Ex-CIA chief compares Iran to Nazis

‘Given the fanaticism of Iran’s leaders, I don’t think we can do a deal with them. They’ll cheat,’ says James Woolsey.

Former CIA-boss James Woolsey correctly bell the Iranian regime as a neo=Nazi regime.
Former CIA-boss James Woolsey correctly bell the Iranian regime as a neo=Nazi regime.

Iran is trying to expand its empire much like Hitler’s Germany before World War II, former CIA Director James Woolsey tells MSNBC on Monday, citing the Islamic Republic’s moves to extend its influence in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen.

“They are doing it on a highly ideological basis. They never cease chanting ‘Death to Israel’ and ‘Death to the United States,’” Woolsey tells the American news network. “They are an imperial power and trying to become more of an imperial power.”

Woolsey calls for a halt in the P5+1 nuclear talks with Iran, which are led by US Secretary of State John Kerry: “Given Iran’s aggressiveness and the fanaticism of its leaders, I don’t think we can do a reasonable deal with them. They’ll cheat.”

Negotiators from six world powers and Iran convened in Switzerland Monday morning, as they scrambled to reach a high-stakes deal before a Tuesday deadline.

Source: The Times of Israel

My comment:

That a former CIA-chief is warning against Iran is no surprise. The CIA knows what has been said in the inner rooms of the circles around the Ayatollah.

The world views of the priests in Tehran is similar to the world views of Hitler. To achieve peace in the World, there has to be found a “final solution” to the Jewish problem. Iran will have no problems with those who wants to massacre all Jews in a second Holocaust.

The same betrayal as Europe experienced in 1938, is unfolding today in Geneva in 2015. Neville Chamberlain branded Hitler as a suitable “peace partner”. Likewise the click around Obama is portraying Iran as a “peace partner”.

The Grand Mufti of Jeruslaem was a Nazi, who hoped Hitler would “liberate” Jerusalem.

The leaders in Beijing, Paris and London has various motives for signing a “peace agreement” with the Ayatollah. Non of them are noble. Chamberlain thought that by sacrificing Czechoslovakia, United Kingdom could be saved from the onslaught of the Nazis. Likewise Cameron and Obama seems to think that  by sacrificing  Israel, the Islamic revolution will not come to London and Washington D.C.

  Luke 21:23
How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.

Jesus the Messiah spoke about the betrayal of Zion, as the World approach His second coming.  The Messiah spoke about distress unequal to what the World has seen before. And believe me. When we study the barbarism and horrible acts of earlier despots, we must be ready for the mother of all horrors. Behold: Those who believe in Jesus has nothing to fear. Our sins are forgiven, and the penalty we deserve has been paid by Him. Praise Him, honor Him, and do the will of the Father.
Written by Ivar

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  1. And just this evening we hear that Iran has thrown a monkey wrench into the deal by now refusing to send their enriched uranium back to Russia (which was always a non-negotiable). Surprise, surprise!

  2. Actually, no one in the Middle East can be trusted except Israel. Islam says that it is quite alright to commit lying treachery with those considered to be enemies–why would we ever trust them when they have shown by their rhetoric that they are our enemies.

  3. I say, all the weapons formed against HIS Chosen will be used on them. Israel has what it takes and Almighty G-d which is ALL POWER..watch them win and let the gentiles wish they had never tried to hurt the JEWS..and all the things happening is all in scripture and so we should not be suprised. the rapture is so near, Damascus will be hot rubble and Northern Jordon will be gone, a place for the Jews to go to Petra. there will be double punishment for all the nations who hurt Israel..America is in truoble ..to bad they were so blind to let this ilegal muslim and his muslim brotherhood as his administration to take over and while most of the church sleeps and unites with all religions in unity. how blind as the blind leads the blind and now Pope frances says he will be killed soon or die. and the next sec of the VATCAN has the next place and will rule and he is Peter the Roman..G-d said things would move quickly being fulfilled..stay in the word, really read it ..and pray without ceasing. and HE WILL be with us to the end. dont worry about who can kill your body , but worry about who can kill your body and your soul. all these nations for years the size now of Israel, they are afraid..Israel has tried to be peaceful but they don’t want peace..so now they wiil get all Bibi, G-d Right hand to deal with them..the times of the gentiles was over 1048 to 1967..In the meantime, give all you got to help the Jews and they are our future family and even now..we owe them a debt.. they gave us every thing to be saved. Messiah , apostles and scritpure. and Salvation came thru the Jews.. this world means nothing to me but to obey G-d and do all I can for Israel…how can anyone not love them..Love, blessing and shalom.. Obama as you know gave all Israel secrets to the world..they stand alone..but will win..America will fall..sooner than later and very quickly..

  4. But everybody knows the white man will lie and cheat. Who can ya trust? This has me wondering if, when the bible says “There will be wars and rumors of wars”, is exactly what’s going on today. In reality there are wars (plenty of wars) but very little reporting on wars, barely a rumor. Since governments control the media as in Nazi Germany…

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