Arab league ready to fight Iranian terrorism

The heads of Arab League countries meeting in Egypt have agreed to create a joint Arab military force.

The military dictators in the Arab World will make a miilitary force to fight Iran.
The military dictators in the Arab World will make a miilitary force to fight Iran.

The League has been meeting in Sharm el-Sheikh amid a crisis in Yemen and the threat of jihadists who have made major gains in Iraq, Syria and Libya.

However, establishing the make-up and remit of the force could take months, analysts say.A 10-nation, Saudi-led coalition is currently carrying out air strikes against rebels in Yemen.

The strikes are in support of President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi, who fled after gains by the Shia Houthi rebels.
Correspondents have described the conflict as a proxy war between Sunni Arab nations and Shia Iran.

Saudi Arabia says the Houthis are backed by regional rival Iran – something the rebels deny.
Mr Hadi on Saturday accused Tehran of destabilising the country, calling the Houthis the “stooges of Iran”.
The Houthis have said their aim is to replace Mr Hadi’s government, which they accuse of being corrupt.

Source: The BBC

My comment:

Since 1979 the Ayatollah regime in Iran has tried to ignite an Islamic revolution in various capitals in the Arab World.  The shiite’s believe that the Sunni Muslims must accept the supremacy of the Ayatollah of Iran, as the correct successor of Muhammad.

The US willigness to permit Iran to develop nuclear weapons is deeeply disturbing to the Arab World.
The US willigness to permit Iran to develop nuclear weapons is deeeply disturbing to the Arab World.

Iran is a larger threat to the free World than the Islamic state (ISIL). While ISIL has some military powers available on the ground, these Islamic terrorists do not control an air force, and  do not have ballistic missiles. The Islamic leaders of Iran has a full fledge terror nation at their disposal. And Iran do control several proxy-regimes in the Middle East. Like Beirut, Damascus, Bagdad and latest Sannah in Yemen. The ultimate goal of Iran is to make the world live in submission to Islam, with Tehran as the center of a new caliphate.

Saudi Arabia has eventually woke up to understand the dangers of the Obama administrations double play.  Barack Hussein Obama do not mind Iran expanding its domain into the Sunni World. Like a possible Shiite takeover of large parts of Iraq and Syria. When USA play on both sides of the table,  America will be able to keep the Islamic wars overseas. Only when the Islamic civil war exhaust all the Muslim nations, the two major sects of Islam will be read to enter into a “peace agreement”. And the will unite to fight the portrayed major enemy of mankind, Zionist Israel and all her supporters.


 Mark 13:19
because those will be days of distress unequaled from the beginning, when God created the world, until now—and never to be equaled again.

The US Middle East policy has never been about spreading freedom and democracy. But to pave the way for the last and final ultimate peacemaker. The man of lawlessness, also called the antichrist.

We also know that new alliances are built in the Middle East, Israel will eventually be cornered.  All nations shall betray her.

  Luke 21:23
How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.
Stand up for the Jewish people and the state of Israel. Do not abandon your friendship, and become a part of those who betray her.


Written by Ivar

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  1. Now is the time to look at prophecy concerning the King of the North and the King of the South.

    The joint arab military force proposed by Egypt possibly under the command of Egypt might then reveal Egypt to be the home of the King of the South.

    The Germans are proposing a joint European military force. There are some states in Europe willing to align with this thinking. Germany may well reluctantly become the King of the North.

    1. Alistair.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      The book of Daniel has a lot of stuff about the king of the south and the king of the North. It is very diffcult to know excately when the differet kings ran or will be running into Jerusalem, in particular of you want to place most of these moves into the future.

      I believe a lot of the prophecies of Daniel are fulfilled and in this way are behind us. Many dictators of the South has occupied Jerusalem. Like the Mameluk Egyptiance. All the sons of Muhammad originally came from the south. But as Islam expanded and spread the city of Jeruslaem were attack from both the North and the East. The two last occupiers came from the Noth. The Ottoman Empire (1517-1917), and the British empire. (1917-1948). Jerusalem was aslo occupied by a king of the West. The Pope of Rome, in the years 1099 to 1291.

      1. Shalom Ivar.

        I have had conversations with a Christian who teaches that ALL prophecies were fulfilled in Christ.

        You say you believe ‘a lot’ of the prophecies in Daniel have been fulfilled.

