Robots to run hotel in Nagazaki

Humanoids will staff the Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki, which opens in July.

The human race continue down the path towards self -desctruction
The human race continue down the path towards self -desctruction

Five-star hotels pride themselves on offering cordon bleu food and personal service, but a hotel in Japan may offer a glimpse of the future, because it will be staffed almost entirely by helpful humanoids.

When the first guests check into at Henn-na Hotel in Nagasaki this July, they will be greeted by 10 eerily lifelike robots – and the mechanical service will not stop there.

The smiling woman next to you might have been programed to do so...
The smiling woman next to you might have been programed to do so…

The robots will check in new guests before carrying their luggage and cleaning their rooms – and all with a smile.

They will come from a company called Kokoro, which has been developing ‘actroid’ or human-seeking robots, for just over a decade, The Telegraph reported.

The robots are designed to look like and share the mannerisms as polite young Japanese women.

They will look like they are really breathing, blink and make eye contact as well as altering their body language and tone to respond to guests’ requests. Their cloth uniform also makes them look more human.

Source: The Telegraph,UK.

My comment:

Maybe its time to undress our politicians. Who knows. They might be robots?

Could this be the reason why humans in their tens of millions are being replaced by robots, in both industry and service sector?

One of the qualities of a robot, is his ability to repeat what the programer has told him to say. Not so unlike the politicians, who are repeating the same message all the time. Either the message makes sense or not.

We cant blame the industrialists. For the sake of profit, they will do anything. That is the very nature of Capitalism.  When people are willing to pay, there will always be a product available. The evil desires of the markets sets the direction. The Capitalistic system can only be regularised and contained by politicians who are neither robots nor puppets.

Therefore a curse consumes the earth; its people must bear their guilt. Therefore earth’s inhabitants are burned up, and very few are left.

Unfortunately, many human beings do not see the trap. They would rather walk right into it, and support the New Age system that is about to replace humanity. Because of our love for money, we will cheek into a hotel, that offers the best discounts. Since robots do not claim salary and social benefits, a robotic hotel will alway be the best alternative for brainless, senseless and self destructive human beings.

Are you one of them?  Are you sure you are on the alert, and still alive?

Written by Ivar

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  1. Robots in hotels, it’s just the foot in the door. They will be everywhere, all hooked to an artificial intelligence computer grid, serving the will of the pope through electrodes in his brain. Don’t think this website will escape them Ivarjfeld.

  2. In a free market… robots would mean we all have to work less… and have more goods and services. Robots doing more would benefit us all… if the markets were free. The markets aren’t free. That’s the problem. Not robots taking over menial tasks. We’d all be working 10 hours a week and living as millionaires do… in a free market today with all the advances in efficiency. Be of good cheer. We’ll get a Kingdom economy… in the body of Christ… as the endtime move advances. We are going to completely SPLIT here in America as ZION. 🙂

  3. On a lighter level,she[the fem bot ] could tackle my weekly mount Everest washing load cook dinner and do the dishes so i can read my bible

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