67.000 immigrants to Norway have been enrolled into the Roman Catholic Church without their knowledge. Bishop Bernt Eidsvik is involved in the annual eight million dollar fraud.

Bishop Bernt Eidsvig knew about the fraud, that would unlawfullty grant the Church eight million dollars.
Roman Catholic Bishop of Oslo in Norway, Mr. Bernt Eidsvig knew about the fraud, that unlawfully granted the Church eight million dollars.

Oslo Catholic Diocese own lawyer raised the alarm about possible offenses about membership registration – now she has resigned.

County Governor of Oslo and Akershus, which administers the grant for communities, has opened an investigation against the church. This is want she writes in an email to the Norwegian press:

“I am writing this email to you because more of us who daily work in Roman Catholic Diocese of Oslo, for some time now – with deep concern – have seen how member registration case has been processed by our top management. A treatment that has largely given the impression belittling, obfuscation, dishonest dealings with facts and clumsy attempts at economic mitigation strongly held contrary to normally accepted ethics, not to mention even stronger in conflict with the church’s own norms and ideals. This in addition to that it is very possible concerns offenses that may result in criminal liability. “

Bishop Bernt Eidsvig believes there is no basis for the characteristics.
– There are many characteristics, legal speculation and other claims. The main impression is that everything that can be interpreted negatively, is interpreted negatively, he writes in an e-mail to Dagbladet.

Diocese manages membership list to the whole Catholic Church in the Norway. Eidsvig has already admitted to Dagbladet that thousands of immigrants from Catholic countries may have been “unjustly” incorrectly registered.

This should have happened after the OKB in 2010 “adopted some shortcuts” to get registered all they think Catholics in Norway.

In the email, the shortcuts described as follows: “(…) in excess of 67 000 has been added to our index of five people who we all know to a greater or lesser extent have used the telephone directory as one of the sources.” Meanwhile stated that OKB as late as 1 March 2014 staff a person who would only operate with member registration.

Votes century, it would give the Catholic Church at least eight million USD in government grants this year alone.

Source: Several Norwegian media.

My comment:

If you steal 100 USD, you are a fool. In you become a priest, you are wise. Now you do not have to worry about any wrongdoing. Any claim of fraud from your hand, will not lead to imprisonment. You can claim the accusation to be an  attack on the Church, and on freedom of religion.

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Oslo is no exception. The whole Vatican religion is based on theft. Not only the stealing of land, gold and money. But more tragically, of peoples salvation. Looking at the crimes of the Popes and his criminal priesthood, they take a stand against Christianity. Even deep inside protestant circles few have the guts to bell the Roman Catholic Church as a supporter of an antichrist in the flesh.

  Jeremiah 5:31
The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?

Again the Catholics have to be reminded of the fact, that it was fascist leader Benito Mussolini who gifted the Pope the Vatican statehood in 1929. The Pope did not mind being blessed by a dictator and an enemy of democracy, human rights and peace. Mussolini was a robber, and the Pope took what he was offered.

How should the Roman Catholics conclude?

If any of them have any fear of God of the Bible, he should renounce the religious movement. Run for your life, and beg Jesus the Messiah for mercy. Only the day you refuse to attend Catholic mass, stop praying the rosaries and do not eat the idol-eucharist, you will probably escape the fire of Hell. I can only pray for your souls, that they will not go wasted.

Repent or perish.

Written by Ivar