Muslims predict “Jesus” will defeat ISIL

Read this end time view held by a Canadian Muslim Leader, Dr. David Liepert. He explains Muslims believe “Jesus” will return to defeat ISIL.

Muslims in IraQ and Syria cipples and cruzify Muslim IraQi and Syrian converts to faith in Jesus as God and Lord.
Muslims in Iraq and Syria cipple, toruture and crucify Iraqi and Syrian Muslim converts to faith in Jesus the Messiah as God and Lord.

All right, it might not start until 2016, these things can be awfully hard to predict exactly. However, surprising as it may seem, one way or another the end of ISIS is in sight, and it’s all resting securely in the hands of Jesus, peace be upon him.

At the same time, mainstream orthodox Muslim websites are already predicting Jesus’ return as early as 2022, starting an Islamic prophetic clock set to run over the next 7 years, in the purportedly rapidly approaching run-up to Armageddon.

The good news is that even if they’re wrong, those claims ISIS is making about their own role in Islamic end-time prophecy spell their own certain end. Because even though ISIS claims they’re fighting on the side of the angels, it’s obvious they’re not, and it should become progressively clearer to even the most misguided Jihadi that either ISIS is wrong about Armageddon or that they’re on the wrong side, because of all the things Muslims know are supposed to happen.

Dr. David Liepert.
Dr. David Liepert.

And if it turns out they’re right, then we can all rest assured that by the time the dust has finally settled there will be no question left about who’s side they are really on, because it’s all going to be about Jesus.

Frankly, although I’d like to believe the orthodox predictions are correct, I think they’re premature, and that ISIS is crazy-stupid.

But even if we considered that they might be right about the impending apocalypse, what sort of events should the next few years bring according to confirmed Islamic eschatology?

•    First, the Euphrates River should soon be uncovering a mountain of gold, with the Arabian Peninsula becoming filled with meadows and rivers.
•    Then, some Muslims throughout the world will be inexplicably transformed into apes and pigs because of their attempts to make lawful some rather significant major sins. Personally, I think that one’s aimed squarely at al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabab and ISIS and their associates, and their rather liberal views regarding murder, tumult, oppression and slavery.
•    Then shortly thereafter you can expect the coming of the Mahdi, his uncovering of the Ark of the Covenant and his evangelism of a significant proportion of the world’s Jews, who will wake up and realize that they shouldn’t be ignoring and allowing Israel’s oppressing Muslims and Christians in Palestine.
•    Then, you will see the coming of al-Masih ad-Dajjal –the false Messiah or anti-Christ– the descent of ‘Isa ibn Maryam [‘alayhis-salam] –that’s Jesus– and his defeat of the anti-Christ followed by the coming of Ya’juj and Ma’juj –Gog and Magog–,followed by:
•    The rising of the sun from the west
•    The appearance of the Beast of the Earth
•    The wind that will take the souls of the believers
•    The ruin of al-Madinah –Medina–
•    The destruction of the Ka’bah –Mecca– by the Abyssinians
•    And the fire that will come from the Yemen to gather the people in Sham before the coming of Judgement Day.

But if it does come true, what sort of a man is the Mahdi supposed to be?

Muslim prophecies are actually frighteningly clear, and do seem to predict the current state of affairs in the Levant, hold out hope for the rest of us and promise an end to ISIS.

At the end of time, a severe tribulation will descend upon my Ummah from their ruler. A worse tribulation will not have been heard of before, until the earth’s expanse is constricted upon them, and until the earth is filled with tyranny and oppression, so that the mu’min will find no refuge from the oppression.

What ISIL is doing today, the Ottoman Empire did to the Armenian Christians in 1915. The Islamim "Jesus" did not return to stop them.
What ISIL is doing today, the Ottoman Empire did to the Armenian Christians in 1915. The Islamim “Jesus” did not return to stop them.

Then, Allah [‘azza wa-jall] will send a man from my descendents who will fill the earth with equity and justice as it had been filled with oppression and tyranny. The inhabitants of the heavens and the earth will be pleased with him. The earth will not withhold any of its growth, but will bring it out, neither will the sky withhold a drop, but Allah will pour it out upon them in showers. He will live among them for seven years, or eight, or nine. The living will wish that the dead were brought to life again to witness the great good that Allah brought about for the people of the earth.

