The Indian state of Maharashtra bans beef. 5 years jail, Rs 10,000 fine for possession or sale.

The cows of India is not able to object people worshipping them as "gods".
The cows of India are not able to object people worshipping them as “gods”.

Beef lovers in Maharashtra will now have to do without the red meat as President Pranab Mukherjee has given his assent to the Maharashtra Animal Preservation (Amendment) Bill, 1995, nearly 19 years after the Maharashtra Assembly passed the Bill during the BJP-Shiv Sena rule in 1995.

The slaughter of cows was previously prohibited in the state under the Maharashtra Animal Preservation Act of 1976. However, the passage of the new Act will ban the slaughter of bulls as well as bullocks, which was previously allowed based on a fit-for-slaughter certificate.

The new Act will, however, allow slaughter of water buffaloes, which provides carabeef — generally seen as an inferior quality meat that makes up only 25 per cent of the total beef market in the state. Beef traders claim the move will not only render thousands jobless, but will also drive up the cost of other meats in the state.

Source: Indian Express

My comment:

When religion and politics are mixed, a totalitarian regime will eventually emerge. The present Hindu nationalist government in the state of Maharashtra being the last ugly example.

The BJP government have not criminalized the use of tobacco, alcohol or chemical subsides in food.  But if you by chance have a piece of beef in your fridge, you can be persecuted and sent to five years in jail.

If this religious anti-beef movement managed to make their obsession into a national law in India, the former secular republic of India will be the first nation to persecute people for what they eat in their own kitchen. The nation will become a laughing stock all over world.

Hinduism is a tragedy for all cows. They can not object to people making them “gods”.  The Hindu nationalists should face someone claiming that chicken’s are “gods”. And start to criminalize all makers of chicken curry . May be that will be a changemaker.

Written by Ivar