Oslo: Rabbi shouted “allahU akbar”

– Allahu akbar! shouted rabbi Michael Melchior to the around 1300 attendees outside the synagogue in Oslo Saturday night.

The latest development in Noray is highly prophetic. The antichrists are joining hands.
The latest development in Noray is highly prophetic. The antichrists are joining hands.

-We feel that we are not alone, and it gives hope about the future. Hoping to downsize enemy images and fight against those who want to create images of the enemy. The extremists want exactly that. And taking from extremists definition power is important, Melchior  said further.

  There were strong appeals and the rabbi shouted “Allahu akbar” – God is great – under his appeal.

– It was great to see. Muslims and Jews have the same ancestor, we have the same God. It’s more that gathers us than sharing, says Ervin Kohn, one of the elders of the synagogue of Oslo.

Source: Norwegian stat TV, NRK.

My comment:

It looks like the children of the devil have got a solid stronghold in Norway. Satan seems to have taken full control over this nation. That many Jews and many Muslims have the same “god” is true. But it is not God of the Bible.  The gospel is being deleted, and the One World religion is being built. Satan gets all the glory.

 Matthew 23:33
“You snakes! You brood of vipers! How will you escape being condemned to hell?
Michael Melchior defame God of Israel.
Michael Melchior defame God of Israel.

We see a former member of Knesset defame Judaism in front of a synagogue in Oslo.

Michael Melchior: Do you understand what you are doing?

I have earlier warned that the post-Christian kingdom of Norway is Gog of the Bible. It is an epic-center of anti-Zionism. Now the One World religion is built in this place.

I can only bow my head in shame.

Written by Ivar

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  1. How very sad to see the growing deception in Norway. May God help them to understand the danger they are in before it is too late.

  2. Why do you say thus job3627? Have peace in your heart not hatred. You see danger everywhere. Muslims have been in Europe for many many years. It is not because of some fanatics that you demonize the entire Muslim population.
    The US killed millions of innocents from Vietnam to Iraq, do you demonize all Christians???

    1. Prince, the difference is that 1) The people in the U.S. who are doing the killing are NOT doing it in the name of Jesus Christ or God the Father. 2) Jesus NEVER encouraged the violent coercion of those who were resistant to the gospel message–unlike Mohammed who DID. 3) The U.S. has NEVER been a Christian country–although it has always contained many Christians. Just because someone comes from a Western country does not make him/her a Christian, anymore than being in a garage makes one a car.

      I know honorable and kind Muslims who are not murderous thugs BUT they themselves would be killed by those radical elements who adhere closely to the Koran if given half a chance. It is time for those in Islamic lands to embrace their Messiah, Jesus. Many Muslims have told me that they believe in Jesus–that He is a great prophet. If so, why don’t you believe Him?

  3. Prince121.

    Shalom and love in Jesus

    To focus on the Muslim propulation will not give the correct answer. Many Muslims are nominel Muslims. By culture or tradition, only. They do not read the Koran, and they hardly appear in the Mosque.

    We need to focus on the Koran. What do Muhammad teach? Is he a man of peace?

    The moment any Muslims starts to implement the teachings of Muhammad, He will have to support Jihad. That is why any of the sweet girls we see in this pictures, can remain sweet. Till the day they are radicalized. That is why they all are ticking time bombs.

  4. amen Ivar. the thing is , top muslim leaders are calling and saying the god of their religion is coming so all the muslims are turning to the koran and want to make heaven so they are being radicalized–bless you Ivar

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