Marian Pope chant prayers

Followers of both the Catholic and Islamic religions chant prayers. The Pope pray to the Son of Mary, honored in the Koran. 

The Marian Pope chant prayers to the
The Marian Pope chant prayers to the “Queen of Heaven”, holding on to his chanting chain.

Pope Francis will visit the Pontifical Shrine of the Blessed Virgin of the Rosary of Pompeii during his trip to the Italian region of Campania next year.

The visit will be the first stop during the Holy Father’s Apostolic trip to Naples on March 21st, 2015. Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe, the archbishop of Naples, first announced the Pope’s visit in September on the Feast of St. Januarius.

Source: Catholic News Agency Zenit.

The lady of the Rosary of Pompeei has a son who tell his followers to pray the rosary.
The Lady of the Rosary of Pompeei has a son who tell his followers to pray the rosary. The Catholics claim this queen is the mother of their “Christ”.
The Queen of Heaven, Babylonian Isis with her son, the incarnated Horus.
The Queen of Heaven, Babylonian Isis with her son, the incarnated Horus.
The Pope deeply into prayers towards Mecca, visiting a mosque in Istanbul.
The Pope deeply into prayers towards Mecca, visiting a mosque in Istanbul.

My comment:

It is interesting that the Pope’s future chants of the rosary to the Queen of Heaven of Pompeei, was announced by a Cardinal on the feast of “St. Januarius”.

The word  “Januarius” is the ancient latin name for a month that looks forward to the Future and Backward to the Past. The name (Ianuarius in Latin) is derived from the two-faced Roman god Janus.

There are a lot of two faced people around. Like in the Society of Jesus. These Roman Catholic Order brothers called Jesuits  claims to represent Jesus of the Bible. But they chant prayers to their paganized copy of their mother of “Christ”, the “Queen of Heaven”.  She is also presented as the mother of their Church.

Be aware than even Muslims consider “Mary” the greatest of all women. Furthermore, Muhammad is reported to have said that Mary reached the «level of perfection».

Here are some more pictures that expose the Catholic-Islamic nexus of chanting prayers:

The Roman catholic prayer chain, called a rosary.
The Roman catholic prayer chain, called a rosary.
Chanting prayer beads used by Muslims.
Chanting prayer beads used by Muslims.
A Muslim woman using a chanting chain when she prays towards Mecca.
A Muslim woman using a chanting chain when she prays towards Mecca.
On the Temple Mount in Jerusalem only Muslim chanting chains and the Koran is permitted.
On the Temple Mount in Jerusalem only Muslim chanting chains and the Koran is permitted.
The Pope never calls for Jewish or Christian prayers when he visits the Temple Mount to
The Pope never calls for Jewish or Christian prayers when he visits the Temple Mount to “honor god”.
This Muslim using a chanhing prayer chain will not bring him closer to God.
This Muslim using a chanting prayer chain will not bring him closer to God.

The Pope chant rosary to the claimed “Queen of Heaven”. Her son is branded in both Catholicism and Islam, as the “son of Mary”.  In both religions this deity is presented as the perfection. Just like the ancient queens of heaven, Semiramis and Isis, two babylonian deities.  They are also called by the pagans as “mother of god’s”.

Both Islam and Catholicism use chanting chains. In the Vatican system these chanting chains are called “rosaries”. Within Islam they are called prayer beads.

Both religion have deleted the Jewishness of the mother of Messiah. They do not acknowledge God of  the Hebrews, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel.

By chanting prayer to a paganized copy of a young Jewish lady, they do serve the same deity. But this deity is not God of the Bible, but the ancient serpent that deceived Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.  Since this first acts of deception and disobedience, Satan surely have managed to make many people serve him as their “Lord”.

Also Buddhist monks use chanting prayer chains.

Also the claimed diety of Buddha demands that his followers chant prayers.
Also the claimed diety of Buddha demands that his followers chant prayers.

All religions that do not acknowledge both the uniq deity and humanity of Jesus the Messiah, present to us a copy cat. The Bible calls such persons antichrists.

Jesus the Messiah was given flesh, by a young Jewish woman, a virgin. She was a decedent of Jewish King David. Her family three is of the blood line of the Jewish tribe of Judah. Acknowledging who the Messiah is, many Jews welcomed him shouting “The son of David”. 

Only the Messiah can save a human being from his sins. The Messiah will return as the Lion of Judah, the root of David:

 Revelation 5:5

Then one of the elders said to me, ‘Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed. He is able to open the scroll and its seven seals.’

All other “Christ’s” are mortal copycats. The True Messiah warned us to be on our guards against them.  The copycats will lead their followers towards the wide gates of destruction. Many of them with a chanting prayer chain in their hands.

