Iranian war spill into Saudi Arabia

Three Saudi troops and “dozens” of Houthi rebels were killed as Saudi forces repelled a major attack on the town of Najran, Saudi officials say.

John Kerry and the US will be in deep trouble. If totalitarian Saudi Foreign Minister Saud bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud‬ fail to resist Iran.
John Kerry and the US will be in deep trouble. If totalitarian Saudi Foreign Minister Saud bin Faisal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud‬ fail to repell Iranian jihadists.

The rebels attacked near the town of Najran, reports say, in what would be their biggest assault on Saudi soil since a Saudi military campaign began.

A Saudi-led coalition has staged air strikes against rebels since late March in support of Yemen’s exiled president.

Meanwhile aid groups say a lack of fuel is threatening their operations there.

A statement by the Saudi Press Agency, SPA, said the overnight attack happened on its southern border.
Identifying the attackers as Shia Houthi rebels and groups allied to them, SPA said Saudi ground troops exchanged fire with them and called in air strikes.

The war in Yeman has spilled over into Saudi.
The war in Yeman has spilled over into Saudi.

The rebels – who control much of northern Yemen, including the capital Sanaa – have been fighting forces linked to the government for several months.

Saudi Arabia and other Arab states have been carrying out air strikes over the last month, with the declared aim of restoring exiled President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Earlier on Thursday, a Saudi border guard was killed by a mortar shell close to the border with Yemen in the south-west Saudi province of Jizan.  Seventeen Saudi troops have been killed in attacks by Yemeni rebels during the last five weeks.

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

With the Iranian backed islamic Jihad group Houthi able to launch attacks inside Saudi Arabia, the civil war within Islam has taken a serious turn. For the first time the Iranian Revolution of 1979, has managed to pose a threat to the Saudi Kingdom.

The Islamic state has also flagged ambitions of ruling from Mecca and Riyadh. So the situation in the Middle East is surely messy and apocalyptic.

The civil war within Islam will eventually end. The sunni’s and shia’s will unite, and fight the ultimate enemy. The zionist state of Israel.

How and when this civil war will end, is still a mystery. My best guess is the the last man of lawlessness will appear, and unite all ungodly human beings.  We might be very close to his appearance.  And the globe will hail him as the “prince of peace”. Only the true witnesses of Jesus the Messiah and Jewish Zionist settlers will oppose the following worldwide celebration, and claim it is built on deception and falsehood. Becasue the new “brotherhood of peace” will demand that Israel must sumbit to their rule and demands.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Mark Davidson wrote a book predicting exactly what is happening based on Daniel 7.

    He correctly and precisely predicted the fall of Iraq.

    Next he predicts, based on the Islamic Paradigm approach, that Iran WILL take over Iraq, Syria and Saudi Arabia. I add that Iran will get the nuke as prophecied in the Bible!

    WWIII will start as Shias versus Sunnies!

    The Pope will be nowhere to be seen.

    1. The pope is rarely seen, but which king/dictator that kisses his ring at the UN is going to give Iran the nuke? They could have shock and awed Iran at any time but they didn’t.

      You’d probably see the pope at the peace treaty signing. I think he was at the last one where they created the UN and said it would end wars and bring world peace. Peace peace where there is no peace, just the vultures getting fat on the corpses of war.

      1. Dear Ed Jones

        Shalom and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        Peace peace where there is no peace, just the vultures getting fat on the corpses of war.

        My comment:

        We are watching the downfall of the most successful military doctrine of the Post World War II area. The Amercian effort to keep all wars over seas, by playing on all sides of the table. The idea that when the many enemies of the USA fight and weakens each others using American weapons, we will see a double gain.

        1. Washington earns billions.

        2. The wars are kept away from Baltimore and Los Angeles.

        The American dream lives on. But soon we will see the spill over into the American homeland. That is the ultimate goal of the Jihadist’s who have found a dear friend in Obama.

    2. Dear Iliana123321

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The views of Mark Davidson is interesting stuff. The proptetic view that the Iranian Revolution will spead in the Middel East is obviously correct. Theran holds the fire botton on thousands of rockets, placed at the borders of Israel. Both in Lebanon and in Gaza.

