Kissing an gold idol on the ring of the Pope

They kiss the «Ring of the Fisherman». It has an image of the Apostle Peter, and the Pope claims to be his successor.

Prince Fra Andrew Bertie is the Grand Master of the Order of Malta.
Prince Fra Andrew Bertie was the British Grand Master of the Order of Malta. A Freemason with the Pope as His head.

The Vatican faithful claims not to be worshipers of idols. They say they just «venerate» them. Its simply not true. Many Catholics acknowledge that its wrong to bow down to statues in their Churches, wrong to kiss their idols. I agree with them

Hugo Chavez is a socialist. For the Pope it does not matter, as long as he bows down and kisses the iol
Hugo Chavez is a socialist. For the Pope it does not matter, as long as he bows down and kisses the idol

But few Catholics knows that the Pope himself forces his faithful to bow down, and kiss an idol. Many think, that when Kings and Prime Ministers bow down, they kiss the hand of the Pope, as some kind of sign of respect of the pontiff.

But what they all do, is to bow down and kiss the gold ring, that the Pope has on his fourth finger. The «Ring of the fisherman».

A Muslim and a former terrorist.  It does not matter for the Pope, since he do want to bow down and kiss the idol
A Muslim and a former terrorist. It doesn’t matter for the Pope, since he wants to bow down and kiss the idol.

This ring is an idol of what the Vatican claims to be an image of the Apostles Peter, sitting in a boat. The ring also has the imprint of the name of the present Pope. When you bow down to kiss this gold ring, you break the Second Commandment and you accept and submit to the Apostolic succession of the popes in Rome.

Exodus 20:4-6

“You shall not make for yourself an idol in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the LORD your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me.

(end of scripture)

Even a ten year old boy can read and understand his Bible verse. No man shall make idols and images like this, neither should we bows down to them and kiss them. If this is not idol worship, than nothing is.

A joke with a deeper meaning

When a king bows down and kisses the Fisherman’s Ring on the finger of the Pope, he bows down to the same anti-Biblical Spiritual force that controls the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The only difference, is that the Iranian president kisses the hand of his Ayatollah.

Also President Ahmadinejad is in the «kissing business». His idol is the Ayatollah.
Also President Ahmadinejad is in the «kissing business». His idol is the Ayatollah.

When you read this, you might start to understand why Rome and Islam have struck a peace deal, and indulge in «interfaith dialogues», to promote the coming false World peace. They serve the same «god», who can never be my God. The God of the Bible.

The cirle of Idol worship is completed. The Pope kissing the Koran.
The circle of Idol worship is completed. The Pope kissing the Koran.

More about the ring of the Fisherman: First from the Catholic Encyclopedia:

The Ring of the Fisherman

The Pope has this idol of gold around his finger
The Pope has this idol of gold around his finger

The earliest mention of the Fisherman’s ring worn by the popes is in a letter of Clement IV written in 1265 to his nephew, Peter Grossi. The writer states that popes were then accustomed to seal their private letters with “the seal of the Fisherman”, whereas public documents, he adds, were distinguished by the leaden “bulls” attached (see BULLS AND BRIEFS). From the fifteenth century, however, the Fisherman’s ring has been used to seal the class of papal official documents known as Briefs. The Fisherman’s ring is placed, by the cardinal camerlengo on the finger of a newly elected pope. It is made of gold, with a representation of St. Peter in a boat, fishing, and the name of the reigning pope around it.

Source: Catholic Encyclopedia

Kissing the Pope’s Ring

Kissing the Ring of the Fisherman, or the Pescatorio in Italian, is a Roman Catholic tradition that has been passed down for centuries. [27] Each newly ordained Pope is given a gold ring with his name in raised lettering and the image of St. Peter in a fishing boat.[28] The Pope is believed to be the spiritual inheritor of the apostle Peter, who was known as one of the “fishers of men” (Mark 1:17). Originally the ring was used to seal documents, historically called papal briefs. However, this custom ended in 1842 when the wax seal was replaced by a stamp. Today, followers of the Catholic faith pay respect to the reining Pope by kneeling before him and kissing his ring.


First published: 19th of June, 2009.

Written by Ivar

29 thoughts on “Kissing an gold idol on the ring of the Pope

  1. The last line in your blog is the key. You say that Catholics kiss the Pope’s ring out of respect. Kissing the ring does not mean idol worship at all. It is a tradition for showing respect to authority. However, the Pope kissing the koran is disgusting.

  2. Dear Ozzy.

    You might be of that opinion. But the Word of God can hardly be misunderstood. Only if you want to twist the Word, or cant face the consequences of this kind of global systematic sins.

