Did Jesus die on the Cross within the month of March, or in April? The Pope has decided that the Moon will decide the correct day.

Every dog has its day. Also those who let the Moon decides when and what shall be worshiped.

Have you ever been puzzled by why man changes the dates of when man shall mark the day Jesus died on the cross?

The truth is that the Church Council in Nicea in 325 A.D decided that the Church should follow the pagan lunar calendar.

The Church made the Jewish passover into “Easter”, which is basically a pagan holiday to honor the goddess of fertility Ishtar.

“Easter eggs” or more correctly “Ishtar eggs” has absolutely nothing to do with faith in the Messiah.

The Bible follows the Jewish calendar, with a different lunar code than the one used by the Vatican. That is why the Jewish festival of Passover does not take place during “Easter”, but might do so once in a while.

The Jewish calendar has a shortfall of 11 days, compared to a solar year.  So Jewish festivals also rotate in a confusing manner. All Jews who tries to pin point the exact day of Biblical events do have a solid problem. Because the moon it self has irregular orbits.

Jesus knew that man have made a mess out of the measuring of time. The Messiah plainly told us that in an eternal perspective, special attention to the exact correct time of any event, only produce speculations around religious rituals. Like the foolish calculations of the day of His second coming.

Jesus has fulfilled the Law. He is the only justification we have. We are saved by mercy and grace alone, and can not gain, win or purchase any justification by obeying any Law, or observance of any calendar event.

Please let every day be a “Jesus day”, where you obey Him.

First published March 26, 2011.

Written by Ivar