During the day Knudsen was responsible for anti-terror defense in the Justice Department in Norway. In the nights he was a Templar in an old crusade order.

Øistein Knudsen jr will very likely know if Anders Behring Breivik had help from the inside of the Government.
Øistein Knudsen jr will very likely know if Anders Behring Breivik had help from the inside of the Government.

in 2013, Øistein Knudsen jr. was  appointed Director General of the department of crisis management and security in Ministry of Justice.

This makes him responsible for the so-called Crisis Support Unit, which will be the secretariat for Crisis Council: After the terrorist attack on 22 July strengthened the central government crisis management by establishing a civil situation center with the clock readiness.

That means they are responsible for managing the-minute work related to terrorist attacks against Norway, for example from religious fanatics.

In the private has Knudsen led St. Lazarus order – The Norwegian Lazaritterforeningen. This is a Norwegian / Nordic branch of the old Knights Templar The Military and Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem.

The purpose of the order shall be to maintain and defend the Christian faith, help sick and vulnerable and to promote and maintain the Christian and Western humanitarian principles.

Yesterday evening sent Knudsen an email with the message that he is resigning from the Order.

He points out that he after a family council has concluded as follows:
– I went into St Lazarus to contribute to Christian, humanitarian work, and there has been a clear requirement that the voluntary, private involvement should lay safeguard without coming into conflict with other time commitments. After an overall assessment, I have concluded that it is difficult to do this, and I have therefore informed the order management that I resign from all functions in St Lazarus Orden with effect from this date.

Source: Norwegian daily, VG.

My comment:

When the Norwegian templar Anders Behring Breivik blew up the Governmental complex in Oslo, some of us claimed this was an insider job. Breivik was not alone. The Temple knight must have had help from Order Brothers and sleeping neo-Nazi celles placed in the Norwegian Government.

Olemic Thommessen is the highest ranked Templar Knight in Norway.
Olemic Thommessen is the highest ranked Templar Knight in Norway.

There was some valid reasons behind such a claim. One of them was a video made by the Intelligence department of the Police in Norway. The video displayed the security flaws around the Prime Ministers office, and how a terrorists could blow up the whole building. This video was shown to the Prime Minster, now Secretary General of NATO, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg.

The present Secretary General of NATO took no action. Stolenberg exposed him self as completely incompetent. A few years later Breivik blew up the building, in a copy-cat act of what was displayed in the Police video.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist do understand, that someone had given Breivik a copy of the police video.

Now another Templar moll has been exposed inside the Ministry of Justice in Norway.

Will he be persecuted, tried in court and jailed? 

The chances for this is close to zero.  Because thousands of lawyers and judges in Norway are Templars. And the Norwegians at large have accepted that they are “Christian social workers”.  There will be no political move to expose this satanic system, Crusader’s Knights who execute secret “holy orders”. Only the top level of knight knows who is the head of this system, the Pope in Rome.

The one who does what is sinful is of the devil, because the devil has been sinning from the beginning. The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the devil’s work.

Why is it not possible for the Norwegians to expose and break up this system?

Because the present President of the Norwegian Parliament him self is one of the highest Templar knighted. The Templar knighs inside the Police, helped the Nazis to arrest the Jews in Oslo in 1942. The Templar knights still hold on the key possition in the Government of Norway.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on all deceived souls.