And what about Jesus?

Even though Muslims and Christians disagree about what he is, with Christians claiming he’s God and Muslims declaring he’s not, everybody agrees about what sort of a person he was, is and will be: a man who fulfilled the Jewish Covenant and taught benevolent compassion to his followers, his example remaining a source of hope and inspiration to all humankind for the rest of time.

Bottom line, I have served God and loved Jesus my entire life, and I followed Jesus into Islam when I realized I became a worse man by worshipping Him and a better man by following him.

And my greatest hope for today is that Muslims and Christians are all starting to look forward to his return, because regardless of when that happens his example and his words can guide all of us to a better place together, with the help of God.

Because regardless of what the next years bring or which faith we follow, we are all waking up and realizing that we all need Jesus, peace be upon him.

Praise God/Alhamdulillah, Amen.

Source: The Huftington Post

My comment:

As I have stated many times: The Muslims will end up in the wrong camp. They will worship the final antichrist. They already worship the spirit of antichrist, by rejecting that Jesus is God.

ISIL just do what the Muslims have always done. Bidding to get did of all true followes of Jesus the Messiah.

The sons of Muhammad have been a teror in Arabia, North Africa and Asia since 620 A.D.  The worst massacres of Christians in modern times, took place inside todays Turky in 1915. 1,5 million Armenian were brutally slaughtered the same way ISIL slaughter people inside Iraq and Syria. The Armenian Christians were beheaded by the Muslims, and many Christians were crucified.

To get it right, this Canadian convert to Islam must do a radical change in his views. Wherever he has written “Jesus”, he must put in the word “antichrist”. Next, he must repent from his lies and wickedness. and accept Jesus as his God and saviour.

The Muslims believe that “Jesus” must come first, and than the antichrist will appear.  The Islamic “Masih ad-Dajjal”. If the Muslims had opened their Bible, and read Pauls letter to the Thessalonians, they would realize that Muhammad has decieved them.

 2 Thessalonians 2:8
And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

Accepting the antichrist as the “Messiah” is a mortal error.  The Muslims are deceived because they have rejected the Word of God, found in the Bible, only. Believing what is written in the Koran is a dangerous trap, and a deadly deception.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar

35 thoughts on “Muslims predict “Jesus” will defeat ISIL

  1. Makes sense to me. And who better to bring down ISIS than the same one’s who created and supported them. The western world is seriously addicted to acronyms, the CIA, the FBI, the UN, NATO, POTUS, the RCC. ISIL is no more Muslims than the Dome of the Rock is the DOTR. Except maybe a Dr. David Liepert style Muslim organization, a New World Order, NWO, Novus ordo seclorum, one world religion “Muslim”.

  2. I have yet had even one Muslim who claims to “love Jesus” tell me why he/she doesn’t believe Him when He said that He is one with the Father. We must pray for the masses of Muslims who need to see and understand that Jesus is the Son of God and their Redeemer.

      1. Dear Gabriel

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You asked:

        How can one be the son of God and God himself?

        My reply:

        God is who he is. The Father and Son is the eternal God. In the fist book of the Bible, God says: “Let us create”. The Son is the co-creator, eternal and begotten.

        To redeem man, the blood of God is requiered. The Son became a man, and died for you sins. No more need for the slaughter of goats on Bakri-Id.

  3. David Liepert is yet another endtime deceiver who is pushing a One World Religion “path of peace” between Muslims, Christians and Jews.

    While it is noble to speak out against Radical Islam, that fact that he went as far as to convert to Islam over 20 years ago from Christianity (he was raised Lutheran and then became Baptist before his conversion) shows he never belonged to Jesus in the first place.

    His writing and logic is flawed and his interpretation of both the Bible and the Koran are shallow, simplistic, misguided and steeped in lies and disinformation.

    He was interviewed on “The Deen Show” (who promotes Islam) and what I first noticed was his body language – he looked like he was hunched over throughout the interview and could hardly make eye contact. His affect seemed spiritually dead as one who has believed a lie – be it for popularity, money or just deception.

    He claims that the historical character of Jesus has nothing to do with the Jesus of faith and that the Apostle Paul was delusional and had a “nervous breakdown” and lied to the people while he preached a “different” Jesus than the historical Jesus.

