The trojan horse in the White House

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas and Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) feels the US President seems unfit to combat Islamic terrorism.

Western leaders who gladly receive Islamic medals of honors are not fit to rule in the Westen civilization.
Western leaders who gladly receive Islamic medals of honors are not fit to rule in the Westen civilization.

“There’s a set of words, it’s almost as if they’re given a card — a do-not-speak card,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R.-Texas) said last week at the conservative Center for Security Policy think thank. “The words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ do not come out of the president’s mouth. The word ‘jihad’ does not come out of the president’s mouth. And that is dangerous.”

In 2009, Obama bowed before the late king of the Islamic Republic of Saudi Arabia.
In 2009, Obama bowed before the late king of the Islamic Republic of Saudi Arabia.

Tulsi Gabbard (D.-Hawaii) is an Iraq war combat veteran.
“You look at the vast majority of terrorist attacks that are being committed around the world, there’s one common element here and it is this radical Islamist ideology,”, Gabbard told CNN. “This war cannot be won, this enemy and threat cannot be defeated unless we understand what’s driving them, what is their ideology.”

The White House has made it clear that the summit grew out of recent attacks in Ottawa, Ontario; Sydney; and on the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo and a kosher supermarket in Paris — all perpetrated by people either identified as Islamist extremists or who claimed kinship with them.
But administration officials are walking a fine line; they are avoiding sweeping characterizations of the source of the threat while making clear they know who the enemy is. The summit “will not focus on any particular religion, ideology or political movement and will, instead, seek to draw lessons that are applicable to the full spectrum of violent extremists,” White House national security spokesman Ned Price told Yahoo News.

Source: Yahoo news.

My comment:

Slowly, also the Americans starts to acknowledge that they are led by a Trojan horse.

Who led this horse into their own camp?

And not only into the camp. But straight into the White House.

The man the Americans evaluated to their Commander in Chief is embedded with the enemies of the Western Civilization. But because of the compete lack of discernment, it has taken six years of criminal neglect to embrace the truth.

On of the main culprits are leaders of the Protestant Church. Men like Southern Baptist pastor Rick Warren and the Graham-family have all presented Obama as a Christian brother of us. That is a gross mistake.

 2 Timothy 3:1
But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days.

Do not listen to such false teachers. But rather support all who want to see Barack Hussein Obama being impeached, and removed from office. If this is not possible, the USA will continue to suffer. Let us at least pray for an awakening. Hopefully after his term in the White House, he will be arrested and charged for treason and war crimes.
May Jesus the Messiah make his Church listen to people with His gift of discernment. Amen.

Written by Ivar

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  1. Obama is indeed an enemy of America, seemingly intent on destroying every freedom we stand for. Nevertheless, this is why presidents are elected for only a four year term – so that we can get rid of them quickly before they do too much damage. (I wish they had never passed the law allowing two consecutive terms….)

    I lived through the impeachment of President Nixon, and I hope this country never has to go through such agony again. It was every bit as destructive to our national morale and moral fiber as the Viet Nam War fiasco or the bitter Civil Rights battles. I think you are too young to remember those three events, but they truly changed this country for the worse, and the scars will remain forever. Let’s allow the system to work and let Obama fade away like Clinton and the others have.

    In the meantime, stay alert, keep warning people of the dangers, and PRAY!!! Blessings on you, brother – you are a courageous warrior for YHVH and I am grateful for and encouraged by your firm stand.

    1. Dear Sue.

      Shalom, and love in Jesus.

      Oh, I remember Nixon. I was eight years old, and was glued to the newspapers. My teachers were shocked. How come this boy knows so much about American politics.

      When Billy boy was impeached, I was glued to CNN. Could hardly sleep in the night, because of exitement.

      1. LOL! Then you know what I am talking about! You have been given a gift to see many different threads of current events and be able to visualize how they all weave together, in and out. I am always careful to read your posts, because you are alert to issues that the rest of us miss. Thanks!!

      2. Dear Sue in NC

        Shalom, and love in Jesus.

        Thanks for this blessing. This kind of comments will keep me on the blog.

    2. What if the Beast of Revelation is indeed Islam and we being blind to that fact while looking at the Rome instead all this time? We will be humble enough to admit we were wrong?

  2. We can see those LAST DAYS ARE HERE…THe great Apostasy and dalling away from truth. churches who seem to think our L-rd is a liar about who owns the land and the promise to Abraham who G-d told him who is to have the land in Israel and beyond. Everlasting Covenants cannot be broken ever. our G-d cannot lie. so many now think G-d has forgotten His Covenants and thrown Israel under the bus. but Romans 11:1 says G-d is not thru with Israel, and never will . All the players are in place. G-d’s judgement is on America. Saudi the head of the snake suports ISIS which is really all Islam coming together to get world control. America has over 35 jihad camps and are ready as thousands more coming over the border and like all time the sunni and shieti muslims want to be the ones. now ole Saudi is acting like them and Israel , and Jordan will hold back Iran and others..Bush and obama both bowed to Saudi . Saudi hates Israel just as much as ever. If truth was told, Israel could wipe them all away. and we know peace won’t come till the L-rd rors thru Zion but..Israel will win all wars. I see more and more people falling away from the true gospel …so unbelieveable but true. They spiritualize the truth and make pictures of the rest. they have become the enemies of Israel and of G-d. As far as obma is, a puppet who knows exactually what he is doing , is a radical muslim and is doing just what he was told to do and also agree’s with it all. what he is doing is being the muslim he is and is wasting America away and all the people just keep believing him and comparing him to Bush.. I know G-d is in charge so prayer, reading the world and reaching out to the last is what I do as many others do too. Time is so short the 70 yrs is all but up..the false prophet is in place . and unless they kill him and peter the great takes over..then we know he is the false prophet who embraces all that G-d hates. I can’t help but wonder how so many millions can be so blind…but then G-d says do not fear and He will be with us to the end and to count it all joy. soon we will see HIM face to Face. what a day, a glad day and for eternity is forever..thank you Ivar..Shalom

  3. I doubt it’s a coincidence that we get a psuedo-secret-muslim president right after we go to war in the middle east. As much sense as it makes to blow up half the countries in the middle east, then rebuild them without ever claiming a drop of oil to pay down our debt. The world is a stage, a little less believable than a B movie. While we watch the B movie, the globalists reform the middle east into the middle east union for a future system of global government, hands “clean”.

  4. I’m sick to death of the efforts that are being made by almost everyone to distinguish between “Islam,” and “radical Islam.” Islam in totality is grotesque and wicked! everyone knows this and yet most refuse to say it.

    Muhammad, the non-prophet pervert is revered by all Islam. The unholy Koran is the text book to all Islam. Islam, in totality, is insidious and wicked, its author is Satan. I for one cannot wait until the GOD of Israel crushes it and scatters it to the four winds.

  5. shalom ivar. i don’t think that anybody is going to arrest obama. the white house has been controlled by the elite for a hundred years at least. kennedy tried to change things and lost his head for his efforts. no matter who we vote for president they are just two sides of the same coin. don’t get too upset over politics it is a waste of time. at least here in the u.s. lets pray Messiah comes quickly. at least SOMEONE has a backbone in Denmark. peace.

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