  3. Ivar, I wish you would stop clouding the Catholic faith with your own (mis)interpretations and pre-conceived notions. Exodus tells us not to form idols. An idol is something to be worshipped. A statue, picture, painting is not the person themself (as was the calf in Exodus). Has no power, and we know that. Catholics do not worship the pope’s ring, the man himself, any statue, or the Blessed Virgin Mary. We honor the pope (not his ring), we honor the saints who went before us, and we honor the Blessed Virgin Mary because she is the mother of God. We know that all of them-popes, saints, and the Blessed Virgin, were gifts from God himself.

  4. Dear David.

    Good to have you back on this site.

    Catholics do worship their pope. New Bishops have to lay down flat on the floor, with their nose to the ground, when they are ordained by him.

    Bowing down and Kissing a gold ring with an image of an Apostle, is a grave sin against the living God of the Bible. Expressed in Exo 20:4-5. God demands to be worshiped in Spirit and truth. He hates worship of images and idols.

    I have only one thing to tell them: Repent, you wicked men. Or perish.

    1. If you’re going to criticize the faith, learn it, Ivar. Catholics know that there is only one worthy of worship. All priests do this when they consecrate themselves to God. That’s who their vows are to.

      By your logic about bowing down and kissing something, I guess I cannot kiss my wife, then, eh? By your logic, I’m worshipping her.

      Exodus 20 does not say that we can’t have images. Moses created a statue. In fact, 5 books later, God commands the creation of the ark of the covenant. There were all sorts of examples of creating images to aid in the worship of God.

      What Exodus 20 does say is that we are not to worship the objects themselves.

      We do not worship the pope. We listen to him as the teacher par excellance of the faith.

  5. Ivar,

    Your mistaken the ring is broken when each pope dies. If it was an idol it wouldn’t be broken. It’s representative of the office of the papacy along with the papal seals for official documents. They are all broken when he dies.

    It’s absurd to support a charature of 17th cnetury reformation, but your entitled to your falsehoods.

  6. Dear David and Mr. Quick

    You live in error because you do not know the scripture, neither the Power of God. You have your own opinions, and put your trust in mortal men and your human wisdom.

    To the rather opposite of what Mr. Quick wrote, God command`s us to brake all idols into pieces, or spend the eternity in Hell.

    That includes the idol that Moses made, the bronze snake:

    Numbers 21:9
    So Moses made a bronze snake and put it up on a pole. Then when anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake, he lived.

    2. Kings 18:4
    He removed the high places, smashed the sacred stones and cut down the Asherah poles. He broke into pieces the bronze snake Moses had made, for up to that time the Israelites had been burning incense to it.

    Take a deeper look into your hearts, gentlemen. Why did God command this King to break this idol?

    Simply, because the Israelites had started to «burn incense to it». Noah did not start to worship the ark. Neither shall you start to worship your wife, burning incense in front of her. To burn incense in front of an idol, it be a snake, your wife or a statues of a saint, is and will forever be satanic idol worship.

    Who burn incense to their idols, in their mass? A Catholic priest who does not repent will perish. Not because I have said so, but because God of the Bible hates what he is doing.

  7. Dear Mr. Quick.

    And bay the way:

    Do you kiss your wifes gold rings when you get up in the morning?

    If so, you live in a very strange marriage.

  8. Well I can’t speak for the other Catholic’s but I wish my local church would bring back incense.

    Sorry but historically your take (which was condemned by the church in the 9th century as Iconoclasm)on scripture comes not from Christianity, but from Islam.

    I like St. John Damascus venerate the creator of matter, not the matter itself.

    We worship the Incarnate Christ, not an invisible Christ because He came in Flesh.

    Finally idols depict individuals that never existed in reality. Icons on the other hand depict people that really existed and proclaimed Christ as Lord and savior of all creation.

  9. Dear Quick.

    Again your guessing, and using your own human wisdom.

    Why dont you quote the Word of God?

    You wrote:

    Finally idols depict individuals that never existed in reality.

    My reply:

    Deuteronomy 4: 15-17

    You saw no form of any kind the day the LORD spoke to you at Horeb out of the fire. Therefore watch yourselves very carefully, so that you do not become corrupt and make for yourselves an idol, an image of any shape, whether formed like a man or a woman, or like any animal on earth or any bird that flies in the air.

    (end of scripture).

    The Catholic men and women claimed to be saints are idols of men and woman. The Word of God brand the Catholic Church as corrupt. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less.

  10. “Why don’t you quote the Word of God?’

    All your doing is using the methods of Satan himself when he quoted scripture Matthew 4:5-6 using Psalm 91:11-12. Cutting and pasting the word of God does not make ones position correct except for making and accurate quote.

    The primary word in the Hebrew for worship and bowing is described in Strong’s concordance as:

    shachah, shaw-khaw’; a prim. root; to depress, i.e. prostrate (espec. reflex. in homage to royalty or God):—bow (self) down, crouch, fall down (flat), humbly beseech, do (make) obeisance, do reverence, make to stoop, worship.