Luke 21:8

He replied: ‘Watch out that you are not deceived. For many will come in my name, claiming, “I am he,” and, “The time is near.” Do not follow them.

The scriptures explain to us the family line, character, nature and uniqueness of the Messiah.

Are you one of the people who have been deceived to follow a copy cat?

Please listen.

First publihsed 1st of January 2015

Written by Ivar

27 thoughts on “Marian Pope chant prayers

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  1. Looking at the so called Queen of heaven, I see the name Isis..the Islamic religion is now showing the world how they are at their high of the tribes all joining to fight and kill all Jews, Christians and anyone that will not join and believe Islam is the true religion. I read a article on the History of Baal, Idol worship and see how all the evil is coming together just before Messiah comes. It is sureal, that so many now have joined in apostasy and are on the wide road to hell. Every day, we see the churches join and are blinded because they refuse the truth. even at times one can see the picture or statue of mary, with the cresent star beneath it, reading Timothy, if anyone teaches any other gospel but his one, from such turn away..and in much of the catholic books and teaching is show they too believe allah is the same god. but most of us know it is Islam that the catholic teaches our precious G-d was allah..It is heart breaking a we see this happening . most churches never taught how precious and loved the Jewish people are and how they gave us heathen the Messiah, scripture and how salvation came thru them from their prophets and they think they replaced Israel,,,,but we know that is not truth, as G-d blinded the Jews for us heathen so we would have the power to become sons of G-d. now the times of the gentiles are now closing and the only real revival that is going on is that G-d is opening the Jews eyes and they now know a lot of them is getting saved, even the muslims…many churches don’t care that much but if they read and understood Romans 9-10 and 11 and how they need to pray for Jews and help them get home so Yeshua can come back. I see the civil war is now really fast going here and it isn’t pretty and hearts are cold and it will continue like it never was and will be again. Black against black, white against white, black against black, ethnic against ethnic etc as violence spreads the world over. G-d sent Islam like locaust for sons of unite with darkness is what the churches are doing and when the gospel is where the power is , what does darkness have to do with lite. nothing!!!..we see prophecy being fulfilled so quickly all around the world and the wars and rumors of wars are heating up ..the power of prayer is the only way and to stay in the word as the HS leads into all truth, pray for the peace of Jerusalem so we won’t be confused as it is happening very quickly..we see FEAR growing and for us who are true believers is to know G-d told us fear not, I will be with you till the not fear who can kill the body but who can kill the body and the soul..I read how the diciples all dies and they kept on preahing and trusting the L-rd. one day we will meet them an dwhat a glad day when we see our G-d face to face..and peace forever more..Shalom

    1. Amen Ma’am!
      I only pray I have the backbone and confidence when my time has come! The martyrs of Christ have really been a blessing to study! Foxe’s book of Martyrs was an amazing read-i cried when i seen how horrible a human, a creation of God, could treat another.
      Praise God sister, the time is getting closer every day!

  2. As Ivar so properly pointed out, the papacy is run by Jesuits. Don’t know them? We need to! They are the evil creating chaos in this world. Much to study on them!

  3. Matt 6:7 And when you are praying, do not use meaningless repetition as the Gentiles do, for they suppose that they will be heard for their many words.


    1. Exactly Rommgirl. In the beginning God visited Adam and Eve like a friend and talked to them like normal people talk. So from Mark 6:7 is the Lord listens to people who make good sense to the Lord. Beads are of no use, perhaps even detrimental, like idolatry if God sees it as foolishness. As probably chanting and repeating things , as if you’re talking to the wall would be.

      The good thing about the scriptures is there we can see for ourselves that scriptures say repetition and babbling is of no use. Regardless of what any Pope or Rabbi might say to the contrary.

    2. Dear Rommgirl.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Do not use capital letters. On internet, this is like screaming.

    3. Dear Rommgirl

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      these Gods spring up what made Adam and Eve Jews was the clay he shaped them from Israel? No one answer this question. Can we say God was a Jew?

      My comment:

      If you do not read the Bible, but want to debate in a forum for Evangelical Christians and Messianic Jews, you will face problems. Who told you, Adam and Eve were Jews?

      If you are confused about God of Israel: Jesus the Messiah was Jewish. Do you feel He was not God?

