Iran cause death of two Israeli soldiers

Hezbollah claims revenge strike on Israeli patrol; IDF bombards targets in Lebanon in response, reportedly killing a UN peacekeeper.

Ayataollah Khamenei order a revenge killing of Israeli soldiers after an Iranian geneal died on the Golan.
Ayatollah Ali Khamenei ordered a revenge killing of Israeli soldiers after an Iranian general died by Israeli fire Syrian side of the Golan.

Two soldiers were killed Wednesday when an Israeli army patrol came under anti-tank fire from Hezbollah operatives in the northern Mount Dov region along the border with Lebanon.

The IDF confirmed that at least seven soldiers were wounded in the attack and ruled out the possibility that a soldier had been kidnapped.

The two soldiers were not immediately named. They were identified as a company commander and another soldier.
“Earlier today, an anti-tank missile hit an IDF vehicle in the Har-Dov area, killing two soldiers and wounding an additional seven, two of them moderately,” said the IDF in a statement Wednesday afternoon. “The soldiers’ families have been notified.”

Source: The Times of Israel


When Basher al-Assad called Iran for help against the Sunny insurgency, Tehran summoned Hezb’Allah in Lebanon.  The Iranian proxy terror group left their bunkers along the Israeli-Lebanese border, and joined the Syrian army’s defense lines around Damascus.

After Obama joined the shiite war against the Islamic state, Hezb’Allah got a hard needed break. The Americans took charge of the the defense of the Basher al-Assad regime, and the Lebanese Islamic terror-group could return to their bunkers alomg the border with Israel.

Again the Hezb’Allah was ready to act on received orders from Tehran. When an Iranian top general was killed on the Syrian side of Golan last week, immediately a fatwa was issued by the Ayatollah. The high priest of the Shiite Islamic revolution demanded Jewish blood in a bid to satisfy the wrath of “allah”.

How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! There will be great distress in the land and wrath against this people.

Jesus the Messiah has not promised the Jews an easy go. Rather fearful distress as we approach his second coming.  The northern border is again hot. The state of Israel fear a spillover of the barbaric civil war among Muslims in Syria. Let us all pray for peace and calm in Jerusalem. Amen.

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  1. G-d has said, things would move quickly in the end, and because of that, to pray without ceasing and stay in the Word. wo we don’t become confused. I look at the great apostasy that will continue till G-d says it is complete. In the meantime the churches standing with the enemies of Israel and G-d,,,,G-d says they are cursed ..Gen 12:3. It was a shoker to me and is growing. To compermise the Word of G-d and to make it of no effect is what they have done. I try to keep the whole picture of todays goings on . I remember , never forgot how obama wishpered to Russis and mike was open when he told him I can do more when I am elected..and he is…I don’t believe they are real enemies, but just acting like it to continue to play their games. yet Russia is having a hard time unless on the side sends them money, our tax money going to many enemies of Israel and the US. Bottom line we know how TEN Nations rule during antichrist..some that think are enemies of each other now. I think how Saudi wrote the peace deal and on the other side of that I think of how just this week Saudi hates obama and is not feeling to safe. I also think of how G-d says HE will destroy all Islam and the enemies of Israel. I have to say the next will be Bibi or Obama will destroy Damascus. which also will hurt or destroy much of Saudi and others. Also some where in there N. Jordon will be hit. that is where the Jews will run to Petra..Some say America is not mentioned in the bible. I believe it is..with Britian giving the US the wings on the symbols of each country..we have the wings..we are the young lions on the coast ,, maybe I am wrong but I don’t claim to know it all, just saying what I see. One thing is Bibi being threatened of his sons being a target, He is not stupid ..he is G-d right hand…his name is the meaning of that like all names in the bible are.. Many of the churches on mission tell the muslims it is ok to call Jesus allah, NO IT IS many PLO who call themselves Christians as the catholic cult does are not..usually those muslims that leave Islam are killed. but they are not as the even handed out candy during and after 9/11. If America thinks it will miss G-d’s justice , they are fooling themselves ..we are like the days of Noah was..have thrown out G-d in every way. most people want the one world gov, even Bill Gates and many others ..what a lark. G-d tore down the Tower of Babel for the same reason..violence, threw them all over the earth with their own language..we have the 60’s hippies running our land here in the US..people don’t realize G-d is in charge and will use anyone as a garbage can if HE wishes..Anyone that is the enemy of Israel will be here during the tribulation..maybe I am wrong but does G-d take people who have cursed HIS word where Gen 12: 3 says who is cursed? I never take anyones word but G-d’s..HE told us that too. One thing for SURE is HE is coming quickly and no matter who is killed , I look at how all the diciples died for HIM and how G-d said ,,dont worry about who can kill your body , but who can kill your body and your soul…not many will escape mens wrath, but I am glad where all thru the word HE tells us in conclusion in Rev 4..count yourselves worthy to escape the wrath coming down on the world. HE send jihad like locaust to sons of disobedienc.. my prayer is all will turn to HIM ..even HE doesn’t wish any to perish. What A mighty G-d we serve. Shalom G-d bless you Ivar

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