Norwegian Muslim leader hails the Pope

Abid Raja wants Pope Francis to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Raja is a Muslim member of the Parliament of Norway.

Oslo East looks more and more like islamabad, with 100.000 Muslims and an MP like Arbid Raja.
Oslo East looks more and more like Islamabad, with 100.000 Muslims and dozens of Mosques supported by MP Arbid Raja.

Liberal member of parliament Abid Raja believes Pope Francis will be a good candidate to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Raja refers to the pope’s strong commitment to social justice and a more equitable distribution of the earth’s resources. He also clearly defended the right to freedom of religion, which is particularly threatened in the Middle East, says Liberal politician.
– He has a big role in the world. As far as I know, no pope had price before. It is a great honor for a Muslim to be entitled to nominate a pope, says Raja to NTB, the National Norwegian news agency.

Liberal politician organized a conference on religious freedom in November last year. Pope Francis was the Catholic Church’s head in March 2013 and has since made his mark with many fresh statements. He has criticized the Catholic church power structure and advocated to make the church more accessible to people.

Source: The Religius Norwegian daily, “Dagen”.

My comment:

It is not surprising that Muslims in Norway embrace the Pope. Not only did the Pope pray with Imam’s towards Mecca during a visit to Istanbul. The Pope also call all Muslims sons of Abraham, includes them in God plan for salvation, since they are “worshipers of God most High”.

Norwegians at large has rejected the truth, and keep on trusting in their Post-Christian infallibility based one oil wealth.  Norwegians live in denial of the threat of Islamism.  They feel they have opened their doors for the “religion of peace”, and that even Jihadist’s should be protected from being deported from their soil.  The children are indoctrinated in governmental schools to believe that all religions leads to the same “god”. The east side of their capital Oslo is quickly being transformed into Islamabad on Scandinavia.

This is the Pope’s promise to the Muslims, are quoted directly from the Cathecism of the Roman Catholic Church:

 841 The Church’s relationship with the Muslims. “The plan of salvation also includes those who acknowledge the Creator, in the first place amongst whom are the Muslims; these profess to hold the faith of Abraham, and together with us they adore the one, merciful God, mankind’s judge on the last day.

At the end of the road, Abid Raja and all sons of Muhammad will hail the Pope. Many antichrists have gone into the world, and soon they will all join the forces of the last and final antichrist. The party will be spoiled and come to an abrupt end, during the return of the Messiah. If men like Abid Raja do not repent, they will not escape judgment and the eternal fire. Only Jesus the Messiah can save them from their sins, and snatch them out of the clutches of the papacy.

Written by Ivar

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  1. It is not surprising that in these last days, the Roman “church” and Islam would link hands. There is some evidence that Mohammed was given a boost in his plans of conquest through Roman help. The Papacy of Rome was interested in re-subjugating the Eastern Church or, failing that, to see it destroyed. They would brook no competitor in their plans of conquest. Enlisting Arabs in the fight against the Eastern Church was a natural step for the Vatican. Attacks by the Roman Papacy weakened the Eastern Church, but it took Islam to destroy it utterly. Everywhere that Islam goes, it systematically persecutes Christians and Jews (who, apparently, were another “thorn in the side” of the Vatican and its plans for world-wide “Christendom”. The Vatican chose the way of Satan early in its ambitions–employing conquest, rather than true conversion to the Truth. And it has always nimbly danced with Satan’s shock troops, to preserve its power and wealth. They danced with the Nazis and they dance with Islam. Roman Catholicism and Islam are “sisters under the skin”. As such, both are a part of the Whore of Babylon. But just as the Vatican would brook no “competitor” in the Eastern Church, so the Antichrist, whose interests they serve, will not brook the “religion of peace” nor the Vatican, as a competitor to his religious supremacy. The Antichrist will destroy the Whore after “she” has served his purposes.

  2. If you read the book of Revelation, it is interesting to note that initially the harlot is sitting on top of the beast, she appears to be on control, but later the beast turn around and destroy her. The beast is making use of her to rise to power. Not sure about the identity of the beast, note there is another person known as the false prophet that will lead the world to worship the beast. This prophet could be the leader of the harlot religion.

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