Russia equip Iran with missiles

Russia will supply Iran with the sophisticated S-300 air defence missile system.

Vladimir Putin support the Ayatollah regime with Russias most advanced weapons.
Vladimir Putin support the Ayatollah regime with Russias most advanced weapons.  Putin shakes hands with President Hassan Rouhani.

Delivery of the S-300 system was cancelled in 2010 after the UN imposed sanctions on Iran over its nuclear programme.

But the Russian president gave the go-ahead after Tehran struck a deal with world powers curbing nuclear activities in exchange for sanctions relief.

These missiles can shoot down Israei and US fighter jets.
These missiles can shoot down Israei and US fighter jets.

Despite the sanctions, Russia and Iran have remained close allies. The contract to deliver the system was heavily criticised by Israel and the US, who feared it could be used to protect Iranian nuclear sites.

When it was cancelled, Iran filed a lawsuit seeking billions of dollars in damages.

The Russian defence ministry said it was ready to supply the equipment “promptly”, an official there said, quoted by Interfax news agency.

Russia was one of six major world powers to reach an outline agreement with Iran over its nuclear programme.
The sides have set a 30 June deadline to reach a comprehensive deal. Tough negotiations lie ahead, in particular on how and when to lift sanctions.


My comment:

Moscow has decided to support he Ayatollah regime with some of Russia’s most advanced weapons.  The delivery of S 300 missiles will change the military balance between Iran and Israel in the favor of the Islamic republic.

Iran has placed its proxy Islamic terror-organizations like Hamas and Hizb”Allah on the borders of Israel, and can order hundreds of missiles to be fired into Israel.  With the Russian missile defense system in place, the Israeli Air Force will lose its capability of effectivly striking Iran.

For Israel, time is running out. If Jerusalem plans to launch a military strike on the Iranian nuclear weapons program, the fighter jets have be strike before the deliverance of the Russian missiles. Therefore: An Israeli military strike on Iran can come at any moment.

If Israel is permitted to strike Iran, China will act with hostility towards the West. The US economy will collapse.  Next: A massive wave of American Jew-hate will lead to the final exodus of five million American Jews. They will all have to make aliyah.

Let the Kingdom come. Let the will of Father God in Heaven be done. In the name of Jesus the Messiah. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Ah yes but read Ezekiel 39 and 39. Israel wins. Bless you Ivan love reading what you have to say.

  2. Obama had previously threatened to shoot down any Israeli planes should Netanyahu choose to bomb Iran. So I guess Iran had the protection of both Russia and US. These events prove that Israel cannot put her trust in any nation. As in the past, if she put her trust in any powerful nation, she will be betrayed. EU will next promise NATO protection, only if Israel withdraw to pre 1967 borders.May Israel look to Yeshua as their only security and only salvation.

    1. Dear Tommy

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      You are right. Both USA, China and Russia sides with Iran. The US needs help from Iran to secure the Oil fields in Northern Iraq. Several billions of dollars of US Investments are at risk. China gets 30 per cent of its crud oil from Iran. And Russia desire to have Iran as major trading partner, and millitary ally against NATO.

      Israel is basically in a desperate situation. Stricking Iran will create a major war, and brand Israel as THE nation that works against the global struggle for “peace”. Not striking Iran, means a hostile nuclear power will emerge in the East. A tactical nuclear bomb can easily be transported into Lebanon, and triggered from Israels northers border. The second Holocaust seems not stoppable.

      Netanyahu desire to strike Iran. He can not do this without support of the large majority of Israelis. Therefore a unity govenment with the “Zionist union” is more than likely. The settlers party, with Naftali Bennett is likely to be left on the outside.

      At the end of the day, there might not be a strike on Iran. And Israel will surrender to the “false peace” plan. This “peace deal” will be broken, and the battle for Israels destruction will continue. Till we see the “kings” standing on the field of Armageddon.

  3. Putin,the fox,does this for such a power play,he thinks this serves what purpose to stop Islamic extremist BULLDUST its arming them,easing sanctions should not include allowing any weapon/warfare equipment to be released to hostile states such as Iran,money means more to the GODLESS,There empty deals are dust on the wind

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