    He backs up this weak and blasphemous claim by misinterpreting and taking out of context one or two Scriptures that even a beginning Bible student could refute.

    He said “I didn’t want to be a Muslim” but went to a mosque and started to read two versions of the Koran. After a few months he found “no good reason why he should not be a Muslim” so he converted. He said the main reason he converted was because, “Muslims make God central to their lives and take care of their fellow creatures.”

    This superficial statement is intellectually shocking as a reason to support a conversion. It’s hard to believe he has any credibility with any group be it Muslims, Jews, or Christians.

    Yeshua tells us in John 10:29, “My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father’s hand.”

    Psalm 139 says, “Where can I go from your Spirit? Where can I flee from your presence? If I ascend up into heaven, thou art there: if I make my bed in hell, behold, thou art there. If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast.”

    The promise in Jeremiah 29 says, “You will seek Me and find Me when you search for Me with all your heart. I will be found by you,’ declares the LORD, ‘and I will restore your fortunes and will gather you from all the nations and from all the places where I have driven you.”

    Based on these and other Scriptures, David Liepert was never saved to begin with. Or maybe he just sold his soul to the Devil for the promise of the kingdoms of the world.

      1. Bashing Islam is not what Christians are about, Gabriel. We are defenders of the truth uttered by Jesus–He said that He is the way, the truth and the life and that NO ONE comes to the Father except by Him. He is the way that we have been given to make our peace with God the Father. God’s infinite justice could only be satisfied by the eternal sacrifice of God Himself, for the sins of mankind for all time. What means is there in Islam to atone for sin and satisfy God’s justice? If there is none, then you will die in your sins and go to an eternity without God.

  4. I do think there will be some kind of one world religion of moderate Islam,liberal Christian and pagan religions. Logically the world will think that is the path to peace. And it may work initially. Fundamental christians will be grouped together with Islamic extremists as not part of the world community and thus not able to buy and sell on the new world economy.. Unfortunately for the world moderate Islam may anytime be a time bomb for extreme Islam if they see they are rising in numbers and influence and will thus even go against the one world religion and impose their way.

    1. Mohammed might be ok with it. Mohammed had the spirit of the anti-christ. Those who say Jesus was not the Son of God. He also says Jesus didn’t die on the cross. Almost like he was a Judaizer. Mohammed claims Jesus was a prophet who was in error, So God took him up to heaven for retraining. Jesus returning could be like the return of Elijah the prophet, not as Son of God. He claims Jesus gave the word to Mary who knew the truth. That would fit with the Roman Catholic Mary worship. Oh what a twisted web…

      1. Oh Really? please tell me how the Muslims liberated the Jews from the Romans and please tell me how Christians and Jews were allowed to practice their religion and lived side by side with the Muslims, from the very firt Caliphate to the Ottoman Empire. Please tell me how the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) said to forgive the statue worshiping murderers in Mekka instead of getting revenge. Son, read up before you comment or talk

  5. (Ivar, please forgive me for such a long post but I think this message is important.)

    Hi Ed,

    Grace and peace to you, brother. I think you are correct in your assessment of Islam and its role in the End-time-One-World Religion. It might interest you to know that Islam has been highly influenced by Gnosticism.

    One of the things that I picked up several years ago, on a Christian forum, was the idea of “the unseen hand” of modern Gnosticism. It was posed to me by one who openly called himself a “Gnostic” and said that Gnosticsim would one day soon “gain its revenge” against Christianity (he called it “Churchianity”). He opened my eyes to the invading presence of Gnosticism (which has historically been something of a hopeless mix between the orthodox faith and paganism). Islam wasn’t the first to deny the Crucifixion. Gnostics had already been there 500 years before Islam was invented. Some Gnostics, to this day, deny the Crucifixion–saying that it was a “projection” from Heaven (whatever that means). The RCC has always had a strong vein of Gnosticsm that the Protestant Reformers tried to root out by going back to the Bible. The priestly hierarchy and preistly intercession are just two examples of the influence of Gnosticism. Unfortunately, Protestantism was not spared the influence of Gnosticism because Free Masonry is, of course, highly Gnostic in its teachings and it has always been a presence in many Protestant churches. It is most notable in Presbyterian churches still today. The King of Jordan is a Free Mason (as are many prominent Muslim leaders in the Middle East). Both Gnosticsm and Free Masonry are really just Satanism in disguise. Satan uses the same old tactics to dupe mankind. He gets his greatest victories by mixing the truth with lies. Irenaeus, was a great fighter against the heresies present in the five different forms of Gnosticsm (five main ones at that time) that were invading the early orthodox faith. He once observed that, ““Error, indeed is never set forth in its naked deformity, lest, being thus exposed, it should at once be detected. But it is craftily decked out in an attractive dress, so as, by its outward form, to make it appear to the inexperienced more true than truth itself.” (Irenaeus was ironically a victim of his own brand of heresy in the early foundation that he set for Mariology–which was later fastened upon by French Huguenot Protestants, who destroyed his tomb in Lyon). Goes to show how easily we fall into deception.

