One killed and several injured as gunmen opens fire on seminar held by Danish cartoonist and later on people outside Copenhagen synagogue.

The bloody days is back in Europe, and the battle has been started by the sons of Muhammad.
The bloody days are back in Europe, and the battle has been started by the sons of Muhammad.

Danish police said shots were fired outside a Copenhagen synagogue overnight Saturday-Sunday, hitting a man in the head and wounding two policemen in the arm and leg.
The gunman fled the scene on foot, and a manhunt was underway.

“We cannot say anything about the condition of the injured yet,” Copenhagen police said.

As a manhunt was underway in central Copenhagen, media described “massive police action” between the station and the Botanical Garden, and a helicopter was heard overhead outside AFP’s office.

“Police are struggling with many drunk people in the area, which is close to many Copenhagen pubs and nightclubs,” the Berlingske newspaper said on its website.

The sons of Muhammad targets the synagogue and Jews of Copenhagen.
The sons of Muhammad targets the synagogue and Jews of Copenhagen.

Police said it was not immediately clear whether the shooting was connected to an earlier attack at a cultural center in Copenhagen, where one person was killed and three injured by a lone gunman.

The firs attack was aimed at the Danish cartoonist, Mr. Lars Vilks, who has drawn many cartoons of Muhammad.  The second attack aimed at the synagogue of Copenhagen, in a bid to kill Jews or supporters of Jews.

Source: The Times of Israel.

My comment:

As the nation of Denmark has sown, the Danish people shall ripe.

The Danish police had saturday night, problems to defend all the prostitutes and drunkards who live out their perversions, sins and indulgences in the Red light areas of the Danish capital.

The Danish police will also find it difficult to defend the more decent parts of the nation from the onslaught of Islam. Because the EU-politicians are inviting and entertaining the sons of Muhammad and their jihad.  Not only the Jews of Denmark will be targeted. Expelling all Jews from Europe will not save the continent. Rather pave the ways for the forces of Jihad.

Few people have been willing to listen to the prophetic warnings related to the Islamization of Europe. We are now beyond the 12th hour. It is most likely to late to avoid Europe again being dragged into the gutters of destruction and civil war.

 Jeremiah 5:31
The prophets prophesy lies, the priests rule by their own authority, and my people love it this way. But what will you do in the end?

Let us embracd true prohecies, and praise Jesus the Messiah for all the years of peace. When the Europeans honored His name, and rebuked all the antichrists, and left them out of the offices of power.  There will be terrible times as we approach the end of the age. But behold. The return of the Messiah is imminent. He will come shortly after the appearance and rule of the last and final antichrist. A brief global intermesso of massive persecution of those who still honor and obey the truth.

Written by Ivar