawlessness will be elevated, and the Europea Union will surley hail him.

Do no put your trust in any of the leaders of the world. Either they rule in Berlin or London. But put your trust in the Messiah. Soon we will see Yeshua coming in His glory.  Surrender to Him, and let Him be your King, God and savior. Amen.

Written by Ivar