    At the same time, Kabbalism has a greater and greater contaminating force in Judaism and it has been highly influenced by Gnosticism as well. Or perhaps, the greater influence was from Kabbalism to Gnosticism–hard to tell. But there is evidence that Kabbalism finds its roots in the syncretism between Judaism and paganism that happened under Solomon, so perhaps it came even before). A number of Orthodox rabbis have expressed alarm over the amount of influence that Kabbalism has in Judaism today.

    Watch for these three mystical forces to coalesce into the mysticism that is inherent in Sufism (one of the theologies of Sunni Islam). As proof that Sufism adheres to the notion of reincarnation, this is as bold a statement on reincarnation as any, and it is on a website dedicated to Sufi Islamic mysticism: “The above passage [from the Quran] speaks clearly to the reality of reincarnation. Life and death are given to us as gifts from Allah. The cycle is continual. We are born, we die and then we are born again. Eventually we return to the Source.”

    Kabbalistic Judaism has already adopted the mystical notion of reincarnation as a central doctrine. The most prominent group of Kabbalists have already declared, on their website: “Well, of course we believe in reincarnation”.

    “New Age” (that is, Gnostic) Christianity will eventually adopt “reincarnation” as a central doctrine, but it will likely be the last of the “Abrahamic faiths” to do so because of the “problem” posed by Hebrews 9:27–“Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment…”

    It is a near certainty that reincarnation will be a central tenet of the One-World faith as it will then draw in the Hindus and Buddhists who already hold to reincarnation. Watch for it.

    1. The way I read it is before Mohammed there were all sorts of religious ideas floating around the Muslim world. Gnosticism was one of them, but also Christianity with varying degrees of “purity”, and Judaism. Same thing the Apostle Paul describes fighting against; as soon as he taught them one thing somebody else would come along and teach “another gospel”. I see Mohammed as similar to the Roman Catholics, the Catholics had the council of trent. Mohammed was a one man council of trent, or at least any help he had is unknown, and he has no successors like the Popes of the Roman Catholics. So Mohammed went about stamping out any other viewpoints than his own, same as the Catholics went stamping out other viewpoints than what they decided at the council of trent.

      But I think the truth can be assured from the bible because it is so closely tied to Judaisms roots, the prophetic nature of the jewish feasts that would have required the cooperation with the enemies of Jesus to fake. Such as nailing him to the cross at precisely the right time to fulfill the prophecy of the passover, etc.

      1. There is this thing called a Caliph, read up first son. and the bible is a fake book changed countless times, Islam and Judaism have more in common than Christianity does

      2. Yes, Ed, I think you are right and the RCC would have been a strong influence on Mohammed (and through him, Islam) as well. Mohammed’s first wife was supposedly a former Roman Catholic nun. I agree that knowledge of the word of God is vital to resisting the plans of the enemy to pervert the true faith (and THAT has been going on ever since he said, in the Garden of Eden, “Did God really say…?” Interesting that the RCC has never dared to change any of the actual original wording of the Bible–only its correct interpretation. But all true Christians understand that the Bible’s correct interpretation is only by the Holy Spirit and that many who claim to be believers are shown to be liars by what they believe, teach and act from. Jesus said that many would say, “Lord, Lord…” and that He will say, “I never knew you…”

        What do you think about Alberto Rivera?