        This allows for some prophecies to be yet fulfilled.

        The Apostle Paul advises we be like the noble Jews of Berea.

        The Jews of Berea patiently listened and then checked scriptures.

        Jews from another area came among them to discredit Pauls teaching.

        We must strive to be like the Bereans, meaning that we are more likely to be like the others, where we are fixed on what we have been taught and unprepared to accept the teaching of those God has ordained to bring us the truth.

        Daniel explained Nebucadnezzers dream.

        He was the head of the mighty beast.

        The head of an empire.

        The empires that followed are not as great as the head.

        Each section of the beast is made of lesser materials.

        It splits into the two legs, then the two feet and ends with the ten toes.

        We have had the head, we have Alexander the great whose empire was shared out between four then two (the legs) then the feet, Constaninople and Rome. Islam and Catholicism.

        The toes on each feet possible the King of the North a Catholic will head one group of toes, smaller nations who allow him to govern them or guide them.
        And the Islamic King of the South, who between them will govern peacefully for a short time bringing that false peace.

        However, it’s not likely to last as both regard Jerusalem as their spiritual heritage and will want full control.

        Many prophecies have been fulfilled but not all.

        Our Lord Jesus fulfilled some of the prophecies concerning Him when He was born and taught the disciples, was crucified, buried then rose again, then ascended to heaven to sit next to the Father.

        However, total fulfillment will only occur when He returns.

        May God continue to bless and keep you, in the name of His beloved Son.

  2. Interesting that you would say that, Alistair. Some Christians say that Germany has never been punished for the Holocaust and that the nation is necessarily under God’s curse for its treatment of the Chosen People. Up to this point, it has not been enacted–but 70 years is just a moment in the timetable that God keeps. Most of Europe also participated (some more willingly than others) in the Holocaust and those nations which participated willingly will receive punishment as well. The rise of extreme anti-Semitism that is currently seen in some European nations is likely a reflection of those nations being under God’s curse. It is a near certainty that the “people of the prince who shall come” refers to a leader in a revived Roman Empire. A European or a Middle Eastern Antichrist? Could be either, as the Roman Empire covered much of the Middle East, as well as the Mediterranean basin and ultimately Britain and France.

    What is notable about the picture at the top of the page is that those allied men appear to be frightened. As well they should be–the demonic Prince of Persia is a formidable foe and the Iranians appear to have him fighting on their side–for the moment. But pitting the Shiites against the Sunnis appears to be part of the plan to exhaust both sides and prepare for the Antichrist’s power grab, through manipulation and deceit. Appropriate that the Middle East is full of shifting sand–allegiances change very quickly there. Those who are under the control of the evil one do easily betray one another.

    1. Interesting that some say Germany has never been punished.

      The Bible teaches that there will be a day of judgement when the nations will be judged.

      Because the day of judgement has not yet come, this is yet another prophecy yet to be fulfilled.

      Not our place to judge Germany, though we should watch.

      Germany was trying to establish an Empire (reich) they failed.

      Germany may be regarded as ‘the one who was, is not and now is’ the one that received a mortal wound, but somehow has recovered.

      Remember Germany was all but destroyed by the allies but now is the most successful economy in Europe.

      It was, it was not, and now it is.

      We should be watching both the middle East and Europe

  3. The Nazis apparently considered themselves and the Germanic peoples of Europe to be the modern day remnant of the Roman Empire. There are those throughout Europe who still believe that a revival of the Roman Empire is not only desirable but necessary. They believe that it is vital to the living out of their destiny as the pinnacle of Western culture. If you look at a lot of their symbology, (Europa on the back of the great beast, the Tower of Babel as a “unifying” symbol of the European Union, etc.) it is clear that “post-Christian” Europe is quite ready and willing to divorce itself from its past–which was so dominated by the RCC. But that has created a spiritual vacuum that is being filled with the spirit of Antichrist. They have been steadily courting Antichrist Islam and utilizing it for their purposes. What we see going on in the Vatican is likely a reflection of what is going on in European society in general. The spirit of Antichrist is well established there and it is likely there that the Antichrist himself, will begin to coalesce his power. So far, the apparent leaders in Europe are secular humanist and socialist–but that may be changing because of the challenge of rightist extremism and Islamism. Wise Christians and Jews would do well to heed the signs and think strongly about leaving Europe.

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