Pegida spokesman Max Hermansen bookshop in Oslo was during the night sprayed down with  “Nazi swine” and swastikas written in red.

The latest Nazi provocation against Max Hermansen.
The latest Nazi provocation against Max Hermansen in the capital of Oslo in Norway.

– Now I will have to my close shop, it is simply too dangerous to be there, says Hermansen to Aftenposten, about the store he has ran for the past two years.

– I have tried to avoid talking about the store that people would not discover that it was I who ran it. But now they have certain discovered it, and then it is nothing else to do than to close.

Hermansen says he will report the incident to police Monday. He is worried about their ability to work and income ahead:
– Now I’ve lost a second job and can no longer drive my store, and it goes against a termination of teacher job in Oslo. So it looks a little dark out. Right now I do not know what the future brings, job or income wise. But I’m more worried about the future of Norway than my own, he said.

Source: Norwegian daily Aftenposten.

My comment:

The Nazis in Germany did not call them selves Nazis. They called them selves “peace makers”, “socialists and “nationalists”.  The preachers of National Socialism called all workers to vote for Adol Hitler.

Hitler was very firm in calling all who opposed him for “skum” and “communists”, pure enemies of the state.  The Germans were told that those who did not submit to Hitler, were anti-Germans.

To justify attacks on his opponents, and brand them enemies of Germany, Hitler staged attacks on his own cadres. This kind of provocations lead to the downfall of democrcy and free speech in Germany. This was the path towards war.

This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.

What we see in Norway, is a copy of the rise of Nazism in Germany. The Norwegian Islamic-neo Nazi forces claim those who expose them are the “Nazis”.  Islam-critics like Max Hermansen. There seems to be little difference between Berlin in 1936 and Oslo 2015.  History repeats it self.

Written by Ivar