A camp of 160.000 “Palestinian refugees” has been reduced to 17.000 Arabs in Damascus.

Hundred of thousands of Arabs have been made by United Nations into "Palestinian refugees".
The United Nations has made hundred of thousands of Arabs into “Palestinian refugees”. These decived souls are deadlocked in a camp in Damascus in Syria.

A Palestinian official said on Thursday he supported a Syrian army offensive to regain control of the war-battered Yarmouk camp on the outskirts of Damascus that has fallen into the hands of Daesh.

The radical Islamist group, which rules swathes of Syria and Iraq, seized almost all of Yarmouk in recent days, brushing aside local militia opposed to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

“They have tried to used the camp as a launching pad to expand their scope of clashes and their terror activities inside and outside the camp,” said Ahmad Majdalani, a minister in the Western-backed Palestinian Authority who was sent to Damascus by the PLO leadership to discuss the crisis with the government.

Majdalani said the Syrian army alongside local Palestinian groups had had some success in pushing back Daesh militants and had so far secured 35 per cent of the camp.

The sprawling Yarmouk was home to some 160,000 Palestinians before the Syrian conflict began in 2011 — refugees from the 1948 war of Israel’s creation, and their descendents. Majdalani said there were just 17,500 residents left, with around 2,000 evacuated since the latest round of fighting.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which monitors the conflict from Britain, earlier said that Daesh controlled 90 per cent of the camp after defeating fighters mainly from Aknaf Beit Al Maqdis — a Syrian and Palestinian militia opposed to Assad.

Daesh, the most powerful insurgent group in Syria, is now only a few kilometres from Assad’s seat of power.
The Palestinian official echoed the Syrian government line that only way to rid the camp of the ultra radical militants was through force.

Source: Jordan Times

My comment:

One of the gross lies of the United Nations is the explanation behind the “Palestinian” refugee problem.  Hundreds of thousands of Arabs have been denied citizenship, and kept as a political tool in the defamation campaign against the state of Israel.

In 1948, some tens of thousand of Arabs fled their villages inside Israel. They were promised a swift return by the Arab leaders after a quick defeat of the “Zionists”.  Unfortunately for the Arabs, they lost the war. And all the wars thereafter.  But in steed of accepting the defeat, and assimilate these Arabs into nations like Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, they have remained stateless.

When the UN started to brand them as “Palestinian refugees” their numbers quickly increased.  LIke in Damascus.  When someone offer Arabs money for free, they do not mind being called “Palestinians”.

The Islamic state seems to have punctured this UN made bubble.  Of the 160.000 claimed “Palestinians” only about 10 percent of them are left.  Lets hope that the Syrian government will give them both protection and citizenship, and end this tragic “refugee” farce.  May Jesus the Messiah show mercy to all this deceived souls, and end their hostility towards the state of Israel. Amen.

Written by Ivar