Roman Catholics venerate the heart of a claimed to be saint who died in 1614 A.D.

A sick Catholic lady believe in the healing power of a 400 year old heart.

This heart of “St. Camillus” is kept for adoration and veneration in the Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Rome.

The headquarters of the Camillian Fathers is at Riverstown House, in Killucan in Ireland. From here the Camillian Province in Ireland grew in 1935. The heart of Camillus has also been transported to Poland and Peru for veneration, before it ended up in the Church in Rome.  In July the heart was transported to Ireland to be included in Church services.

This is the heart of a claimed to be saint that died in 1614 A.D
The priest lines up faithful Catholics to pray in front of the heart.
Catholic priest Jayan bows before the heart, and touches it.

This is what could be read from a Catholic bulletin this July:

“At 7pm on July 14, Mass will be celebrated by Most Rev. Dr. Michael Smith, Bishop of Meath, and from 10pm later that night to 4am the next morning, a Night Vigil of Gratitude will be observed in the presence of the Heart at the St. Camillus Nursing Centre Chapel”

Source:  Catholic

My comment:

It is a amazing that Roman Catholics can not see that this is idol worship banned in the Bible:

“A night vigil in presence of a heart?”

Touching the heart, praying before it, and claiming it has healing powers?

I guess this religious rituals correctly should be called “idol worship?”

Some extra information seems to be needed:

How did this heart leave this claimed to be saint in the first place?

Was the heart removed from his body after he died, or before? My best guess is after this Catholic “holy man” had passed away.

If so:
Can anyone come up with a single verse from the Bible, where believers are encourage to collect hearts of diseased people?

And keep them in a glass mounter for 400 years?

It looks like “Camillus heart” in a good Vatican example of grave looting, where the Roman Catholic priests have robbed a body part of a dead person.

Shame on all who brand the Papal made religion as  “Christianity”.

First published 1st of September 2010.

Published by Ivar