    “Bowing” in context that would not suggest a worshiping attitude. It suggests a respect or recognition of another person’s authority. Scripture is replete with examples IF YOU would like to read them. Gen 27:29; 33:3-7; 37:10; 41:43; 42:6; 43:26; 47:31; 48:12; 49:8; Ruth 2:10; 1 Sam 20:41; 24:8; 25:23, 41; 28:14; 2 Sam 9:8; 14:22, 33; 18:21; 24:20; 1 Kings 1:15, 23 (obeisance), 31(reverence), 47, 53; 2:19; 2 Kings 2:15; 4:37; 1 Chr 21:21; Est 3:2 (reverence); Isa 60:14).

    “shachah” used as bowing to an idol to serve it, thus being in submission to it; that is not permitted.

    When David bowed before Jonathan he was not worshiping him.

    As far as kissing goes tt is used by Paul on four different occasions when he tells those he writes to give the brethren a holy kiss (Rom 16:16; 1 Cor 16:20; 2 Cor 13:12; 1 Th 5:26) as well as Peter suggest the same thing in his epistle (1 Pet 5:14).

    I hope that your attitude is simply that you are a victim of being raised in a western culture that does not bow or kiss their national leaders in office. Hence as a protestant there isn’t any frame of reference for bowing outside of the the context of worshiping God. I am sure God will forgive you for that in context, but your continued false claims of idolatry remains unchanged then there is no room for grace in your heart to heal.

  11. Dear Quick.

    I am happy that you now are quoting scriptures.

    But why use 47 of them, to explain a verse from the Bible that is so simple, that even a child is able to understand?

    You shall not make….The Word «Make» do mean the same in Hebrew and in Western Cultures. Regardless of our cultural settings of bowing or kissing.

    The Jews of Ancient Israel understood this. They broke into pieces all kinds of idols, in the likeness of men or women. Just read your Catholic Bible. The two Temples in Jerusalem were idol free zones.

    Rome is full of idols.

  12. “Rome is full of idols”

    Sure I agree all cities are, but not in Catholic church’s.

    I’ll stand by the what I’ve posted on scripture to refute your position on idolatry.

    Hopefully you will open up to the grace of the Holy Spirit on this issue.

  13. Dear brother.

    I pray that the Holy Spirit will set you free from all kinds of idol worship as the Bible command, force you to surrender and obey the scriptures as the Word of God is written.

    May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob come and reign in your heart. He gave His Son Jesus of Nazareth as a ransom for your sins. By His blood you have a chance to be grafted into the roots of our Jewish faith. Amen.

  14. I totally agree with you. The Idolatry of the pope is anti-Christian.

    I thank you for revealing this knowledge to me.

    1. Thanks Mortimer. I need feedbacks like these. Keep on spreading the good news. Love and grace, in Spirit and truth.

  15. You would be right, Mortimer, if the pope were made an idol. He’s not. If some people think he’s an idol, then that’s their problem, and they will pay for it. The pope does not make himself an idol.

    Ivar, if the Israelites began to worship the snake, then they considered it an idol, and yes, the Lord made them break it. But we do not worship (at least proper Catholics) the pope, the Blessed Virgin, the statuary, or anything else. We worship God. I understand that some people don’t understand their faith and worship some of these things, but that’s not what the Church teaches or expects. Kissing the ring is not worship. Kissing the Koran is not worship. We give the kiss of peace during MAss, that’s not worship either. Only God is worthy of worship and every decently catechised Catholic knows it.

  16. Dear David.

    You have the right to have your opinion. And this blog is available for you.

    It is not important what I say, or what kind of advice your might follow. The Word of God shall be your authority. By the Word of God you will be judged, either you believe it or not.

    Please repent and start a fresh. Get Rome out of your blood, and give your life to the Jewish Messiah. Read the Bible, and do what God loves. Stop doing what He hates.

    1. Ivar, it’s not my opinion. I belong to the church Jesus Christ founded. Regarding my belief in God, I don’t follow somebody’s advice. I follow what I know to be true.

      The main reason I come here is because you misrepresent something about the Catholic faith. I cannot let you misrepresent Christ’s church.

  17. Dear David.

    You wrote:

    I follow what I know to be true.

    My comment:

    I wish you had said: I follow the Word of God.

    1. What I know to be true = the Word of God. The Bible, and the writings of the early Church Fathers. And the teaching of the Magisterium. That’s the complete word of God. Even the Bible says it’s not complete.

  18. Ivar, Shalom. I am following this debate closely and agree with David and Quick. Catholics do not worship the Pope, they respect him as their spiritual head. Clearly you are ignorant of such practices as ordination. You are going overboard and getting paranoid with your obsession about Catholics. I myself have reservations about some catholic doctrines based on pagan practices but will not comment blindly on things that I have not enough information.

  19. Dear David, Ozzy and Mr. Quick

    After almost 25 interesting comments, As the moderator of this site, and the Editor in Chief, I hereby close the debate on this topic.

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