Post: The US president a blind guide

The New York Post trolls Obama’s take on ‘Islamic’ terrorism.

President Obama is a blind guid, taking the American nations towards disaster.
President Obama is a blind guid, taking the American nations towards disaster.

New York City’s most outspoken tabloid is not a fan of President Barack Obama’s reluctance to call terrorists “Muslim” or “Islamic.”

The front page of Thursday’s New York Post features Obama blindfolded with the headline, “Islamic terror? I just don’t see it.”

The cover is a reference to Obama’s Wednesday speech at a White House summit on religious extremism. In the speech, Obama argued against granting jihadist militants like the Islamic State group (also known as ISIS or ISIL) “religious legitimacy.”

The Post, clearly, has a different point of view.

“They’re burning and beheading victims in the name of Islam,” the tabloid’s story on the speech reads, “but President Obama delivered a major speech Wednesday on combating violent extremism – while refusing to use the words ‘Muslim terrorists.'”

Source: Business Insider

My comment:

We need to rejoice that one of the largest circulated tabloids in the US can publish this kind of report on the front page.

We must rejoice, because New York Post seems to be willing to rebuke any bid to enforce Sharia in the United States. We must rejoice because freedom of expression gives any newspaper a right to criticize the leadership of the nation.

We must also rejoice because the truth is being spoken to the US public. Obama is blindfolded. He can not see and he can not understand the true face of Islam. No free nation should accept to be lead by a blind guide.

Jesus the Messiah speaks about both the walking dead, and people who claim that they can see, but who are blind.  The Messiah warns his followers not you be yoked to such persons, and definitely not follow their instructions.

 Matthew 15:14
Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit.”

You are called by Jesus the Messiah to understand who Obama is. Not to take this kind of critics lightly, but to listen to the seriousness of the warning. We are facing the great apostacy and falling away. There are amplified false teachers in the Christian camp who listen to false teachers who has branded Obama as a Christian. Like Southerh Baptist pastor Rick Warren, and the Graham familly.

Be aware that President Obama has two years left of his presidency. Being a “lame duck”,  he can still do considerable damaged to the the American society and the nations under Americas guidance.  Let us pray for all deceived souls who continue to consider Obama a leader of their flock. May they repent before it is too late.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Dear Ivar, thank you very much for this clear article. May God open many eyes – who once were open, but not any more – here in Sweden.

    1. Dear tvillingsyster

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for blessing me. I just doing what all Christans are called to do.

      Ephesians 5:11
      Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

  2. They always show the terrorists in masks. How do you know they’re even Muslims? Anyone can go around burning and beheading in the name of anything if they are recieving the right kind of help. Obama has been at war with most of the Middle east. Sometimes they use the whole army, other times Jets and community organizers, perhaps this time they are using masked non-islamic Muslim people burning and beheading in the name of Islam. How do you know when everyone is telling lies…

    1. Dear Ed.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Yes, how do we know that a person who shout “all glory to Jesus” is a Christian?

      My best guess, is that by the fruits we shall recognize a true believer.

      What are we suppose to call a person, who claim to be a Muslim, quotes from the Koran, bow towards Mecca and shouts “allah is great”, when he behead a Coptic Christian in Libya?

      1. A “community organizer”? Those coptic Christians and Muslims have been living side by side for a long time. Why all of a sudden is there such a mess all over the Middle east?

      2. Dear Ed.

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        Living side-by-side is surely a challnge. But to say there have been peaceful relations between Muslims and Coptic Christians in Egypt is misleading. Before Muhammad came, most of the Egyptians had turned Christians. In the largest revival wave in the history of the Church, a move of the Holy Spirit that covered most of the area from Persia to Marocco.

        Today, less than 10 percent of the Egyptians are Coptic Christians. And only because of a secular Military ditactorship on top, the Muslim Brotherhood have not been able to kill them all. Since Obama and NATO has turned Libya into anarcy and chaos, ISIL is getting a foothold. If the Libian Jihadists spill over into Egypt, it will only be a matter of time before all Christians have been beheaded.