  5. Is GOD not all,Acts 17;26,and he made from one man every nation of mankind.the lineage would have to be jewish.coming down to Noah etc,all jewish descent and then to Abraham again jewish,so i ask were adam /eve also jewish,and we are all descended from the first man/woman then we would all be from that branch,yet we are told we are gentiles,we can say DNA changes etc ,but that could not alter from just one genetic code ie adam/eves children to create such variation .We know God granted favour to the Jew because Abraham believed in him,but why didnt the first people believe in only one god why did the fist people live in ignorance of who created them yet they were punished by him they knew and then what,taught there descendents to worship other god’s and goddess…sorry for using capitals Ivar,i was half asleep it was 2 in the morn,the only time i had to myself

    1. Tough questions Rommgirl. We’re all of the human race. The bible makes the distinction between just Jew and Gentile and that covers everyone. Abraham was father of Isaac and Ishmael, but only the descendants of Isaac are Jews.
      Jews started to be Jews when God chose out a certain line of descendants for his purpose of redemption. That is the people who Christ the redeemer would come to us by. And the Jews kept the festivals by which we would know who he was. Palm Sunday for instance. Why do we celebrate Palm Sunday a week before Easter? When Jesus rode into Jerusalem the people threw palm leaves on the ground ahead of him. Why did those people have palm leaves? Because the Jewish festival of booths told them to have palm leaves on that day. Which is in October.

      Why so many false gods and false prophets. God put it in our minds the capacity to understand his plan of redemption. Other Gods and religions, fantasies and fictions spring up with many similarities from imaginations with flickering candles of truth but denying the source.

      Romans 2:15 shows that God has put knowledge of the truth in everybody, written in their hearts. But not necessarily the knowledge of where it comes from. 2 timothy 3:5 “having a form of Godliness but denying it’s power”.

      1. Dear Ed Jones

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You wrote:

        When Jesus rode into Jerusalem the people threw palm leaves on the ground ahead of him. Why did those people have palm leaves? Because the Jewish festival of booths told them to have palm leaves on that day. Which is in October.

        My reply:

        You are a false teacher, and seems to have no clue about the Jewish faith and the Bible. You are religious and you are living in darkness. When you guide Rommgirl, you will both fall into a pit.

        Jesus came to Jerusalem for passover. It has never been passover in October, during the fast of Tabernacles. What a joke.

      2. Hey, growing up with Santa claus and Easter bunnies my knowledge of the true feasts are shakey. But do the feasts require people to have Palm leaves for the passover? Maybe im on to something. I see that the feast of booths requires them. People don’t walk around with palm leaves for no reason, it must have been during one of the feasts that requires palm leaves.

      3. You’re right. It says they saw him coming and went and cut branches. I have erred.

        Matt 21:8 A very large crowd spread their cloaks on the road, while others cut branches from the trees and spread them on the road.

      4. Dear Ed Jones.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You are forgiven. I hold nothing against you. But please study the Bible, and read more about God appointed feasts. As gentile believers in the Messiah, we have a lot to learn from Messianic Jews.

      5. Whenever there was spiritual revivals and renewal in Israel, the restored celebration of the passover was central to it-after prayers or repentance, the King had ordered the idols and demon altars to be destroyed, the temple to be emptied of unholy and unconsecrated things, after he re established the covenant between God and the people, and restored the temple worship. Thousands of cattle sheep and goats were slaughtered, and the blood flowed. Yet even so the blood of bulls and goats was no more than an annual reminder of sin, it cannot take it away, as the blood of Jesus CAN do.
        This is why it is essential for a gospel preacher to preach the blood of Jesus as mans redemption

  6. Mary has come to me,she has said firmly to pray not with the rosary but with heart,She was crying and her heart was heavy,i felt the weight of the world on my shoulders.I asked Mary why do you cry, she told me ,i weep for humanity i fear it is to late you have gone to far you can not turn back and that God is at the end with us ,we will not learn,I asked what do you want of me,she said pray.This happened in early Aug 2001when i was not really religious or concerned about world matters such as the middle east,She has spoken to me only twice the other time was about my mother whem she asked why God would not take her,i told my mum why at first she was angry at me and said i was lying,when she did except what i said she found peace.When my mum died she had one tear roll down her face this is the tear of release,Ido believe that MARY is blessed of GOD and she is a messenger of his will.Mary has told me she comes in times of great catastrophe,to appeal to the heart of man,she is the comforter of mankind,not just catholics or muslim either

    1. Dear Rommgirl

      You wrote:

      Mary has come to me,she has said firmly to pray not with the rosary but with heart,She was crying and her heart was heavy…

      My comment:

      The religion of Marianism is from the pits of Hell. It is firmly demonic, and this falsehood must never be permitted to be proclaimed inside Evangelical Churches. There is a reason why Roman Catholic priests are not permitted at the pulpit in Protestant Churches. During the Reformation all the idols of the pagan Queen of Heaven was removed and burnt.

      1. I did not say in which way she came to me or how she presented to me,As i have said before i do not attend the catholic church or mass,but maybe i will because of you,you are far from a fisher of men

  7. Do you say i am lying,i will see you on the rim maybe IVARFJELD watch your tounge on what you deem as truth as to Mary,say what you wish about the papacy and priest,but do not fowl the blessed of GOD you cold dead hearted egotisical ass !!!!