      3. Alberto Rivera seems like a fraud. The story is so unbelievable. Sort of like Alex Jones, He claims everything is a conspiracy, and has so many unbelievable stories. So even the ones that are true get discredited being lumped together with the unbelievable ones Then if anybody brings it up they point at the crackpot with the unbelievable story.

      4. Ed Islam is nothing like the catholic religion,i can except some of the view,s on this site but i will not except your ignorant view of that,the catholic/christian people do in no way condone the action’s of the extremist nor Mohammed as a true prophet of god we only have one GOD,and one JESUS the savior

  6. Yes, Tommy, I agree. The worship of Mary has risen and fallen in the RCC but it has lately had a huge resurgence. And it is quite likely that it is being specifically promoted as a way to make the RCC more appealing to Muslims. Female deities have always been popular among the pagans. And Islam is far more pagan than is even Romanism. The only true Christian faith is based on the word and the Word of God.

    1. We believe MARY chosen of god,to be the bearer of the fruit JESUS AMEN,We give praise and thanks to GOD and revere the pain of sacrifice that she made,dont forget as a mother her pain and loss also we do not see her as the Queen of Heaven in the sense you interpret,

      1. Dear ROMMGIRL

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        You either live in ignorance to Roman Catholic doctrines, or you have taken a stand against them. If so, you are a Protestant.

        The Catholic Church demand that you shall proclaim and believe:

        1. Mary (Miriam) was born without sin.
        2. Miriam lived a life without sinning.
        3. Miriam was ever virign. She never had sex with her husband.
        4. Miriam was taken sinless up to hevaen, in body and soul.

        This is not a human, for sure. This is a goddess. NOT BIBLICAL doctrines, and must be rejected as falsehood by all Christians.

    2. Yes and i have seen many mainstream’christian religion’s in fact all religions pay little regard if any to the female roll in,them why are most religions dominated by men,look at the war’s and destruction men have brought about on this world and even in the world’s above and below all men,the angel’s the apostle’s the devil and GOD all male,we return to Abraham the way society was then and still is the female roll is decreed to be lesser of a male isn’t that convenient ONE doe’s wonder if it was god’s intent or Abraham’s

      1. NO Ivar i am neither,nor ,i was raised in the catholic faith yes but my church did teach that Mary married JOSEPH,thatJESUS had brothers’and GOD had absolved her of sin and was raised to GOD’S kingdom She was chosen of God to serve his purpose

      2. Dear ROMMGIRL

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        Are you still going for mass in a Roman Catholic Church? If not. I hope your fellowship pray in the name of Jesus only. Not in names of saints and madonnas.

  7. How many year’s of you’r 50 did you spend being an atheist and rejecting GOD,going hard to make up lost time hmm,twisting all others faith saying we are wrong that were not following the right way the way in which i have my relationship with JESUS/GOD will condem me at least i have followed in the path of god all my life .It may not be what you deem right ,but GOD is my judge

    1. Dear ROMMGIRL

      Shalom,and love in Jesus.

      You wrote:

      How many year’s of you’r 50 did you spend being an atheist and rejecting GOD,going hard to make up lost time hmm,twisting all others faith saying we are wrong.

      My reply:

      Humm. This serve no purpose. Please leave this site. And do enjoy in your garden.

    1. Dear ROMMGIRL

      Shalom,and love in Jesus.

      I hope its a fine garden. But please read the Bible, and seek fellowship with people who have the scripture as the lone highest authority in all matters related to faith.

  8. Ivar i commute with JESUS/GOD only ,i need no man made church or hall to connect, i have his word and am at peace in his creation that’s all

  9. The Lord’s Supper was instituted by Christ Himself, if you are one-person army, refer John 3: 3 Jesus said “Most assuredly I say to you, UNLESS ONE IS BORN AGAIN, he cannot see THE KINGDOM OF GOD.”
    Diligently seek & you will find. For me it was not quick-fix, plus there is no end for spiritual progress.
    It is a privilege to get a committed Christian church.
    Find one. Seek , Knock, Ask…………..

  10. You are sadly a delusional zealot–exactly what is wrong with the world. If God/Jesus/whatever you worship would consider you a devout follower, I will gladly reject him/them.

  11. Jesus does not come to defeat. Jesus comes to save those that save others. People think defeat. That is Satan in the soul. . Satan is already in the body. People who think defeat will war taking pleasure in it. They will value death.

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