Australia to combat Islamism

Australian PM Tony Abbot to toughen citizenship laws to combat terrorism.

Prime Ministwer Tony Abbot is a reasonable and relective man. He wants to throw islamic terrorist out of Australia.
Prime Ministwer Tony Abbot is a reasonable and reflective man. He wants to throw Islamic terrorist out of Australia.

Australian PM Tony Abbott has announced a push to toughen citizenship laws and tackle those inciting hatred in an attempt to target domestic extremists.

He said citizenship for dual nationals involved in terrorism could be suspended or even revoked.

People born in Australia could also lose some privileges if they broke anti-terror laws, he added.
Officials have warned that the country faces a growing security threat from radical Islamists.

Dozens of Australian nationals are thought to be fighting for Islamic State (IS) militants in Iraq and Syria.
Experts are worried about the effect of returnees – and on those who support them – on domestic security.

“It has long been the case that people who fight against Australia forfeit their citizenship,” Mr Abbott said in a speech at the federal police headquarters in the capital, Canberra.

“So Australians who take up arms with terrorist groups, especially while Australian military personnel are engaged in Afghanistan and Iraq, have sided against our country. And should be treated accordingly,” he said.

For dual nationals, that meant revoking or suspending citizenship, he said, and the government was also looking at measures targeting Australian nationals involved in terrorism.

“These could include restricting the ability to leave or return to Australia, and access to consular services overseas, as well as access to welfare payments.”

Source: The BBC.

My comment:

While Europe is on her dying bed, Australia is battling for her life. To remain a free continent, not under the joke of the sons of Muhammad.

To be able to deport supporters of Islamism, a nation has to revoke citizenship of these criminals.

While marxist leaning nations like Norway has enforced laws that makes deportations an impossibility, Australia has a Conservative government that seems to be capable of doing the needful. If the Islamic nations refuse to take back their violent sons, we simply have to drop them in International waters.  Give them a small rubber boat, and let them paddle towards the harbors of their origin.

If they do not repent, something much worse will soon happen to them.

  Matthew 25:41
“Then he will say to those on his left, ‘Depart from me, you who are cursed, into the eternal fire prepared for the devil and his angels.

It is also possible to air-drop the Islamists in the deserts and no-mans-land areas of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia and Saudi Arabia.  Give them a parachute, open the door, and kick them out.

See: We are not barbarians, who cripple, kill or behead the enemy. We just evict them from our soil, and bring them back home where they belong.

May Jesus the Messiah have mercy on the Islamists, as they descend down to their Imam’s in the Islamic civil war areas. May He have mercy on their souls. Amen.

Written by Ivar

4 thoughts on “Australia to combat Islamism

  1. Too late!

    Too litle, too late!

    They opened their hands to Islam/Satan and now there is absolutely nothing they can do to save themselves!

    Another country bites the dust!

  2. We can only hope he has the backbone to ride the backlash,any time we have defended our rights or spoken our minds on immigration we are racist,we have been very aware of the extreme and growing violence towards our way of life and have seen that they have no regard for our way of life We are a free happy life loving people and because these hate filled unable,inbreed,Islamic extremist cannot control themselves and follow there religion they need all to live under sharia law and have wanted an Islamic state declared for some years now.We could not just shut our doors,they have come by the boat load and we all know that the world said you must take them humanity laws etc.Ask an aussie about forced conversion to Islam,NEVER NEVER NEVER

  3. 2 weeks ago a plot to target blonde aus woman and stab them in there kidney or slit the throat or rape them was foiled THANK YOU JESUS.they are in prison waiting sentencing this is why we need to tighten our laws this filth should be sent back to where it belongs no question

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