    1. Dear ROMMGIRL

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      …but do not fowl the blessed of GOD you cold dead hearted egotisical ass !!!!

      My reply:

      I never said you are lying. I said you have been visited by a demon. A fake, who prentend to be the “mother of God”. The Queen of Heaven. Jewish ladies like Miriam do not return to people as “Catholic Mary”. We are called to leave the dead and departed alone.

      And that was the last comment from your signature, on News That Matters. Pleace go back to the RCC. You can spread your non-Biblical blaspehemy there. Birds of the same featers, flock together.

  8. maybe if it was a male such as Abraham or moses or any apostle that came with a message you would believe it,luther and his rebels even held MARY to be honoured but not praised,you can call on her in Jesus name.YOU imply that im demonic,she did not ask that we pray to her or saints ,she was chosen of GOD long before the conception,God had purpose for her not just to be the bearer of the fruit to the linage of David keep poking the hole your creating maybe you will fall in before me Ivarfjeld.maybe your butt kisses can throw a few amen’s after you chide and spam me,the father of the protestant reformation was a hater of the jews,a slap to the face of JESUS.A hypocrite who’s teachings many say were at the core of Nazi hatred in germany as many followed the Lutheran creed,i dont give a tinker’s cuss if a catholic priest is not permitted at the pulpit of a protestant chuch,that,s a condition and rule of man ,not GOD and catholic priest have there own pulpit’s and church’s to preach from.I do not in any way put her above JESUS/GOD. You are a one eyed zealot a religious bigot,

    1. Jesus taught and commanded us to be sure the light within us was not darkness.
      The being that papists call mary is spiritually very real-but she isnt Jesus’s mother and is definately not something that God wants His people to engage with.
      That is why catholicism is a deadly counterfeit, so near to, and yet so far from, the truth. And the thing with the lying deceiving spirit that drives romanism and one that thrives in the midst of Biblical illiteracy, is that in time, anyone oppressed by it becomes more and more obstinate, stubborn and self righteous, and less and less able to hear and respond to the truth. They go further and further into false hope and delusion, and try to take other people-by coercion when given the political opportunity-with them into final apostasy.

  9. LUKE;1;28 and he came to her greetings,o’ favored one the lord is with you.LUKE;1;30-33.JOHN;19;26-27,as i have said i do not follow papists,did not Abraham and all the disciples use dream and visions how do we know if it was from GOD and not demonic or the ravings of madness or even what was written has not been tainted by personal interpretation we dont JESUS preached orally,did these men of flesh remember word for word ,his word written some 20 yrs after JESUS death,

    1. Dear Rommgirl

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      By grace, I will reply to you a last time. Since you seems to desire to keep on writing comments on News That Natters.

      If Miriam the Mother of Jesus was saved by her Son, which I believe she was, she would honor the Word of God. She was a young Jewish virgin, who honored the law, by giving a sin offering in the temple.
      She would not appear like a ghost to anyone. Her Son will surely appear. Those who belive in Him, will worship, adore, reley on and Obey Him. And only Him.

      When we add to scriptures, we become lawless beings. “Catholic Mary” is such a lawless being. She appear, and people are led into communicating with her, a departed soul. To communicate with the dead is paganizm. There is only one mediator between man of God, and that is Jesus the Messiah. To call on, communicate with or reply to the dead, has absolutely nothing to do with Biblical Christianity.

      That is why praying “Hail Mary” is a sin that leads to judgment and eternal death in the fire of Hell. I love you enough to tell you the truth.

      Now, if you do not want to listen to this message. Pack up and leave. And do not return. Before I see a sign of repentance, you will be spammed.

      1. Ivar the ability of GOD is above mans and with him anything is possible,JESUS raised Lazarus through GOD did he not,John 11;17-46,he can do as he will,he sends angels as messengers,and i am able to discern if im engaging with demonic beings

      2. Ivar you are so very patient. Thank you for your blog and being a watchman on the wall for us. I wanted to add to your comments by saying that Mary is only mentioned in the new testament 20 times, all of those mentions of her are in the gospels and as far as I can discern the gospels are all about Jesus! Mary is mentioned once in Acts 1:14 about how they all continued in prayer as one with the women. Threre is another women mentioned in the Bible that people forget and her name is Jael, she was called “Blessed above women shall Jael the wife of Geber the Kenite be, blessed shall she be above women in the tent (Judges 5:24) read: Judges 4:17-22, 5:24-27. People like to add to scripture against what God warned about Revelation 22:18-19, Proverbs 30:6. They don’t believe God if they did they would have the fear of the Lord in obedience and for the great Love for Him and what He has done for us by sending His Son to die for the sins of the people! “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. A good understanding have all they that do his commandments. His praise endureth forever.” Psalm 111:10. Shalom!

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