  3. I don’t think most Muslims like the Muslim Brotherhood. But when the community organizers, with the right kind of support, prop up frontman organizations the average Joe can’t do much about it. Obama and Nato are supposed to be on the Christian side but are creating the chaos and anarchy. ISIS also creates chaos and anarchy. How much more chaos and anarchy can they create than both sides creating chaos and anarchy. So they will need Big Brother to step in and arrange a peace deal, perhaps it will be the pope at the UN who will take control of the Middle east. And having cleaned up some splinter group Christian organzations with the same stone.

  4. I don’t think obama is blind at all. Day one he let us know who he stands with when the wind turns against him. He is doing just what he is told to do and the fact he is a muslim should wake up the people. and how about the ones either thru fear or blind that seem to think the one world gov and religion is A-OK. IF any of them knew G-d they would fear but no the blindness of believing in G-d has left. As G-d said when they refuse the truth, HE would send a lie and they would believe it..that is the great apostasy we see and hear all over the world. G-d said He would send the devil down to us..and that things would happen fast and to stay in the word so we dont become confused.. the fact in Timothy is the warning if anyone preaches another gospel, from such turn away..and I see the root of all evil is money. It is sad and most of them hate us because we love the L-rd and don’t want to hear the truth. Time is short and the L-rd said, it is closer than you think. there is not much time to change your mind as the son will come and you will be left behind. Remember the Good Samartian story, the three men who went up the rugged road ..the first two left the dying man and went to the other side of the road..but the third man on the Ass , picked up the man and took him to the INN and paid for two days and said , when I come back I will pay you what else I owe you. a thousand yrs is like a day, it is time, He is coming..that man who took the dying man to the INN was our L-rd . a symbol of how G-d reveals HIMSELF. Shalom

  5. Doesn’t Obama think that by calling them the “ISLAMIC State of Syria and the Levant” or the “ISLAMIC State of Syria and Iraq” or even just the “ISLAMIC State” he is already giving them religious legitimacy?

    I’m not really sure that Obama even thinks at all.

    Secularist who likes your blog.


    1. Dear splashhhh

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Thanks for liking the blog. Please do understand, that the Jesus you will find in the Bible loves you.

      When Obama talks about the “Islamic state”, he do not talk about the Islamic Republic of Iran. It is the Ayatollah model state, that is Obama’s new “peace partner”. The Iranians are the true Muslims.

      Teheran and Washington D.C feel that only Shia-Muslims should be permitted to behead people. Not the upsurpers inside Iraq and Syria. The soldiers of the Islamic state are not authorized Muslims, but pretenders. They do not obey the Iranian revolution of 1979.

      And not to forget Saudi Arabia. US jets scrambles over Riyadh, on the sunny days some Saudis are beheaded in public.

  6. The Jesuits, the Vatican and their global puppets have pre-planned the destruction of America for hundreds of years and we are now about a month away from the precipice of a major transformation. Obama was chosen and groomed for this very position, and has used end-time deception to his advantage, but now his mask has come off. Many still refuse to see the bigger picture and look solely at the man and claim he is blind or incompetent. He is neither. And he has followed the script to a tea so that the world teeters on total destruction.

    If we know what the Bible says about Satan’s final agenda – to overtake Jerusalem, sit on the throne, call himself God, and demand the worship of Lucifer – we can understand world events best by starting at the end and then looking backwards.

    It is a turning point when one realizes that the New World Order has fully arrived (as opposed to coming in the future) and there is nothing anyone can do to stop the tumbling forward momentum, like a tumbleweed in an out-of-control wind storm. Our Lord Jesus Christ has used evil men to bring about Bible prophecy unto His glorious appearing at His perfect time – not theirs. But in their arrogant, evil stupidity, they mistakenly think they have the upper hand.

    To use a Space Shuttle launch countdown analogy, we are at T-0. Bride of Christ, get ready. Those who don’t know Jesus as Lord and Savior, repent and turn to Him now in spirit and truth so you won’t have to face the indescribable destruction and deception that is coming upon this earth.

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