      Iran has an embassy in the Vatican, and the Ayatollah regime has a strong supporter in the Pope. The Iranian revolution is also spreading to Europe. In Oslo the Shia Muslims are presented as “peace makers” by the Conservative PM, Erna Solberg. Truly a sign of the comming of the last and final antichrist.

      The Pope is “not seen” where he can get blood stains on his cloak. He is like “an angel of light”. He let others do the dirty work for him. Either the secret Catholic Order brothers, or the proxy Islamic terror groups who live in submission to Tehran.

      Ps. The PLO and the “Holy see” have a seat nect to each other in the United Nations. Both were invted to have a permanent seat. They did not even send an application.

  2. Mark Davidson predicted, based on Bible prophecy, that AFTER Iran takes over Saudi Arabia, (I claim after it nukes Saudi Arabia), then TURKEY will immediatedly attack, paralize and destroy Iran’s political system. That makes perfect sense because Turkey can not allow Iran to take over Syria, Iraq and Lebanon at will so close to Turkey’s borders, especially if Iran, as the obviously will, go after the Kurds in Iraq. ISIS will run and hide in Turkey, as the Kurds had successfully done for years, when Iran comes for them. Not that Turkey cares about ISIS but can not allow Iran to violate its territorial integrity. A nuclear Iran might get cocky with Turkey.

    However, I dear to say that maybe, just maybe, Iran might “join” forces with ISIS OR something will happen to the Shia religion that will become more like the ISIS version of Sunnis. That could explain the prophecied hatred that Shia will have toward Saudi Arabia that will make Iran willing to destroy the black stone in Mecca. ISIS already promised to destroy that “idol”!

    1. Dear Iliana123321

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      There are a lot of opinions about what will happen in Persia and the Middle East. The self-styled “Prophets” are many. On my way, I have heard a lot spoken in the name of “god” of the Bible:

      1. Iran will soon be a Christian nation.
      2. Kurdistan will soon rise as the new Assyria.
      3. Iran will be attacked and destroyed by Turkey.
      4. Saudi Arabia will be nuked by Iran.
      5. Israel is about to capture both Syria and Iraq.
      6. Israel will win the soon to take place, gog war.
      7. Islam as a religion will soon be gone.
      8. There will be a huge Christian revival across the globe.
      9. A New Ottoman Empire will emerge.

      Most of all these claimed prophecies contradict each other, and do create the complete mess in many congregations. People are lead astray by false propecies. People who listen to all these men, get confused and deceived.

      Only the prophetic books of the Bible gives the correct answers. So throw out all false prophets who add to the scriptures from your congregations, and let them not return.

      What is the truth?

      The Bible says ALL nations shall unite against Israel. And launch a military campaign to “liberate the holy land”. from the “occupying settlers”.

      The forces that works hard to create this union are many.

      1. Barack Hussein Obama
      3. John Kerry
      4. Tony Blair
      5. Jens Stoltenberg (NATO-boss)
      6. The Pope in Rome.
      7. The Ayatollah in Tehran.
      8. Ban Kee Moon, United Nations.
      9. The Communist Party of China.
      10. The Arab League.
      11. The United Nations.
      12. All nations that has a large majority of Roman Catholics.
      13. All jihadist organizations.
      14. All Muslim nations, less the Kingdom of Jordan.
      15. The European Union.
      16. The eccumenical movement, who claim we all serve the same “god”.
      17. Vladimir Putin

      There will be 10 kingdoms who will elevate one leader as the “Super king”, the last man of lawlessnes. If you include the Vatican Kingdom among these 10 kingdoms, the Pope is a suitable candidate for the top-post.

      It is a little bit funny, that the new Caliph of Ankara seems to dream about a new Ottoman Empire, and present him self as the leader of the flock. But the realities on the ground are grim. Turkey face the threat from the Islamic state, and will be convinced to follow suit in the present NATO-campaign.

      There will be some hick ups along the road. But this movement already walks in union westwards towards the Golan Heights.

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